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Lawboy21959d ago

I was one of them...enjoyed every minute

Volkama1959d ago

Millisecond this.

Have I understood this comment game correctly?

Ares84HU1959d ago

And I think I speak for most of us when I say; this was the best beta we ever played. Can't wait for September 9th.

ArchangelMike1959d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the Beta, I wonder how long I would have replayed the same 5 missions over and over and over again before I got bored. I know I would still be playing it now if it was available, and I can't remember the lat game beta/demo that I enjoyed so much when given so 'little'.

Now, I'm going to upgrade my Destiny pre-oreder to the Limited Edition, for the extra DLC.

3-4-51959d ago

4.6 million Beta = 6-7 Million Actual sales once game is released.

I'm definitely getting this, but didn't play the Beta.

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n4rc1959d ago

Lol... Such a silly PR thing to say

"Console" beta for a "new" IP... Soooo... Its competition is what? Lol

Still cool of them to do.. I think its ballsy to give people access before they pay a cent.. Shows confidence in their work

n4rc1959d ago

Lol.. Good call, but the destiny beta was on way more platforms no?

n4rc1959d ago

Ya fair enough.. Destiny got PS3 and 4 but titanfall got PC..

Genuine-User1959d ago

I really enjoyed the alpha and beta but I'm not so sure if I will fork out £45 on release.
Some of the recent news regarding the planets confined to a single location is off-putting. It seems as if they're holding additional locations for DLC.
I hope they prove me wrong though.

JeffGUNZ1959d ago

Eh, don't worry man. Bungie already said the beta was about 10% the content and at Level 8 we barely scratched the surface of the game. They also said every area to explores is at least the size of the entire campaign of Halo Reach. It was just a beta, not a demo. Also, a lot of this news we are hearing is simply coming from a few people data mining the beta build. I think we will find out more from Bungie in the coming weeks of it's actual amount of content. Also, I am curious of the final download size of the game. That will really tell the story of what we can expect.

daBUSHwhaka1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

To be precise,what you have played in the beta is 25-30% of what will release with retail not including dlc.There's been a uproar at the size of the game online over the last few days after bungie released the mission structure.Unfortunately it really is not that big a game excluding multiplayer.

Genuine-User1959d ago

I hope you're right. Best to just wait and see what else they reveal.

OrangePowerz1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

To be really precise if you go only by the number of locations and Story missions you would have seen 20% of the locations (moon with only 1 mission I don't count as having really seen that location) and based on the rumour of 32 story missions that wpuld equate to roughly 19%.

That doesn't factor in that we only have seen loot for maximum lvl10, had only access to one strike and didn't even get close to fully upgrading the sub class not to mention the sub class that unlocks at 15 and 3 different classes.

Also you can't exclude the MP since it's part of the game.

And the uproar is rather small there aren't that many people complaining. And some of that uproar comes from people who Love Titanfall, a game they payed full price for that has no story mode and very limited content.

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The story is too old to be commented.