Wii U’s Sales Uptick In Japan And PS4′s Floundering Could Indicate A Trend

One Angry Gamer "Nintendo may have incurred a 9.924 billion yen net loss in the previous quarter, but they’re still dominating when it comes to the best selling eighth-gen console in Japan on a week-in and week-out basis. The latest reports indicate that the Wii U is climbing back up the sales charts while the PS4 is falling even lower on the charts. This could actually spell some good news for the Big ‘N’."

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user74029311959d ago

i wish the best for nintendos wii u, i think there is room for both ps4 and the wii u for different reasons in japan

Abash1959d ago

The PS4's sales in Japan wont improve until the console gets a steady flow of releases that appeal to Japanese gamers. That's it's only problem, the lack of Japanese developers with PS4 games ready to be out

Darkstares1959d ago

I expect after The Last Guardian gets announced we will see a huge rise, along with the release of Bloodborne. Then of course a new Gran Turismo will be huge.

3-4-51958d ago

No matter the console, it's the games that drive the sales.

If PS4 gets more games, it will sell more.

If Wii U gets more games it will sell more.

If they both get games, they will both sell.

Metallox1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Nope, both consoles (and practically all the market) are doing poorly Japan. I mean, 9K is really good? That seems extremely dismal for me. Manufacturers really need to do something to sell more.

randomass1711959d ago

Japanese-centric games will help but the current trend in Japan is handhelds right now. Wii U should follow the PS4's lead and have more western push. Handhelds do better in Japan while consoles do better in the west, especially PS4.

Concertoine1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

That's why i think Nintendo should merge the products. I mean if they just have a all-in-one console/handheld, that solves their two biggest problems.

- The diminishing popularity of consoles in their homeland
- The company's failure to provide a steady stream of content to both platforms at once.

The reason the Wii U will likely be an overall success in Japan is because most of their software is solely aimed at that country. They have made zero first party titles targeting popular genres in the west, and a lot targeted at Japan.

jholden32491959d ago

Nintendo, with a few rare exceptions, has always made their own styled games without specifically targeting the western audience. The only real example I can think of that contradicts that would be the Metroid Prime series and Other M. Granted, some franchises seem to have amassed a larger western fan base than of Japan (like Zelda), but that doesn't make the games any more "western".

Right now, the west pretty much just wants games brimming with cut scenes, QTE's, realism and some type of 1st person/3rd person shooting mechanics. That and EA's line of realistic sports games.

AfterThought1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Not sure if that will ever happen honestly because there are just differences between consoles and handhelds that people like and that is why they are separate to begin with.

I could make this super long and explain why but I am tired. They just have to make too many compromises with the hardware trying to achieve that. Also sure that these companies like having more than just one system to sell, well Sony and Nintendo that is.

In a way the Wii U and PS4 already do this pretty much with off tv play and remote play, off tv play is a little more limited but it is the same idea.

One day handhelds will be just as powerful as consoles anyway as chips continue to get smaller and use less power.

Chrischi19881958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

All complain about the Wii U being to weak. How is making a handheld for your home solving that problem? Wouldnt it make it even weaker?

MSBAUSTX1958d ago

If they merged the two the price would go up. That would cause sales to go down in Japan because of the uneasy economy right now. It isn't a good idea to merge the two for the western world either because it is mainly children who have 3DS right now, even though I own one too. Parents are not going to pay $400 to $500 for a merged product when their kid already has a $200 handheld system. The reason Xbox one and PS4 have slowed down is mainly because of price. Hell PRICE is why I don't own a gaming PC. It isn't because I don't like PC gaming or don't agree that it is way prettier than console gaming. Price drives everything and if the price is too high, less people buy. That is why most of us here drive used cars and or cheaper newer ones instead of Mercedes and Bentlys. Price goes up, less people can afford it and right now Nintendo can not afford to make something that people do not have the means to get their hands on.

N4g_null1958d ago

Tablets support direct 11 Chrischi1988. Phones support 4k video play back. The wiiu gamepad only needs a 3ds like receiver for it to be portable. The wiiu is almost a total soc design. With a die shrink it could be a possible handheld candidate.

It is not hard to top the ps4.

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ritsuka6661959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

I have say this is really a nice change of trend. WII U deserve sell better than PS4.

TheEnigma3131958d ago

And why is that? The PS4 deserves to sell the most because the people ave spoken.

ATi_Elite1959d ago

Sluggish PS4 Japan sales due to NO current hype for region specific games.

I dont think the Japanese are interested in TLOU remastered like Americans are.

TomahawkX1959d ago

yup and the trend will continue until Final Fantasy XV comes out.

MSBAUSTX1958d ago

While I agree with it will continue until the new FF, you have to look at the games Nintendo has coming out as well. Fatal Frame. X chronicles, Smash Brothers, Hyrule Warriors, and Zelda U are all coming out either this year or next. The new FF has a lot of competition with in the next year or so. FF will sell consoles over there, but so will those games I just listed. Nintendo and Sony will sell systems, that is obvious. However, do not assume that a new FF is enough to compete with 5 Japanese favorites from Nintendo. Sony needs more Japanese fan favorites and it needs them now and in force.

MultiConsoleGamer1959d ago

When you get on the train in Japan almost everyone has an iPhone.

And just like America, they're all sitting their with their faces buried in their phones.

SteamPowered1959d ago

....right, but what are they playing at home? Console-wise? I don't think this is article is talking about portables going head to head.

MultiConsoleGamer1959d ago

What are they playing at home?

Mobile games.

Mikito111958d ago

And they play 3ds on trains... The amount of street passes I get when I'm in Tokyo is crazy lol hardly ever get any in the uk unless I go to a streetpass relay point

GordonKnight1958d ago

That not fully true. You are forgetting that portables are huge in Japan. So, a lot of people in Japan have their face buried in a 3DS or Vita.

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