The Smash Bros. 4 Roster Could Use More Villains

GeekParty writes: "At the time of writing, there is exactly one villain in the Smash Bros. 4 roster. Gamers can’t play as K. Rool, Porky Minch, or Giovanni. Villains who’ve appeared in previous titles, like Ganondorf and King Dedede, are conspicuously absent. Even Wario is missing."

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NintySonySoft1724d ago

King K motherfucking ROOL!

bacrec11723d ago

Is owned by Microsoft.

JohnathanACE1723d ago

He's actually not and was recently in Super Mario Sluggers on Wii. Plus the Kremlings are in Smash run so that's a good sign for him too. My two most wanted characters are Ridley and K.Rool and I really hope they both get in.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1723d ago

Nope. Everything related to Donkey Kong is owned by Nintendo.

Hench the Kremlings are in Smash Run.

MSBAUSTX1724d ago

Besides bowser and gannon, maybe some of bowsers kids, i cant think of anyonee lse off the top of my head

Trunkz Jr1723d ago

Alvis from Fire Emblem.

krontaar1723d ago

You don't play many games, do you.

MSBAUSTX1723d ago

It has nothing to do with the games I plas as much as it depends on how many games with smash characters I play and whether or not their villians are as memorable as the characters chosen to be in smash already.

Metallox1723d ago

Zanza from Xenoblade please.

3dmariofan681723d ago

Attention to the person who wrote this article. look below the character diddy kong... WHY IT'S RYU FROM STREET FIGHTER 2!!! No king dedede , nope he's not there.... NOW THAT'S SARCASM BABY! I MEAN SERIOUSLY??? sir you need to go to lens crafter RIGHT NOW!!

Wyleray1723d ago

dedede already confirmed, he said he throws spike balls instead of waddle dees in some video

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