Top 5 game cut-scenes

Top 10 lists? So 2008..

The Top 5 game cut-scenes according to Uber games.

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The cut scene involving the train was beautifully done - astounding graphics and art direction and the nonchalance from Ryu - top notch.

Some of the stuff from Panzer Dragoon Saga was awesome too - when the dragon first saves his skin was pretty impressive.

pwnsause3808d ago

MGS3 the final cutscene of the game should of been there

Xi3808d ago

with that sappy, I eye tear?

pwnsause3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

yea with that sappy, I eye tear, anyone here can tell you that this was one of the most emotional cutscenes in a game ever, that scene showed a lot of emotion, it broke a lot of peoples hearts when you find out what the boss actually did and see snake crying.

Mr_Kuwabara3808d ago

Nobuo Uematsu really is a genius when it comes to composing music.

kingOVsticks3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

those are some pretty good choices I rather of had the death of aeris in there other than ff10 intr0(even though it was awesome) and the lost odyssey one was good but the fight scene in onimusha 3 I think where there was this epic fight between samonoske and some ugly tentacle guy which fell up 5 mins it was crazy.

edit: found it :P
that scene was unbelievable

Samonoske vs Gargrant


Just watched it on YouTube and your right - it is something else - really impressed!

belal3808d ago

mgs3 should of been there man! the game is just epic!

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