Hickey: Saint's Row 2 'Pompous' To Attack GTA IV

Gamasutra reports:

"As part of a new analyst note, Janco Partners' Mike Hickey has referenced the latest Grand Theft Auto IV-satirizing trailer for THQ's Saint's Row 2, suggesting the move is "unusually pompous" and reiterating "conservative" sales expectations for THQ's urban open-world title.

The trailer directly attacks Grand Theft Auto IV in game content, an unusually pompous position in our view, considering GTA IV is estimated to be the highest grossing 1st week entertainment release of all time - and is currently the highest quality scored game on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 according to"

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Captain Tuttle3782d ago

But this belongs on Bad Joystick

Captain Tuttle3782d ago

Story was changed. Thanks for the head's up man.

rroded3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Dude gta4 was the nicest letdown Ive ever played. I mean how many of us are playing it now..

SR could easily be ten times the game if they can get a stable build out the door this time. I mean gta4 was a big step down from gtasa gameplay wise. Some might say the online on gta4 gives it legs but we all know its too gimped to interest most of us for long.

Silogon3782d ago

Rockstar was "pompous" to attack EA and The Simpsons game. How about that?

Hydrolex3782d ago

There was a billboard in GTA San Andreas that bashed True Crime.

Rockstar stop being a kid, you bash others and it's ok but others bash you it aint ok ?

yesah3782d ago

i think rockstar is being the pompus one.

PS360WII3782d ago

I guess the guy doesn't know marketing or never watched a political debate...

CViper3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Nothing Saints Row's PR said was malicious, negative, or incorrect.

Bowling/Darts all of that side stuff is completely boring in GTA4 after the first time you've done it all.

Saints Row's game features are definitely interesting.

Using your PAID scores/reviews as proof of why your game is better is pathetic. And this is the problem with reviews.

Reviews do not EQUATE to quality in the game industry because there is no filter for the opinions. Filters which would include:


Right now, as long as you have 200 reviews... You can be added to metacritic.

Superfragilistic3782d ago

Exactly right. I actually though Volition was doing exactly what Rockstar get lauded for... Taking the mickey out of someone else!

crck3782d ago

They may piss off some die hard GTA fans but those people wouldn't touch a Saint's Row game anyway. To everyone else its just funny.

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The story is too old to be commented.