EA Access - What Are the Sneaky Bastards at EA Up To?

EA has long suffered the disapproval and scorn of the gamer community at large for some of their business tactics. While EA Access is looking like a great deal for gamers on the surface the "I don't trust them" argument has to be explored. What is EA up to and how does this make them more money?

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PONTIAC08G8GT1959d ago

How does this make them more money? Why do you think Netflix and all the other on demand services make money?

Subscription services are great for companies because people forget to cancel them or "its only $5" so no big deal. I've got friends who have Netflix and watch a movie a month but won't cancel cause they like the convenience. Right now there is no EA game I must have. But id love to try plants vs zombies. Subscriptions might lead to purchases. Oh I love playing so and so but I dont want subscription anymore let me go buy full game. Oh I get 10% off dlc, well I'll buy it now since I save 10%.

Its going to be very easy for them to make money. Its a great deal for gamers too.

DeadRabbits1959d ago Show
SteamPowered1959d ago

When this EA Access falls on its face, Playstation will be there to welcome them into the PS Now fold.

DrRobotnik1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

You do understand, PS Now will have EA games as well right? It will be a back catalog of PS1-3 games. And who knows, maybe even PS4 games once the infrastructure becomes larger and able to handle it. So yeah, that's probably the reason for Sony seeing it as not a good deal when it will be on PS Now anyways.

thrust1959d ago

It's just the opposite of what you put lol so on your logic your saying EA access has you scared? Lol

HaveSumNuts1959d ago

PSnow slayer really? EA the publisher which releases rushed broken games and then apologizes later saying "We shouldn't have done that." The only thing it would slay would most likely be your anus if you payed full price for any of their games.

tbone5671959d ago

Future Roster of EA games for EA Access revealed:

This year
Peggle 2
Madden 25
Battlefield 4
Fifa 14
NBA Live 14
Need for Speed

Next year
Dragon Age
Battlefield hardline
Madden 25
Fifa 15
NBA Live 15
UFC 15
Mirror's Edge 2
NHL 15

Year after that
Mass Effect 4
Dead Space 4
Madden 16
Fifa 16
NBA Live 16
UFC 16

Angels37851959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )


Did you pull that out of your @$$???

Oh wait...I just saw that on misterx media's page...

You're making claims about games that dont even exist yet...or have not even been commented on by EA

4Sh0w1959d ago

lol, no stealth involved.

Gamers get the *option to pay a fee to access EA games, early new game access, and 10% off.

EA adds revenue from the subscription fee.

Both win or if you *choose not to subscribe nothings changed for you or EA.

uptownsoul1959d ago

How quick gamers forget…EA tried (and discontinued) this type of thing before, not 5 years ago… …Go check it out and see if it doesn't look similar

Prime1571959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

@thrust, " The PSnow slayer :)"

Except downloadable games have to be ported and localised for the xbox1 and psnow doesn't as it just needs the stream from the servers on Sony's side... hence psnow being planned for tablets and other devices.

I'm still skeptical of ea access, need more information before I judge either way.

christian hour1958d ago

I dont understand why people are comparing this to PSnow, it's nothing like it bar the fact you pay money for both services.

EA's access program is for titles you download.

PSnow is for titles you stream to compatible devices.

Theres a big difference.

If you called it a PSPlus slayer, then you'd be making a fair comaprison, but I feel PSPlus would come out on top as you get 6 games a month (Assuming you're fortunate enough to own a ps3/4/vita) and they're not all from EA (though sometimes they are).

EA Access and PSnow are apples and oranges, the comparisons are silly.

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itisallaboutps1959d ago

It makes them more money because digital copies don't cost as much to manufacture. The 6 dollars which is more than enought to raise profits from the used games they aren't getting nothing from that nobody plays.

3-4-51958d ago

It seems like EA puts MOST of their creativity into finding new ways to milk their games for money, instead of putting that effort into new creative ideas for the games themselves.

Bonkerz1959d ago

Doesn't seem like they are up to anything. I signed up last night, downloaded all 4 games without a problem and now im playing them today. Paid 4.99 for this month just to see how it works and it is fantastic. With this month ill even be able to get the % off madden 15. I never bought any of these titles so this is completely fantastic for me, never played Fifa, madden 25, peggle 2, or battlefield. Awesome deal they got with MS, idk how anyone can say something bad about this honestly, especially since you will be able to play games like Dragon age 5 days early.

choujij1959d ago

Personally, I think it's great that EA will let people try some of their games early. This way, people can experience them and avoid the mistake of buying them, like I did with NFS Rivals. :)

mrpsychoticstalker1959d ago

This is a great deal, again and simple. Enjoy xbox fans!

lifesanrpg1959d ago

The hatred towards EA is astounding.

BlackTar1871959d ago

Have EA ever done anything to warrant anything less?

Serious question when was the last good thing EA did for gamers in the last 10yrs?

They ruined all the games they make. They cut out Football games with the owned license. They push out insanely buggy games. They charge for everything they can.

i mean i'm more then willing to hear a solid case for why they shouldn't be hated but it needs to be of value and substance.

MasterCornholio1959d ago

Didn't they do something evil like make a mass effect game with a terrible ending and then sell the good ending as DLC?

cee7731959d ago

They also helped kill the dreamcast EA was always scared of 2k so they blackballed sega No EA games has ever released on DC because EA wanted sports exclusivity.

SpiralTear1959d ago


Not to promote EA's practices as "good", but I think Bioware had more to do with making Mass Effect 3 and its ending. However, the selling of the "good ending" as separate DLC, that was likely EA's doing.

strangeaeon1959d ago

Dead Space is still one of my favorite franchises, I just ignored the micro transactions in the the 3rd installment. And yes, I loved all 3. Aside from that however, not much else.

christian hour1958d ago


I'm sure you also see the irony in EA "killing" the dreamcast now that Peter Moore (former sega of america president/xbox legend) is COO at EA. Funny how things turn out :)

Maybe this is a big revenge plot he's been crafting for the last 2 decades and plans to destroy EA from the inside :P haha. If only.

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Snookies121959d ago

What do you expect, when they've screwed gamers over time and time again.

Prime1571959d ago

Maybe it's that they do shoddy deals like money hatting, terrible consumer practices, online passes, and more.

choujij1959d ago

You must be new. Go look up "worst company in America".

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