Destiny: The endgame is only the beginning

Bungie details the endgame content of Destiny amid worries about lack of content.

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Mr-Dude1961d ago

SO... Level 20 isn't the cap after all... Told you all

Malakhim1961d ago

I believe it would be a "soft-cap" allowing them to easily raise it and having players with access equipment higher than their level, I may be wrong though, just compiling info from this and another article, I may have missed something though!

TRD4L1fe1961d ago

its been known that by using "Motes of Light you can go passed lvl 20.

Cryptcuzz1961d ago

Never knew about this "motes of light" Now I need to go find out! Thanks!

thorstein1961d ago

Why would people doubt that? Weren't there weapons, etc that required much higher levels?

Nathan891961d ago

This is the way I see it. Destiny is looking for a 10 year MMOFPS. Something new in a sense but basically adding a lot of elements of different games and putting it together. To me it seems like a World of Halo(craft) kind of thing. Here is my opinion on how this series will play out. Soft cap of 20 to start and more than likely hard cap of 30 for the game. by Destiny 2 down the road I bet you can go from 30 to 50 soft cap to 60 hard cap. And if you are new to Destiny you can start a character at 30 from the beginning so you don't feel like you need to go back and catch up. Now the only way this would make sense to me is if the way they are making the games (Destiny, Destiny 2, ect.) stack on top of each other like expansions in something like world of Warcraft. You can go back to areas and missions and raids from previous games without changing discs. If this is the case it would be awesome, and make sense as to why the level cap is so low. If they don't do it this way then basically every game you can transfer your character over but they start at level 1 like everyone else who may have just bought the game. But to me I think Destiny one is just the beginning with other entries adding more and more planets or destinations on planets. Like Halo Master Chief Collection. I can see 10 years down the road the massive Destiny collection for next gen in all its entirety for one price for those who haven't played it. It would probably be one of the biggest games ever created.

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leemo191961d ago

Plenty of content to keep me busy, hopefully it will be enough for other people too.

Cryptech1961d ago

Exactly. I got at least 50 hours out of the beta. I can't even imagine how much I'll get out of the release, plus 2 expansions planned. It's gonna be crazy!

averagejoe261961d ago

Unfortunately, the haters will make up something new to complain about.

C4BL31961d ago

they already have....the fact that there is no MP for Raids. FFS wish COD was out so they all could go away.

--Onilink--1961d ago

well the Raids thing is kinda lame. There is no reason as to why not include some type of matchmaking system. Sure it will be harder with strangers, but at least you can try it. Instead of adding random people to your PS Friend list in case you dont have 5 friend that you can count on.

Then again, they seem very open to feedback so far, so there is no reason to think they cant fix this

JeffGUNZ1961d ago

Yeah, I have to agree with onilink. I'm 29 years old and married. All my buddies are either the same, in long term relationships, or have families. So, it's really hard for 6 of us to be on the same exact time for something that may take hours as bungie suggests here. What is the harm having it open for matchmaking? Obvoiusly have them stress it's better with a team you trust, but still don't exclude people who don't have the time to coordinate with 5 others of when they can jump on.

I am playing on Xbox One, if any of you fellas wanna hit me up and play raids let me know, I guess our option is building the Destiny friends list up now!

Xbox: CDxJeffGUNZ

jriquelme_paraguay1961d ago

gonna be the best coop game...

nucky641961d ago

maybe. I'd rather the raid teams were capped at 4. i think requiring 6 is too many.

Dan_scruggs1961d ago

Of the multi-player with the standard deathmatch and team options... sigh.

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The story is too old to be commented.