European first wave of Summer Sale discounts hit PS Store today

As is customary, we can’t not have a Summer Sale, so here it is! Over the course of the next four weeks you will find a ton of discounts to take advantage of. We’ll be rolling out these discounts in batches (it’s a lot of work to push out nearly 200 items) so you must certainly check back each Wednesday to see what gets swapped in.
Today we will begin with a selection of PS4 titles courtesy of EA, from hugely popular FIFA 14 to Need for Speed Rivals, including DLC. Alongside this we also have part one of our PlayStation 3 and PS Vita discounts going live for two weeks before being swapped for part two.
Next week we’ll be back with even more PS4 games on offer (over 25!).

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Kivespussi1632d ago

Horrible. Absolutely disgusting. Hopefully next lineup will be better but this is basically mocking loyal customers.

Few titles that interest me but that's about it.

Prime1571632d ago

It does say, "wave."

And horrible to you doesn't mean someone else doesn't like it <shrug>

XB1_PS41632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

It's not GREAT. It's pretty good. I would go out on a limb and say it's not horrible, mocking loyal customers, or absolutely disgusting.

Kivespussi1632d ago Show
randomass1711632d ago

How dare Sony put sales prices on games that don't interest me? Don't they know the world revolves around me me me? >:(

DeadRabbits1632d ago

You sound like my Grandmother at the Primark Sales!

S2Killinit1632d ago

the first comment always has to be someone who thinks their opinion is fact. god grow up kid.

Kivespussi1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

So you're saying over 35€ for months old titles is a great deal? It's not thinking my opinion is a fact, it's having some kind of expectations.

S2Killinit1632d ago

No. saying that this is "mocking loyal customers" is stating as fact, something you don't know about. Unless you can read minds?

insomnium21631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )


Online pricing is BS across the board with consoles. Now with lowered prices they somehow mock us? That is just the spoilt brat in you that is talking out of your ass. Just shut up. If the prices/games don't interest you just walk away.

3-4-51632d ago

First Wave = Not so great, but SOME deals are better than NO deals.

insomnium21631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Mocking loyal customers? WTF is wrong with you baggy? Stop being an entitled little prick? They don't HAVE TO have ANY offers. Would THAT not be mocking the userbase?

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Nathan1701632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

At least next week there will be over 25 ps4 games on offer.

Goro1632d ago

That includes DLC...

Baccra171632d ago

Would it kill people to put europe or EU in the title?

Zenith4k1632d ago

Europe and the eu or the same, did you mean us

BiggCMan1632d ago

He meant that he's annoyed to see there are no prices in US, meaning this sale is for Europe and other places at the moment apparently. The headline did not notify us of this.

Zenith4k1632d ago

Bigg sound got that in my second read.

Baba19061631d ago

Since when is EU and Europe the same =D one is the continent the other is an Union.

Nathan1701632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Next time.

marloc_x1632d ago

"European first wave..." Was pretty clear to me.

Volkama1632d ago

Just look at the amount of Battlefield 4 add-ons available. I wish they were tangible items, so that I could throw them back at EA.

ScottyHoss1632d ago

It's almost in response to EAs exclusive Microsoft deal. Why pay 30 a year for that when the deals are almost the same for free

hardeepmeghera1632d ago

I like you volkama. I like you a lot. Well said.

SaveFerris1632d ago

C'mon Sony. I'd like to see a discount on PS+ memberships now and then.

BoriboyShoGUN1632d ago

Load up on Black Friday sir

Utalkin2me1632d ago

Last two times i have purchased plus i have gotten it for 30 bucks.

SaveFerris1632d ago

@BoriboyShoGun and @Utalkin2me

Wish I could, but live in UK and don't have a US PSN account.

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The story is too old to be commented.