5 Things The Last of Us Two Absolutely Needs

Pedro at Twinfinite discusses what The Last of Us Two would have to do in order to stand on its own and possible beyond the shadow of the first game.

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user74029311725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

If they made the last of us 2 i would want them to change the title to something different ex: the last of us liberty city, the last of us san andreas, the last of us sons of liberty.

wynams1725d ago

1. Be open world
2. Be procedurally generated
3. Be less rails-ey
4. Be open world
5. Be open world

This top 5 works well with any Naughty Dog game!

guyman1725d ago

1) no
2) no
3) no
4) no
5) what if I told you that open world does not equal a good game?

Neixus1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

''Be procedurally generated''

Oh god no, that would mean the world is much less detailed and less hand-created.
There are only a few games that can have that feature, such as minecraft and No man's sky.

I_am_Batman1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

I can actually imagine it having more open areas but not open world like- you can go wherever you want at any given time. That would just be standing in the way of being as immersive as TLOU should be.

Your second point would not just stay in the way but completely destroy the game. It actually makes me question if you are serious about your list. If you've played TLOU and enjoyed it you wouldn't want it to give up it's biggest strength.

If you want to play procedually generated open world-games, there are other games you should be looking at. TLOU is certainly not going to be that type of game.

dota2champion1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

I only ask for an open world. everything else is perfect with the last of us

Stick891725d ago

No open world. It's called "pacing", and open world games do not have it.

TH3BR3W1725d ago

I'm not trolling with this as I adore this game but the first thing I thought when I read the title was "An HD remake". XD

honestly though in TLOU2 I think taking it open world would take a more chaotic turn than the pacing method of it's semi-linear maps. I love the way you have a direction but your not completely lead along the maps. If they add more depth to the combat albeit it's fairly good as is I think they can polish 2 into an even greater game than the first.

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