Spore System Requirements Unveiled

Days before the Spore Creature Creator arrives, publisher Electronic Arts has released the system requirements for EA Maxis' galaxy-spanning evolution simulator Spore. The full version of Spore is slated to arrive on PC and Mac September 7, with a Nintendo DS edition, titled Spore Creatures, hitting on the same day.

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Tomdc3785d ago

there low requirements, I would buy this if they made it for console...

vitz33785d ago

I agree. Most PC's nowadays should be able to run it as long as they aren't on those crappy integrated graphics.

I think that's the issue with PC games today. They've gotten TOO far ahead of consoles and the rest of the industry, and many times new games need the beefiest PCs to run. Doing so only shrinks the target audience.

I think the PC devs should follow the times instead of pushing too hard. That said, there's nothing wrong with being able to scale the game higher for us hardcore enthusiasts.

TheIneffableBob3785d ago

vitz3, you are wrong.
The majority of games out today can run on even slow computers, and at playable frame rates. You won't get the best visuals, but the gameplay experience will still be intact.

The only games that REQUIRE a beefy machine to play that I can name off the top of my head are Crysis, Flight Simulator X, and Age of Conan, but even those can be run on slower computers.

vitz33785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Sorry, I didn't know you think you're right.

Ok you're missing my point.

The majority of the computers out there are running crappy integrated graphics chipsets. Dual core is gaining ground too.

What I'm saying is that Spore is doing it right by supporting the lower end and making it a priority. Many games require SM 3.0, DX 9.0c, OpenGL 2.0 or higher, something which most intel chipsets barely support if at all.

Crysis didn't sell well because not everyone has 8800's. UT3 is in the same boat. Sure they CAN run. But would the player be having the full experience with fog 5 feet out in front of them, and single digit frame rates? No. That experience could possibly put them off from buying PC games in the future.

Developers like Firaxis, Maxis, Valve, Blizzard and a few others seem to get it. Games like Crysis won't be big sellers because they're developed for a market that doesn't fully exist yet. So they develop their games for the lowest common denominator. Hence why their games sell better. They don't rush the future, and would rather make a game everyone can play.


OOG3784d ago

in all honesty dude those other PC companies that push the limits help us....

I dont want to live in a world where we have to stay behind and make games just to sell to the mass audience......without having some companies push the limits of what is possible in games.....they would never evolve.....

Its great to see spore is low requirements tho fun for everyone and the game is innovative.....but I will take a company being innovative or pushing the limits of systems any day over companies that play it safe to make a few bucks

deeznuts3784d ago

vitz3, the majority of computers with built in graphics won't want to play games. if they seek out a decent discrete graphics card, they can play a wide variety of games. Shoot COD4 runs at 640p or so, you can match that on a computer, just that some PC gamers demand higher eye candy and resolution etc.

JewyMcJew3784d ago

i can see where vitz3 is coming from.

Spore will probably by my first PC Game purchase in over 10 years. Having an xbox (or PS3) as a steady platform is much more affordible than having to upgrade my pc every two years to play the latest and greatest.

But at the same time, I guess creating cutting edge games for the hardcore market is more profitable than creating tamed down FPS's for three-year-old computers. If it wasn't, companies wouldn't keep selling them!

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Tempist3785d ago

That's rather nice and refreshing to know. I speculate that they're low for Mac users, but still a benefit for everyone.

Sad to see that there's a 2 GB difference in install sizes between PC / Mac. 6GB is a lot.

Th3FiN3St3785d ago

6gb is a lot but mac does require duo core processor and a gig of ram...i find that to be a lot

Kholinar3785d ago

"6gb is a lot but mac does require duo core processor and a gig of ram...i find that to be a lot"

They're probably just compiling for x86 only. And Core Duo is as low as Macs go on that arch. I'm sure a g5 above 2.0 ghz could run it... especially any of the mac pros.

darkstar3785d ago

These requirements are definitely on the light side. I'm surprised. Smart move, more people will be able to enjoy the game / more sales.

OgTheClever3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Unfortunately not me currently because my computer (family) is like 5 years old with some crappy Intel 64mb graphics card, with barely 512MB of RAM. I doubt my dad would upgrade or get a new one unless it brakes and even if I did have the money myself (spending on too many good PS3 games currently) then I wouldn't have a clue as to what new components would actually be compatable with the old.

It's a pity that Spore's being released so late because the old requirements from a couple of years ago would just about have been compatable with the computer.

My laptop has even less chance of working the game because Vista slows it down.

I have been looking forward to Spore for a long time as well. :(

MK_Red3785d ago

Cool, hopefully my system can run it smoothly. I had almost forgotten about this game and its good chances for GOTY.

Bonsai12143785d ago

YES. GMA 950 is supported!!! my macbook can run it.

vitz33785d ago

Mac? Games? WTF?

Since when did we put those two together?

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