Top Ten: Unforgivable Crimes in Gaming

What counts as an unforgivable crime in gaming? If it was just a case of making a bad game, this article would extend to thousands of entries – so it’s probably best to discount that. Instead, an unforgivable mistake is one which is a stain on an otherwise great game or series, and which damages the brand. This list is not absolute, but here are ten unforgivable mistakes that happened in the most recent generation of games.

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MonstaTruk1730d ago

"The women of the Soul series"?

Gamers love the look of the women of the Soul Calibur series. Sex sells, and 6 installments later, it's still making the doughnuts. And what...the men are fragile, innocent, non-muscular creatures, I presume? Come on, it works both ways. But...that's not what you want to focus on, right? Just that the women look [email protected]$$ women. Too bad for you, I guess? :-/

ATi_Elite1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

GFWL (Games For windows Live) ENOUGH SAID!

Microsoft shall burn in Hades for this.

Oh and that Starforce CRAP that Ubisoft tried to use once, you too shall BURN!

Nerdmaster1730d ago

I agree with almost all points in this list, with the exception of "Linearity in Final Fantasy XIII". If they changed other glaring problems while keeping it linear, few people would complain about it. For example, Final Fantasy X is a prime example of how a linear RPG can still be great.

FFXIII's crystarium system, lack of cities, dungeon after dungeon non-stop, terrible characters, confusing plot, and many other problems were the reason of FFXIII being considered bad. Being linear was, in fact, one of the lesser problems.