Is No Man's Sky a Single Player Game?

OnlySP: Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky is one of the most anticipated games of 2015, and is also one of the most ambitious games so far on next generation platforms. The idea that there are infinitely procedurally generated worlds that are all in the same universe is something that we haven’t seen before. This would hint at the fact that No Man’s Sky is very multiplayer based, having you hook up with other players to explore and survive. However, it seems that this is not the case.

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Aldous_Snow1955d ago

Online only. Microtransactions & 24 hour check in confirmed.

christian hour1955d ago

The Uncle Buck I know wouldnt use such a reactionary statement as that :( What happened to you Buck?! :'(

psuedo1955d ago

What the xbone is doing nother 180? What is it now like the xbox1080?

C-H-E-F1954d ago

Uhm... wah??

But he already said that the game is an MMO... players will be dropped off on different parts of the universe and of planets and can work together. He also said at the time it'd be hard to "co-op" with a friend because if you are flying together when you get to a planet it will make you separate within that planet.

christian hour1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

It will be a single player game for your first few weeks or months, until you start running in to things other people have discovered of course :D It's a shared universe, I dunno if this means you'll also run in to other explorers but I sure as hell hope we can.

Even if this game was just me, by myself, with no actions other than "walk and fly ship" across an "infinite" universe, it's still more than I could ever hope for from a game like this. This has been my dream game for 22 years now since I read my first sci fi book.

MRMagoo1231955d ago

exactly, but from what we saw in the demo you can probably join friends easily enough when you are playing.

cleft51955d ago

They said that they did have traditional mp matching making in mind, but it would not happen initially. Initially, they want you to be lost exploring these worlds and then down the line they will bring in the traditional mp stuff.

Tony-Red-Grave1955d ago

Actually the devs themselves said meeting up with friends would take an extremely long time especially if your hurled to different ends of the galaxy. I think their even quoted saying it'd be a waste of time. So you could meet with friends but it won't be easy or shirt.

Ih and yes it's a SP game with MP elements being minor Co-op and a map generating an inifinite number of unique planets/animals.

christian hour1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I think if the game lets you tag coordinates of an area you are in, and lets you build or upgrade your ship to have a warp drive, this would be a really clever way for people to share discoveries or find each other.

However if it works like journeys co-op, I'd be happy with that too. Random, mute encounters with random people always ends in random memorable moments :)

1954d ago
700p1955d ago

I see the hype..but i dont know what this game is.

AHall881955d ago

Glad I'm not the only one.
You fly around exploring and that's it? I've got to be missing something because for all the hype this game is getting it's got to have something more to do, right?

700p1955d ago

Yeah, as far as i can see it seems to be an overhyped game for no apparent reason. Cus i have no idea what the hell this game is about lol

christian hour1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

For a lot of sci fi geeks, flying and exploring a galaxy is a life long dream come true, so to people like that, this game is worth the hype. I can understand for people whove never really grown up on sci fi novels or had much interest in the genre, let alone our actual universe, this might go over your heads.

I dont really get hyped for driving games, but I can understand they can be a pretty big deal for gear heads and car enthusiasts. Just requires a little bit of empathy to see past your own interests or what I find helps is...

...think about something you really want, that you'd go bananas for, and then realise the people excited about the things you dont care much for or understand, are experiencing exactly what you experience for things that excite you, adn then we can all start reveling in our shared excitement for unrelated differing things, maybe start a drum circle, sing some songs, avoid slayer gigs ya know, fun stuff :P (that last bit is me making a bad joke, I do apologize!)

iceman061954d ago

It's a game that allows you to basically define the experience that you want to have. If you love exploring, then by all means explore. If you are resource driven, become the one to supply the resources. If you want combat, build up your arsenal and go on the attack. This spread amongst a huge universe of procedurally generated worlds.
The devs basically want you to do what you want to do instead of taking some predefined path. The goal is to reach the center of the galaxy. How you get there and what you do along the way is solely up to you.

1955d ago
psuedo1955d ago

Im thinking it will be like the test drive multiplayer was. Loading in other players if theyre in the same area. Hopefully if thats the case they will have a lock feature like in tdu to stay in the same game, or an invite feature to load your friend in your game even if theyre on the other side of the universe.

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