FPS Benchmark: NVidia ShadowPlay vs. AMD GVR vs. FRAPS

GamersNexus: "I decided to benchmark the three utilities to show the true performance hit from using capture software. This will also explore whether or not it makes sense to use GVR with nVidia devices, considering it is compatible and could theoretically replace ShadowPlay if performance were solid enough. In this ShadowPlay vs. FRAPS vs. GVR benchmark, we'll look at framerate hits from capture, percent (delta) advantage between AMD & NVidia devices, and space requirements."

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ATi_Elite1960d ago

this is what I wanted to see and BOTH Shadow Play and GVR are BOSS!

No reason at all to use Fraps anymore..........Uninstall it!

(way to use a GTX780 ti, you could of used a GTX780 which is more close in performance to a R9 290x so that way it doesn't look like Shadowplay is miles better when in fact the fps difference is the GPU and not software).

thisismyaccount1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )


FRAPS = easier to edit with every NLE out there
Shadowplay, AMD VCE or anything using .mp4 = smaller filesize


FRAPS = huge files
Shadowplay, AMD VCE or anything using .mp4 as a codec = You will have some issues from project to project on certain/many NLE while editing .mp4 files (1ref, 4 ref, 16ref?) also one major con to me is the color "distortion" of the mp4 codec, everything is either darker or has crushed blacks.

For good edits, keep using fraps or dxtory. If you do not care much about adding titles, blur parts of a video, adding effects/filters etc.. use Open Braodcast Software, it´s freeware and you can use 2x gpus to record game(and)play

Unlike Shadowplay, QuickSync and AMD´s VCE you´re not limited to 1080p, 4K clips not a problem.

gamernova1959d ago

I'm not surprised AMD has a higher performance hit. It hasn't had the time Nvidia has had to optimize but then again Nvidia is always ahead of the game. I didn't know exactly how good shadowplay was until I saw these numbers.

ATi_Elite1959d ago

it was more GPU than AMD taking a performance hit!

they compared a nvidia 780 TI to a R9 290x

GTX 780ti is BOSS!

the performance hit AMD took is not that much and pretty much equal to Nvidia its just that the 780ti has the power to run at a WAY HIGHER framerate THAN A R9 290X

gamernova1959d ago

They used percentages. They said that they weren't doing frames because the cards alone differed in performance. Percentages are more comparable.