After Seven Whole Years, Crysis Remains One Of The Best Looking Games Ever [Screenshots + Mods]

DSOGaming writes: "After today’s news, we really felt the need to take a look back at the game that made Crytek the King of PC graphics. When it was released, Crysis was THE best looking game. Seven years afterwards and Crytek’s masterpiece still manages to put a lot of triple-A multi-platform titles to shame."

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SirBradders1959d ago

I wish there were a lot more eye candy games being made taking full advantage of pc hardware.
I know games should be fun but sometimes it's good to have a bit of dribble.

Angels37851959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

I agree...PC HARDWARE IS SOOOO underutilized :(

Imagine if they had console like optimization for a gtx 580 and i7 2600k, 8gb ram and SSD...not even super high end They would be AMAZING!

OT: Personally I think Crysis looks a bit dated compared to crysis 3, metro last light metro 2033, and heck even Hardrest! Still pretty though!

NarooN1959d ago

Low-level API wouldn't do much for SSD's and RAM, SSD's already either give you faster load times and better streaming, not much more to get from that, and how much RAM the program uses doesn't have much to do with the API.

PC hardware isn't really underutilized besides the bloated DirectX and OpenGL API's which have stupidly-high rendering overheads due to the bloat. Mantle already shows big gains in situations that were originally CPU-bound in DX, and DX12 will potentially do the same. Though the success of DX12 will depend on whether or not they decide to lock it in to Win9 (which they most likely will.)

1958d ago
Angels37851958d ago


That was my whole point!! A 580 is nothing compared to your set up and with the right attention could produce INCREDIBLE visuals.

AndrewLB1959d ago

I'm going to catch hell for this but...

... it looks far better than any PS4 or Xbone game made. :)

Letros1958d ago

Sure does, only game that comes close is Ryse.

badz1491959d ago

Crysis was a craze back then. Looking at how the industry is going, I doubt we'll see another "can it run Crysis?" kinda thing for a long time.

But WTF is this article doing here? Is it just me or it kinda sounds like a tribute to Crytek or something? Despite the doom and gloom surrounding them at the moment, they are still around, right?

tee_bag2421959d ago

Have you tried Metro fully maxed. Dam pretty and understated game. Its a massive power hog too.

boneso821958d ago

It's soon going to be "can it run Star Citizen?"

SonyStyled1959d ago

A few years ago id agree that its one of the best looking games ever but as a whole id put it probably past top 20 and itll only fall back farther and farther with time. i honestly didint like crysis too much. didnt bother to pick up the sequels

TheBurger291959d ago

Im not saying your a fanboy but looking at your profile picture and name you seem to be one.

cfc781959d ago

I don't think you can judge someone buy their profile pic and name take Angels3785 he's got a bit of the Clark Kent going on but i doubt he's superman.

SonyStyled1949d ago

thats almost profiling brotha. feel free to browse my comment history and let me know what you think after that. im a playstation gamer. always have been and have no disliking of any particular opposing brand or console. why? because i am a gamer. i love games. it doesnt matter what platform the game is on. if its fun ill play on anything. the name is a reflection of what i own and mostly play on, not an advertisement of being a member of the sony defense force. but in all honesty i dont understand why your callout is somehow related to my initial comment. im not trying to sound rude i just cant believe how quickly people can come to conclusions about someone being a fanboy based off their names and avatars let alone have 25 people assume the same thing

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christian hour1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

LOVED Crysis, had to visit a friends house to play it though, game required technology from the future!

Personally I think crysis 2 and 3 were massive steps back from what crysis 1 did. They didn't look half as good, and the content wasn't as enjoyable either. But that's just me.

I feel the underwhelming sales of crysis 1 forced them to go multiplatform and make it a generic shooter aimed at dudebrogamers to make back the money they lost on Crysis 1.

A damn shame too because it seemed to scare other PC devs out of spending a lot of money on taking full advantage of PC hardware for the years that followed and instead just played it safe by having low production costs or going multiplatform and coding for the lowest common denominator (wii or 360 at the time).

And this is one of the main reasons I've been dying for a new generation, not only because it was 3-4 years longer than previous generations, but also it would mean PC gaming would stop being held back and we could see devs truly take advantage of those 4gb gpus with cuda and physx etc used to its fullest potential.

I'll never be able to afford a high end gaming rig myself, but damn to enjoy seeing those games in action :)

Vegamyster1959d ago

Crysis 1 had underwhelming sales? It sold over 3 million and Warhead did over 1.5 million.

hkgamer1959d ago

i think crytek went multiplatform because they just wanted to expand their audience. but what they didnt know was they pissed of their main audience the pc gamers.

crysis 2 was made into a linear game because of the consoles limitations at that time in a sense. it was also able to run on a lot more pc's which wierdly pissed off pc gamers. for some reason they didnt like the new engine being very efficient.

christian hour1959d ago

Well according to a crysis spokesperson back when cryengine 3 was being revelead for consoles, they said that they lost a lot of money developing crysis and this is why they decided to focus on multiplatform with their next engine.

Vegamyster1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

The jungles in Crysis are very dense compared to other games, aside from the character models the vanilla version of the game is still quite gorgeous if your PC can handle it.

tee_bag2421959d ago

Despite the fanboy name it was a fair comment though. He's entitled to his opinion and it didn't come off like a fanboy "Nah TLOU bra" comment.

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mezati991959d ago

of course it's

maelstromb1959d ago

That is what they do... ya know, cover all things related to modding.

masterfox1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

This is the reason I build a gaming PC years ago, totally worth it!, but most of the PC games of todays are just mediocre and upgrade worthy. So thats why I'm still waiting for that game that is only possible on the PC.

user74029311959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

this could easily be on ps3 or 360 in 1080p 120pfs

actually opie, your a slow individual arent you? do i need to explain what sarcasm is to you? or are you one of those politically correct overweight white male americans gobbling up a hamburger sitting on a computer desk trying to insult a superior?

OpieWinston1959d ago

I'm hoping that was a joke.

I know you're pretty slow...But I can't believe you typed that.

DerrickCole1959d ago

It was on PS3 and Xbox360. It costs $20. It looks pretty good, I think its a "remastered" version. I don't know for sure but I want to say it runs at 30fps at 720p. But if this last generation has showed us anything its that with optimizations any game can run on any platform.


You are going to have a hard time in life...

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