It’s official: the Xbox One will cost $600 in China

Games in Asia: "After months of rumors, we’ve finally got an official price on China’s Xbox One, and details of what it comes with."

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DeadRabbits1728d ago ShowReplies(3)
oSHINSAo1728d ago

Wow, cheaper games ... nice move for a country with billion+ population

Bonkerz1728d ago

I really like how they are balancing that with much cheaper games though. Smart move by MS, it really seems like they are truly motivated with this console.

rdgneoz31728d ago

Seeing as in China you can buy modded PS360s with full hard drives of games on them, it's probably a good idea to make the games cheap. That way if and when the system gets hacked, people might still buy the games.

Ashlen1728d ago

Well to be honest the games have to be cheaper because of piracy. It's pretty much the norm that almost all western media you buy there is pirate or bootleg.

testerg351728d ago

But for now there is no way to pirate xb1 games.

Ashlen1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Anything that can be made can be unmade and remade.

OUROSMAG1728d ago

China has a greater interest in the PS4 though... I hope MS does well in China.

SoapShoes1728d ago

Of course! It's getting all of the MMORPGs and F2P games, that's what they like.

OpieWinston1728d ago

IDK...The Chinese gaming market is more interested in Online and competitive experiences like MMOs/MOBAs/RTS.

Xbox has always been more focused on the competitive scene while PS3 was more focused on Cinematic Story Driven games.

Not to mention that most of PS4s games that are "Competitive" are PC ports.

At this point it's more predictions then anything...But that statement of "China has a greater interest in the PS4" couldn't be more wrong...

I don't see Chinese gamers having any interest in anything you see out of PS4.

They have very different tastes to Japanese gamers.
They don't put big money down for one time playthrough games.

I'm basing this off the PC/Mobile strong sales figures from High Replay value and competitive games.

user74029311728d ago

"They don't put big money down for one time playthrough games."

as if thats only what is available. smfh

OpieWinston1728d ago


I know you're pretty dense and only choose to read one line in an entire paragraph but let me break this down for you.

I stated that the games Chinese gamers would enjoy like DC Universe Online, Blacklight Retribution, Warframe, Etc... As well as countless indies that can be found on PC...Remember this is a PC/Mobile market, meaning they've got access to most indies.

Chinese gamers are more invested into competitive games. I know YOU don't look for them.

Seeing that you're one of the biggest die hard Sony fanboys.

(Obviously this is more of a generalization)
Playstation strengths = JRPG/Story Driven
Xbox strengths = Co-op/Competitive MP
Nintendo strengths = Couch Co-op/LAN Friendly fun

Anyone who owns all platforms can see the benefits of either system, and that I doubt the Chinese market would have much use or want for a PS4... In it's current state of games lineup/features.

system221728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Its true. The culture there is completely different than that of western countries. I don't know if the x1 will do well in China, but I can say that any assumption we make of them based on a westernized taste or familiarity will probably be wrong.

zeuanimals1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Crossfire, the worst F2P game with the worst pay to win policies is the highest grossing game in China, aside from mobile phone games. The reason why it's so popular and it makes so much money is because it can run on anything, from weak PCs at people's homes to weak PCs at one of the many internet cafes.

The problem with the Xbox One is that F2P is still behind the Gold paywall, not to mention the fact that it doesn't have any F2P games. They're trying to overcome that fact with lowering the game prices but the lack of F2P is still gonna hurt them in the market.

The PS4 has a number of F2P games and it will continue to get more. There's also no paywall for F2P. I think one game in particular is gonna become really popular, as soon as it comes out for the PS4, and that's Planetside 2. Of course, this being said, Sony needs to do what MS did with retail games since relying solely on F2P would be a waste.

And what's this about Playstation always being more about cinematics? The first really good competitive online MP game on consoles was SOCOM, and that was way back in 2001, 3 years before the Xbox had Halo 2 with online MP (Halo 1 was splitscreen MP only on the Xbox, but PC had MP). That game started SOCOMBATTLES which later turned into GAMEBATTLES, AKA: MLG.

The PS3 also actually had more competitive MP games than the 360. Not many of them made it to MLG but that's because MLG has turned into an infantry, small scale style competition, and the PS3 had too many big games with big/huge player counts, or games that relied heavily on vehicles (which doesn't gel with the modern MLG crowd).

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