Don't Underestimate the Power of PlayStation: 10 best ads

PS3 Fanboy: "Perhaps our previous feature on the ten worst PlayStation ads has left you with sleepless nights? We apologize for any bodily harm or psychological damage we may have caused you. You just need to remember that the history of PlayStation ads and campaigns is rich and rife with content. Sometimes these ads can be undeniable hits ... and sometimes they can be wayward misses. You just have to learn to take the good with the bad.

Like we promised, we're now presenting our top ten best PlayStation brand ads to balance out our previous feature. Are these good ones as memorable as the awful ones? Or are they not shocking enough to deserve your attention? You'll find out soon, won't you?"

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jamilion3809d ago

If i had an eye like that.... imagine...

Marcello3809d ago

Why didnt they mention this one ???

That one is the best in my opinion :)

Dont underestimate the power of Playstation !!!

Silogon3809d ago

Don't underestimate the power of playstation, huh? Like the power to lose all your 3rd party support in a single bound or to drop in house exclusives you've spent millions on with the speed of a bullet!

Torch3809d ago

but why do you consistently come across as a really pissed-off guy who appears to have an issue with most anything?

Chill out, my friend; lotsa sweet roses to smell out there.

crazy250003809d ago

everyone has lost exclusives, so dont be so narrow minded

chaosatom3333809d ago

so u got your bubbles back, huh POG.

I don't see where POG went in the open zone.

Is he trying to be pretend to be a ps3 owner now.

Silogon3809d ago

POG? I have no idea who that is. How come everyone here thinks I am someone else?

HarveyM3809d ago

why do you have to be so immature about things, it's just a lighthearted article and you are trying to make it into something else and annoy people.

chaosatom3333809d ago

"Mgs4 is going to sell to the 14 million ps3 users and that's it. Not even 3 million copies will be sold when it is all said and done"

A ps3 owner who is against Mgs. SHOCKING. Unless he is not a ps3 owner and likes to bash ps3.

Just sell your ps3 man, I recommend. Or play on xbox. I think even a Wii would do u good.

Drekken3809d ago

Because you are a nongamer 360 fan that tries to diguise himself as a true gamer unbiased, but your clearly a 360 fan and you put Sony down every chance you get. They are not your parents or your girlfriend... do not let their actions effect you like you do, its just pathetic. You are steadily climbing Drekkens most annoying list FO SHO>

Armyless3809d ago

I don't care which console you like, your attitude sucks.

eagle213809d ago

Why do you not think before posting? Who do you think you are, the number one consumer?

We don't care what you do and don't like. Take what you don't like back to the store and open up

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juuken3809d ago

It's true-don't underestimate the PS brand. But of course, the anti-Sony campaign will continue to do so either way.

PirateThom3809d ago

Don't worry about them, they're just afraid of the impending 3rd place.

hunter213809d ago

that eye looks kinda freaky. lol

crazy250003809d ago

if some hot woman stared at me with those eyes, i think she would be my soulmate....:)

PoSTedUP3809d ago

ps1 had the most addicting games hands down.

"sony will win the console war for the third time in a row"- PoSTradamus.

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The story is too old to be commented.