Destiny's Death Knell Could Be The Lack of Content

Many gamers have been complaining after Destiny's beta about the possible lack of content. Here's why it could be a major problem.

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LavaLampGoo1961d ago

I only played the beta for a few hours and I was getting bored. With friends its a bit better but I think that won't save it in the long run.
Everyone will be buying this game when it comes out, and after a week everyone will start looking for something else

Alexious1961d ago

I wouldn't say after a week, but after two or three, it may well be.

crxss1961d ago

Hopefully destiny doesn't feel as repetitive as the alpha and beta did. E.g. - do mission, activate something, fight horde, end mission.

die_fiend1961d ago

Bungie said they would have data centres operating 24/7 in order to bring new content every single day. I don't think there's going to be a lack of content really, what with the PVP as well.

I think if you get through everything this game has to offer in a week, then you need to get a life

DevilishSix1961d ago

If that daily content is no better then those random side missions interest will be lost quickly.

GW2121961d ago

It was a beta... you should have been getting bored after a few hours. It's a trial of the game, NOT the game.

spicelicka1961d ago

I only got to play for a few hours and I couldn't get enough, I don't know what you're talking about. If you an 8 hour campaign game can survive I'm sure destiny will do amazingly well.

Orpheo1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

I somewhat agree with Lava.

I got into the beta and within a day and a half hit level 8, completed all story missions, many mini-missions (those level 4 Vanguard missions), and got some pretty decent gear. I had a lot of fun but during my 3rd day in the beta I was getting kind of bored. The live events are a fun way to shake things up but overall the game feels deprived of content.

I know some areas were sort-of sealed off so we didn't get to experience everything Earth has to offer, but even still it looks like we got to experience most of it going off the in-game map. I also thoroughly explored the moon, which looks fantastic though I would've liked lighter gravity. With this dual location experience I've essentially played through about half the full game's locations and feel a bit underwhelmed.

I don't think this is a bad game, in fact I think this is a great game. I can definitely see myself getting super into it for a month, maybe 2, and then moving on to something else. Now when you compare that to your average non-RPG game that's some great game time. The thing is, "Destiny" was built-up as more than just an awesome distraction, it's been hyped to be the next big thing.

I honestly don't think we'll be getting that true 'next big thing' till the release of "No Man's Sky," but "Destiny" is definitely a great appetizer.

On one last note, I dislike multiplayer which I have no doubt skews my opinion. I'm a hardcore single player campaign kind of guy, the kind who would ONLY play CoD for its story without ever touching the versus mode. Co-op is more than fun, I'm just usually not very competitive, I'm more helpful. As such, I can see those who are into competitive multiplayer deriving more enjoyment from what "Destiny" has to offer.

Paul_JC1961d ago

Freakin No Man's Sky... now THATS a game I can't wait for!

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Hellsvacancy1961d ago

I was hoping for some mini games to play whilst at the Tower, other than dancing there's not much else to do

Orpheo1961d ago

There's the soccer ball / purple orb thing to kick around. ;)

Chuk51961d ago

"People are complaining at the possibility of the lack of content after the beta even though most people had fun and spent hours and hours in the original beta anyway."

good grief. And it's not an MMO, Bungie has been pretty clear that they're taking influences including MMO standbys, but it isn't an MMO. When the game comes out, people will still get upset that it isn't big as an mmo.

Alexious1961d ago

The problem is exactly that it's taking the worst things from MMO, while leaving the best things (scale, a lot of content) out.

1961d ago
Silver3601961d ago

Let me write a story about the failures of Destiny before I see the whole game so I can get hits on my website. This opinion piece might be justified after game is released. Right now it is jumping the gun.

boskoz1961d ago

"Destiny's Death Knell Could Be The Lack of Content"
It is hypothetical.
Since when it is wrong to make hypothesis, and discuss about them?
The whole videogame world is made out of speculations.

Aurenar1961d ago

Agreed. It seems like some fanboys are a little too sensitive about their game. After trying the Beta, I'm quite concerned too.

Silver3601961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

@ aurenar where do you get fanboy from. You know nothing about me, but from your post should I call you child or childish.
The author has no idea of how big the levels are or how much content bungie is putting in levels. In the Beta there were many areas blocked off. So you are telling me he played those areas?
And I did not say his opinion was invalid I just said that he gave it without full information. Wait until the game comes out play it then opine away.

Alexious1961d ago

Actually, we do. Everyone who's played the Beta does, as it's almost impossible not to complete everything in little over a couple of hours.

There are, in the best case, TWO areas blocked off in the beta, not many. This isn't going to change the fact that Earth is really small, and it isn't even the smallest area from what they've said.

What we all played in beta was about 25% of the entirety of Destiny's content at launch. These are hard facts. If that's enough for you, good, but I doubt that many will agree about that.

MysticStrummer1961d ago

"What we all played in beta was about 25% of the entirety of Destiny's content at launch. These are hard facts."

Let's see some kind of verification of these "hard facts".

Cryptech1961d ago

So you've sat down with Bungie and discussed all the end game content with them I presume?

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