Sony Won't Explain What's Up With PS1/PS2 Games On PlayStation Now

Way back in February 2013, when Sony first announced the PlayStation 4, they talked a bit about their partnership with the streaming company Gaikai. With the power of the cloud, Sony said, we'd all be able to stream PS1, PS2, and PS3 games.

But things have changed. Today, those vague plans have coalesced into the form of PlayStation Now, a streaming service that lets you play... PS3 games. And only PS3 games.

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XiSasukeUchiha1727d ago

It's just beta that's all folks.

tbone5671727d ago

Sony backtracking again. Pulling that 180.

SoapShoes1727d ago

^ I smell feces emanating from your comment.

Menkyo1727d ago

Actually the lack of ps1 and ps2 games on PSnow kind of lends creedence to the rumor of native ps1 and ps2 playback on the ps4. Im betting that is the really reason.

SuperBlunt1727d ago

What the heck are you even talking about?

MrDead1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

This is a beta to test the network, I assume they are using PS3 titles because almost all of the games are already available digitally and will put a bit more stress on the network then ps1/2 games would.
I don't see a problem, I didn't complain that the Destiny beta didn't give me the full game (come to think about it Bungie didn't give us an explanation to why the full game wasn't on the beta...... they must be hiding something.) this is a test kiddies, try to keep calm.

Menkyo1727d ago

@superblunt its been reported by known Sony insiders that once Psnow launches it will come with an update that will allow native play back of ps1 and ps2 games. That means pop a ps1 or 2 disc into the ps4 and it will play it.

mechlord1727d ago

Its a beta. While I think ps2/1 should be played natively on the ps4, it would completwly acceptable that:
-theyre testing with ps3 because these games are bigger, beefier thus more demanding on the infrastructure
- they need first to finish trophy support for these older games. Sony has a patent for that, maybe they are still developing that part

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mrpsychoticstalker1727d ago

They better start explaining, especially now that EA access is stealing all the media focus.

DeadRabbits1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

Yeah for EA all that bad publicity is still good publicity I presume!

We cant educate everyone about EA/M$ Axis of Evil!

3-4-51727d ago

I think it's safe to say a lot of people really want the PS2 classics in HD form, playable on the PS4.

That would be the smart thing to do Sony. Hopefully they eventually "get" it.

They have a lot of momentum right now, and that could be something that would get more people to buy a PS4.

PS2 has arguably the best collection of games ever put together on one console, I'm not sure why Sony isn't taking advantage of it.

lfc_4eva1727d ago

So are you happy paying for a HD remake of a game you already own?

I'm not. I've paid once thank you very much.

Have a good day.

3-4-51727d ago

Aren't you assuming I own the game though?

I don't...I've never owed a sony console, but I see 50+ PS2 games I'd love to play.

It would be an easy decision for me to get a PS4 if RIGHT NOW, I knew I could hop on PSN and download 50-100 PS2 games, most of them being classics.

Still probably getting a PS4 anyways, but the decision would have been made already with that little bit of extra awesomeness.

TheEternalGamer1727d ago

EA Access is not comparable to PS Now. its more comparable to PS Plus. Stop using unfair comparisons to win your argument!

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Sm00thNinja1727d ago

Kind of a big deal why is this not 600 degrees at least.... Gotta say PS Now is not impressive at this point with. 20MB/s connection I'm still getting very noticeable lag inthe majority of titles. Still it's a beta hopefully this gets cleaned up

WeAreLegion1727d ago

20 MB/s with lag on Now? Something's wrong. I'm on 2 MB/s and it's fine.

grashopper1727d ago

It depends on where you are in relation to the server running the game as well. It felt very playable to me. I'm sure they'll add more servers over time and smooth out the tech.

Sm00thNinja1727d ago

No it's certain games as well. Dead Island 2 was uuuuuunplayaaable no matter what I did bet 2D games were usually flawless

grashopper1727d ago

Dead island was the game I played the most. Was even playing co-op online with another friend that was also streaming it. Played it for hours. Didn't hear any complaints from him either.

SoapShoes1727d ago

Runs fine for me but I don't use it much. Once they get pricing better I probably will.

Menkyo1727d ago

I think you're lieing flat out. I've had one problem with now and that was the picture quality reduced for about 2 mins once, I've had no lag.

Joe9131727d ago

No lag for me either your internet sucks or you are trolling.

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colonel1791727d ago

It bothers me! Why Sony is being quiet about every issue? They got so good at talking with their fans with the PS3 since they released the slim model, why are they going back to early PS3 days when they were arrogant an quiet?!

SoapShoes1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

They weren't quiet in the early PS3 days, does history escape you? In fact most criticized them for announcing things too early and wished they were more like Microsoft that kept quiet on things till they were ready. I guess they can't do anything right.

colonel1791727d ago

Well, they indeed weren't quiet, because they said a lot of things that surely regretted later, but what I mean is that they had a "deal with it" attitude at first, which improved a lot when they made the PS Blog and then released the PS3 Slim. That's why they launched PlayStation Share and they did actually listen at the beginning of it.

Right now, Sony is having that "deal with it" attitude towards firmware update and, according to this article, PS Now.

Bonkerz1727d ago

The lag is the biggest problem atm, that i noticed when playing at a friends. He has 50/25 internet speed, and the lag was very noticeable. If that doesnt get fixed i highly doubt this program will be a success.

jnemesh1727d ago

OK, so he PAYS for a 50/25 connection...but what does he ACTUALLY get? Is he on Comcast? Because that would explain a lot right there! Maybe if Sony gives them extra money like Netflix, the problems will go away?

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