NHL 15 Interview – Game Modes, Kickstarter, and More

He shoots, he scores! PlayStation LifeStyle recently had the chance to talk with publisher EA Sports about their upcoming game NHL 15.  In this interview, we talk with Sean Ramjagsingh, Producer for NHL 15 about upcoming game modes, possible Kickstarter campaigns, and more.

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dbjj120881958d ago

I really don't want EA involved in Kickstarter given that they've got more than enough capital for self-funding development. Any Kickstarter campaign might feel like dropping the gloves with consumers at this point.

ZombieDust1958d ago

Read the article. Not the point.

knifefight1958d ago

From the interview:
PSLS: Have you considered Kickstarter for your projects that you’re worried about, like a Vita version of NHL, for example?

SR: Kickstarter is definitely an interesting platform, but I can’t say that we’ve considered it as an option.

PSLS: Will gamers see more customization options when creating their Be-a-Pro?

SR: We’ll get into the specifics of our modes as we lead up to the launch of NHL15.

PSLS: Will PS3 and PS4 gamers be able to play online matches with and against each other?

SR: We’ll get into the specifics of our modes as we lead up to the launch of NHL15.


Wow, way to not even answer the questions or just give the middle finger response, EA.

The utter disdain EA has for the website and for the fans is on display to the fullest here, wow.

SuperBlur1958d ago

the more i read about nhl 15 , the more it is shaping up to be a a major disappointment

From what i've heard of people who saw it at E3 , its literally the same game as NHL 14 but with shinier graphics and new way to deke

no change for defense or goalies. MORE DEKES THO

SaffronCurse1958d ago

I'll be buying it used anyway. Thanks for the heads up.

knifefight1958d ago

Yeah I watched a video of people playing the PS4 version at E3 and it pretty much un-sold me the game -_-