Warner to cut film production 50%, shift focus to Blu-ray

According to,

"President and CEO of Time Warner Inc, Jeff Bewkes, commented that his studio would release fewer theatrical film and begin to focus more on building wider consumer adoption of Blu-ray. While the movie studio has seen success, the profits being generated by its home media arm have trumped all box office take.

Warner Brothers is already a leader in Blu-ray releases, has released more classic films than any other studio. Their increased support of Blu-ray should hopefully not only increase the number of quality Blu-ray titles on the market, but also decrease the number of theatrical bombs (and their eventual Blu-ray releases) from tainting movie-goers minds."

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CrashSharc3835d ago

... I'm no expert, but that seems like an extremely large boon towards Boo-Rae....

yesah3835d ago

If warner is going to give this much support many people will soon see Blu

Cherchez La Ghost3835d ago

It's hard seeing TV & movies not in HD. They need to make Blu-Ray movies the same price as DVD9.

DevonTheDude5353835d ago

I have bought blu-ray's for $4 more than the dvd, thats not bad

whateva3835d ago

sony always keep me up to date. one of my 1st cd players was the PS1 my 1st DVD player was the PS2 and now my 1st Blu-ray player is my PS3.

Jim Crowslaw3835d ago

wow i remember using my ps1 as a CD player. it played any disc no matter how SCRATCHED!!! i see where my love for them stems from.

thehitman3835d ago

Thats true for me except the ps1 ps1 suxed hated it and n64 was better. PS2 was my first dvd player and that was when dvd players were 200+ and only reason why I got a ps2 was I convinced my mom it was a dvd player and was a little cheaper and can play games. Now I bought myself a ps3 and have blue ray the next leading format and very happy. They just need to lower them dam prices for the movies. 30-35 dollars for a movie is pretty expensive.

PoSTedUP3835d ago

360 is the now, and the ps3 is the future.

"wii sales dramatically decline as the demand for blu-ray increases"- PoSTradamus.

eagle213835d ago

Warner is just awesome, they ended the war (it's a Blu world)....

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The story is too old to be commented.