The Upcoming Resident Evil 7 is Too Ambitious

SWT writes: Capcom must be in a dire financial situation right now. They were once the one who holds the superpower when it comes to creating the best video games ever, yet time has not been kind to them. They have released open invitations to various potential investors to rescue the company from falling into the pits that they are currently facing. The company has been struggling to get back on their game but they have failed to do that in their last Resident Evil franchise, in which they released a game, far away from where it rooted from and leaned towards a gameplay that makes you think of Call of Duty. It was for the purpose of making it the best-selling game, but such attempt only made it disappointing.

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ritsuka6661730d ago

The creators of the Resident Evil game have promised that they will truly go back to their roots in their next installment'''s over.I think I'll go play The Evil Within the real Survival Horror game.

Deadpoolio1730d ago

Yeah and when the evil within doesn't do as well as you nut jobs keep claiming it will..All you've done is prove companies like Capcom and, Konami right that survival horror isn't profitable...So you can go ahead and thank all the idiots and cheapskates that can't be bothered to purchase a game brand new, Evil within is literally make it or break it time for survival horror

TongkatAli1730d ago

Have gun will shoot is right, can't we get Evil Within and Resident Evil 7 ? No, we need to hate one, ok : P

boneso821730d ago

"survival horror isn't profitable"

"Evil within is literally make it or break it time for survival horror"

Crazy, unsubstantiated claims!

The Evil Within is geting pretty bad responses from previews, it's not going to be great in my opinion. Alien Isolation on the other hand is looking very promising, getting great previews and will sell bucket loads of copies.

billybehr1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Due to the lack of quality survival horror games lately, I can agree with Deadpoolio's statement about it being a "make or break" time. It does look like a really fun atmospheric game. Hope it turns out great! This game, and Alien Isolation could really breath life and restore faith in the survival horror genre.

BABY-JEDI1730d ago

You could argue that TLOU is a survival horror game. As you know. It was very successful.
My personal view on RE. Go back to Racoon City. Make it more open. No more steroids & please stop making the story even more ridiculous with zombies/infected riding motor bikes. Go back to basics & focus more on realism. Too much spam in RE now

Sy_Wolf1729d ago

Survival Horror is extremely profitable actually. When publishers say they don't make any money what they mean is that they don't make a similar amount of money to Call of Duty. If survival horror didn't sell anything Bethesda wouldn't be throwing so much money at The Evil Within.

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elhebbo161730d ago

At least let the show some footage sheesh.

lizard812881729d ago

"The creators of the Resident Evil"

...left Capcom long ago....

Clown_Syndr0me1730d ago

Too ambitious? Not something we hear much these days. Most games now are copy & paste unoriginal crap. Lets hope the next Resident Evil can break that.

Master-H1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

The sixth one was very ambitious too with 600 people working on it and the msaying they're trying to please all the fans with it if i remember correctly, doesn't mean it's going to be any good..

Rather have The Evil Within', thank you very much.

Revengeance1730d ago

I believe it was Capcom UK that said they were chasing the CoD crowd. That alone was an indicator the game was doomed from the start.

wtopez1730d ago

This article reads like it was translated by Google.

Dfooster1730d ago

The success of Resident evil 4 was the death of the franchise and the death of capcom.

LightofDarkness1730d ago

That was part of it, but really it was the loss of their talent that killed them. Hideki Kamiya (DMC, RE), Inaba (Clover), Mikami (RE) and Inafune (Megaman) were mostly gone by 2005.

The warning sign should have been the Ada Separate Ways mission in RE4. This was created after Mikami's departure, and despite him leaving behind a perfect blueprint for RE4 in the game itself, they still managed to make a pretty lame and clearly confused expansion. They already resembled a headless chicken by then.

Without any true creative vision behind their projects, the money-men drove the focus of the company and clearly had far too much say about what went into each new game. They saw that RE4 was a success and wanted more RE4, bu hey also saw COD was a success and wanted more of that too. They had lost all connection to their fans and their franchises/roots, so they weren't worried about damaging all of those things beyond repair. Without real directors at the helm of each project, there was no editorial and no one to say "no". Everyone was just making some money.

marloc_x1730d ago

Nintendo would really clean Resident Evil up..

Darth Gamer1730d ago

I've been saying this for years now. RE4 was a great game but i hate it for turning resident evil into the crap that it is today. RE4 is the game that changed direction for the series and its success paved the way for the garbage that followed.

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