Studio Guts reveal their Kickstarter for Aegis Defenders

Today Studio Guts reveal their Kickstarter campaign for Aegis Defenders, a 16-bit tactical platformer.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1962d ago

Wow, the multitasking looks crazy complicated, but challenging!
And I'm impressed with how good it looks despite being a 16-bit title. The cut-scene moments especially.

The story also seems mysterious and interesting.

I'm not one for tower defense-ish titles like this, but I might actually pick it up anyways just to see how good the story is, if its kickstarter succeeds...

3-4-51961d ago

This game looks pretty fun, I'd probably buy it. Have to see more though.

LightofDarkness1962d ago

Looks ok, but it's not 16-bit. It just apes the look of 16-bit games. I'm also getting quite tired of the 8/16-bit pixel art domination lately. It was cute and fun back in 2009, now it's so ubiquitous it only induces groans and evokes images of hobbled band wagon ready to break into splinters if anyone else jumps on.

SilentNegotiator1961d ago

It's just easier for indies. They don't have to make as good/detailed of art, they don't need very smooth animations, etc.

It is getting kind of old, though. It was dominant in it's time because of technological limitations and now it's becoming dominant in indies because of budget/time limitations.