Undead Labs Teases New IP

Undead Labs, the development team behind State of Decay, are teasing a new IP reveal early next week.

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HaydenJameSmith1962d ago

State of Decay MMO... oh please let it be State of Decay MMO, C'mon :P

Volkama1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

That wouldn't be a new IP :)

Doesn't mean there are no plans for it, but I think they're a relatively small team so maybe you'll be waiting a while...

imt5581958d ago

Quote :

"I hope that Halo 5 will look better than The Order because Order has been downgraded" and I didn't say that...

You said something similar. My mistake that i didn't quote you correctly. Anyway, downgrades never happened.

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DigitalRaptor1962d ago

Very nice. Should be interesting to see what these guys have been up to.

700p1962d ago

State of decay 2 please.

SKnight131962d ago

All Hail New IP. Sequels be damned!

Barnaby-Jones1962d ago

This could be there class 4 mmo they been working on for Xbox one and PC. I'm really excited.

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