Square-Enix Siding With Microsoft?

PSXExtreme writes: During Microsoft's Xbox 360 RPG Premiere 2008 event in Tokyo - which is still going on - we have learned several things that will disappoint and potentially confuse PlayStation 3 owners.

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heyheyhey3786d ago


it would suck royally if MS bought Square

then i would have to play FF13 on 23462846286428 disks :(

TheHater3786d ago

That not going to happen. I think Sony own part of SE

LaChance3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

FF13 isnt the only JRPG in the universe.

I perssonally wouldnt trade Star Ocean 4 , Tales of Ves , Inf Undiscovery , Eternal Sonata , Blue Dragon and Lost Oddyssey for ONE game : FF13

You might say they are timed exclusive bla bla bla but that means you'll probably play Star Ocean 4 in mid 2010 for instance.

By the way Star Ocean 4 might just NEVER come to PS3

"We cannot announce anything on that. We can say that it will be released first [on the Xbox 360]. Whether we'll release it on the PS3 is undecided. We may release it, we may not."

BTW : Star Ocean 3 > ff 10 . Came out around about same period.

Last Remnant comoing out on 360 fisrt this winter.Lets say summer or end of year for the PS3.

Then when on planet Earth is FF13 coming out ? End 2009 ? Maybe even 2010.That is pretty realistic.

juuken3785d ago

Oh dear God no.
I'll fall asleep before I reach the fourth one. x-x

heyheyhey3785d ago

you wouldn't trade those games, but i would

no JRPG for me has ever been better than FF10, especially not Star Ocean 3

current date for FF13 is early 2009, i predict fall 2009

you really thing Square won't release SO4 on PS3? please, it's obvious what happened- MS payed for timed exclusivity, and Square said "maybe no PS3 version" as extra marketing for MS

but wait a sec.... wtf??? i never said FF13 is the only JRPG, i just said it would suck for it to be a 360 exclusive becaus eof the multiple disks and inferior hardware

same goes for all those JRPG's you mentioned, they will ALL be on multiple disks (3, 4... even 5? :S)


yeah, but Sony only own 8%, if MS were to buy a dominant packet of shares they could make FF13 Xbox exclusive

Mr Fancy Pants3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

OMG. Star Ocean 3 better then FFX... Lol ;-)

Hey crazy fanboy, have you ever played a FF game in your life for god's sake?!!! That's probably a NO.

Aquanox3785d ago

Star Ocean 4 will most likely be released on PS3. Later than on Xbox 360 but still.

However, at this pace, FFXIII could well end up landing on Xbox 360 as well. Remember that from all Square franchises, Final Fantasy is the one with the biggest western appeal and it would make all sense to release it in the console with best software sales in those regions.



it would suck royally if MS bought Square

then i would have to play FF13 on 23462846286428 disks :( "

changing the disc > 5 min instals every 20 mins of play

JasonPC360PS3Wii3785d ago

But at least we would get it first, and it would look and play better :)

Kleptic3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )


PopEmUp3785d ago

I wonder if you can completed the game before the PS3 owner lol

Pain3785d ago

Buy it or Pay huge chunks of Cash for Exclusiveness.

luve it or hate it, i wont buy it for XBOX.

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power of Green 3786d ago

Siding with MSFT?. The Xbox opens up a whole new revenue source. They've said a while back they were looking to compete with other successful Japanese companies in the western market.

Veryangryxbot3785d ago

So...let me guess if I can follow STUPID people's logic, ie. you.

So SE decides to make two of their lesser franchises into MULTI platform titles and suddenly all the stupid xbots think SE is siding with them?

I am literally laughing my ass off here.

FF13. VS13. PS3 exclusive. Two of their biggest. DQ Nintendo exclusive.
So what does that leave you, bot? Two timed exclusives?

Wow bragging and gloating about a few months timed exclusivity now, are we. So this is the state xbots are in nowadays huh.

Bragging about shiatty DLC that they have now realized is worth next to nothing so they now brag over timed exclusivity of an rpg that will sell 600k at best. People dont buy consoles over timed exclusives, bots.

Nothings changed. You bought a 360. You bought an inferior and losing console.

SE didnt sided with you. MS paid them a check and they threw MS a bone. Big fking deal.

power of Green 3786d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Please announce *Data-Fly* and *Embrace Of Time* these are the games I'v been waiting for much like the way PS3 fans wait for FF13.

Man looks like MSFT will have their hands full durring E3 if they're talking about these titles now; like they don't have room for them this E3.

LaChance3785d ago

what are those games ? Never heard about them.

heyheyhey3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )


PSU contacted the devs in their "missing PS3 titles" article

and they said it's still in production as a PS3 exclusive



there you go POG, clear as day

P-S-3-E-X-C-L-U-S-I-V-E-!-!-! -!-!

do i need to etch it into your eyelids before you smack yourself silly in your little denial mode

etownone3785d ago

yeah, i never heard of those games either?

power of Green 3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

ORiGO a Chinese based Stutio was planning a 4 part RPG called Embrace of Time I can no longer find what I read about it but I can't wait to see what they can offer.

Data-Fly is an upcoming video game currently being developed by ORiGO Gaming Entertainment for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The game will let players take either a stealth-based approach or a more action-oriented approach.

These games have not been mentioned lets hope they are still in development. Data-Fly is a Sci-Fi adventure stealth game I have no idea what Embrace Of Time will be from the little info i read that I can no longer find it will be an Action RPG.

Emmbrace Of Time images(Old art, CGI?).

Data Fly images(Old screens, CGI?).

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Silogon3785d ago

To come back on this topic

Sony hasn't announced anything past Resistance 2 for november. That's it? That's all we get? What about Home? Little big planet? Something from Naughtydog? What about White Knight chronicles since you've put that off for over 2 years now? What about getting suikoden exclusive from Konami? What the hell is Sony's holoday going to look like this year?

Really, if you've bought the ps3 you have to be wondering this yourself.

Microsoft has their ship in order. Sony does not. Sony isn't giving us anything and if they even try to sell off some idiotic motion controller at E3 I'm selling my ps3.

Instead of trying to copy the compeition sony needs to finish the projects they already started. home, in game xmb are just some! Sony disappoints me at every turn.

3785d ago
Drekken3785d ago

dude, seriously... shut up. You say we like you are party of something besides the dirty diaper club. People like you make myself get bans. I should ignore your ignorance.

TheHater3785d ago

Valkyria Chronicles
The Agency
Siren: Curse Blood
That just for the US. I don't know the ones for Japan, or Europe.
Plus Sony will announce more at E3 this year. which is about a month away

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3785d ago

Are you forgetting E3 is still coming up in July, usually you want to announce everything at once and in a expected way to raise the price on a stock for a company.

chaosatom3333785d ago

LOOK here I got tons of cash lying around like Silogon.

And i got LOts and lots of hours like Silogon too.

LarVanian3785d ago

Resistance 2 (60 players online, 15 hour storyline, 8 player co-op)
Motorstorm 2
Little Big Planet (Ability to customize levels and characters)
Siren: Blood Curse
The Agency
Valkyria Chronicles

Looks like a good Holiday line up to me. Now do everyone a favour and stfu!

decapitator3785d ago

"Sony hasn't announced anything past Resistance 2 for november. That's it?"

If anything, why should they reveal their internal offerings and plans to someone who does not even understand what the hell he is talking about ?

and btw, Killzone 2 is February next year. See I just answered your question now please STFU or start making sense.

Mr Fancy Pants3785d ago

What Silogon is saying is in fact true. But all that could change in the next E3 or TGS. The same way we were thinking that the X360 was dead and now look how that changed with all the announcements of Square Enix, well, something similar could happen with the PS3...

Now the X360 got some more Jrpg, but we all know what north americans really like... Shooters. That could help the PS3 to sell more consoles on US, and you know the rest of the story. The X360 is only winning on US.

Doppy3785d ago

Holiday line up for Sony:

September: Socom

October: Little Big Planet, Bioshock, Naruto, Motorstorm 2

November: Resistance 2

December: The Agency

? 2008: Home, PixilJunk Eden, Wipeout HD, and Siren episodes 1-12

Tidus113785d ago

Do you even have a PS3????

season0073785d ago

i got a ps3 and i don't worry about it
although i am not a really busy guy, i am pretty confident that it will deliver...why?

Simple, it didn't disappoint me with its launch title, it didn't disappoint me with its first part of second year...and it won't disappoint me from now on since it can only get BETTER

well....MGS 4 tomorrow, and many more coming...

Prototype3785d ago

Another reason why I'm glad to own PS3 and the 360. A lot of people these days think its a sin to try another console to "test" the hardware, public preferences, and if there's a future for other games on that console.

However Square lost their touch after siding with Enix; a lot of people can argue to no end of all these games coming out however the real question is "what does the public want?"

shazam3784d ago

has anyone noticed the huge amount of diasgrees on all the logical posts? i mean way more than usual, even for n4g. something fishy is going on.

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