Darkwood Preview - Trust in Play

Trust in Play, "For a moment imagine yourself awakening in a dark ransacked house with the sound of whimpering outside. You wake up and realize you've got miscellaneous scrawlings, pills, a dwindling supply of food, and some much needed alcohol. Something isn't right here. You take a moment to explore the house for clues on what's going on, maybe you'll find out something if you're lucky. The whimpering gets louder and louder and you can't help but feel sorry for what's whimpering. You head outside and there's your dog and he doesn't look too good. Just a mere few minutes in and Darkwood is already giving you the option to put your dog out of his misery with an axe."

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ATi_Elite1959d ago

Just release it already!

The first trailer had me hooked!

Snakester951959d ago

Agreed, I spent a good 15 hours on the game so far and it was only the first chapter.