YouPorn Making An Entry Into E-sports

Remember when we said YouPorn wanted to sponsor a Dota 2 or Lol team? It seems like their plans went through. According to YouPorn’s Twitter profile, a contract has been drafted and a deal’s on it’s way soon.

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pedrof931955d ago

Well the gamers are the right public I'm afraid :S

iceman061954d ago

Okay...ya got me...THAT was funny!!!

SilentNegotiator1954d ago

Everyone masturbates. They're just targeting a stereotype.

VealParmHero1954d ago

Great, just cement the stereotypes about gamers being sweaty little pervs who sit in the basement all day with junk food and spank it

XB1_PS41954d ago

Well, That's what I do.

2pacalypsenow1954d ago

if watching porn is for perverts then everyone is a pervert

VealParmHero1953d ago

Haha yea I know what you are saying, porn is a part of culture, but I don't agree with this. Idk it just doesn't make a ton of sense. And between games and everything else, the last thing that needs to be endorsed is this. You know plenty of kids will be exposed to it. There's plenty of time for porn, but there's also a thing called women. And life.

Idk again, I just feel like they have no business endorsing games and trying to use the medium as a vehicle to push this stuff on people.

Ihatetrolls761954d ago

This makes gamers look bad last thing we need is this BS we as gamers should boycott ESports.

Neixus1954d ago

You're probably a little kid who is afraid to admit you're a gamer, grow up please. Esports is here to stay.

Ihatetrolls761954d ago

Are you ignorant or something I don't have nothing against ESports but I do have a problem with youporn sponsoring this does make gamers look bad simple fact

LoveOfTheGame1954d ago

"Are you ignorant", "I don't have nothing", followed by the terrible grammar.

I suggest you take some time before you comment to avoid these mistakes. Also, in real life, you might not what to speak at social events.

iceman061954d ago

Or, alternatively, it makes eSports look like they are willing to seek revenue streams in more unconventional manners. It's not like YouPorn money is somehow different from any other company. Sure, there is some stigma attached to the porn industry. But, that doesn't make its money spend any differently.

SSJBen1954d ago

This should stop stereotypes about gamers not having any girls.... oh wai-

Menkyo1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Calling DOTA2, LOL, COD or Madden a sport is the real crime here. As a legitimate competitor in a real sport (Judo) I laugh so hard when anyone says Esports. Youporn sponsors a "esports team" now there is even more to laugh about.

LoveOfTheGame1954d ago

Funny enough, I did the same when you said real sport (Judo). I guess we all have different ideas of what a sport is.

psuedo1954d ago

What kind of sport are YOU doing to laugh at him. You: "oh i play rugby bro because im totally brutal and im such a bro, bro."

Menkyo1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )


Which proves what a sad moron you are.

lets have a look


Oh yes very sport like, watching them play a game. Mmm lots of actually skill there. Not really lets see some real skill

A real Olympic sport and form of Self-defense



Yeah I think thats good enough.

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