There’s Got To Be A Catch To EA’s Subscription Service

NowGamer: "Call me cynical, if you will, but I just don’t trust EA.

EA has announced a new subscription service exclusive to Xbox One – termed EA Access – that will, for a monthly or yearly fee, gain you access to EA’s ‘Vault’ of games. But it’s not like EA is in this for the love."

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NatureOfLogic_1958d ago

There's no catch. This is just MS and EA planned hook for their DRM plans that were ruined during Xbox One reveal.

johndoe112111958d ago

Then that would be a catch.

DeadRabbits1958d ago Show
choujij1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Let us not forget, this is the same corporation voted worst company in America twice. The same EA which is also apparently having to investigate it's own Origin software behavior.

Yeah gamers would be crazy not to accept their services with open arms...

blitz06231958d ago

The catch is if this turns out to be a successful venture for EA, they will spin this negatively like they did with DLC. It's a fair assumption considering it's EA we're talking about. Not that no other company would do the same, just EA has the highest chance of doing it.

uptownsoul1958d ago

We don't know how good the EA Access service is going to be…I think it will come down to 5 key questions on the games in the EA Vault

1)How new are the games in the Vault

2)How relevant are the games in the Vault (Sports games & FPS become irrelevant as soon as their successors release)

3)How often do they update the Vault

4)How many games do they add per update

AND 5) MOST IMPORTANT - Do games always stay in the Vault** or do they swap games in and out

**ALWAYS read the fine print ( )!!! Paragraph 2, sentence 2 says "In particular, Vault Titles are subject to change and may be removed, and the online services for certain Vault Titles may be discontinued."

Dasteru1958d ago


"Let us not forget, this is the same corporation voted worst company in America twice."

By gamers, on gaming related sites. EA is not and never has been anywhere near the worst company in America. Anyone who believes otherwise is extremely out of touch with reality.

tbone5671958d ago

30 bucks to play all EA games of the past year. Next year we should get Dragon Age, Titanfall, Madden 15, Fifa 15, UFC, etc all for 30 dollars per year. Exciting times for Xbox One owners and EA Access.

DOMination-1957d ago

How is that the catch?

Nowhere have they stated that you'll have to stay online to play these games once downloaded. Good luck using PSNow offline to all those going on about anti consumerism.

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XiSasukeUchiha1958d ago

DRM bait confirmed with EA's access service don't do it everybody or the XB1 DRM will strike again.

gjruk1958d ago

Yet my brother on the other console can also play the games I've subscribed to via the EA Access app.

Shinox1958d ago

That's exactly what i was thinking the whole time
they were already planning under the tables
Titanfall + Exclusive deals + The always-on DRM
It was all planned before the XB1 reveal , its a conspiracy people

Xsilver1958d ago

"There’s Got To Be A Catch To EA’s Subscription Service"

it's EA just wait for it tick toc. http://media-cache-ec0.pini...

djplonker1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

One thing I haven't seen people mentioning is that all the EA games from the list have microtransactions...

Up to thier usual tricks!

styferion1958d ago

IMO right now there's no catch or anything, the service is optional and there's still nothing disadvantageous for non-subscriber. Also for gamers who's into annual sport games this is actually quite a deal.

But honestly I'm worried about the future, maybe when there's some significant number of subscriber they'll start to limit something, maybe some content only available for subscriber, can only play online with subscription or something..

Gamble201958d ago

I don't understand how this is "quite a deal" for annual sports gamers. You pay $5 a month for 10% off (so you save $6? Wow thanks EA), on a maximum of what? 4 games a year? It's not like they have 12 great sports games per year. And we all know most gamers are only really getting Madden and FIFA that consistently. So you save $12 on two sports games when you spent $30 for the whole service.

Oh, and you get a ten minute demo a few days earlier. It also forces you to buy digital so you can't recoup any money from the sale of the games.

I don't think they are ripping anyone off, it just sort of seems like a sneaky way to get people to pay for DLC.

PoodlePuncher1958d ago

EA will never make less money off of games through a new type of service. We're talking a huge corporation here, they don't pay people a ton of money to come up with new ideas on how to make less money. I'm thinking they will eventually charge more for the service, or the games offered will eventually be older, crappier games. Of course when they first announce it they have to make it sound good. The ol' bait and switch.

jnemesh1958d ago

The catch is that EA has crappy games, DLC, microtransactions, and free-to-play mechanics in retail games.

I have done just fine without a single EA game in my library over the past several years, I am sure I won't be missing much here!

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NYC_Gamer1958d ago

It's apart of the games being offered as service that many pubs and etc have been talking about

GamingSinceThe80s1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

The catch is its $60 a year to play a few old games.

ShowanW1958d ago


I got the service for $30 for the year...
And games will be added...

I don't really care for EA at all... But if all I have to do is fork over $30 for access to a variety of games, then why not...

mcstorm1958d ago

It all depends how you look at it. For some one like my dad who dose not play games online and he only tends to buy old games then this is a great deal as he only has to pay £30 a year and gets games like Fifa, BF ect that he buys later on and dose not need to get gold too.

Also if everyone decides to go down this rout in the end and they offer a service say £50 to 60 a year for all new games included then it could save a lot of money as if I look at the amount of games I buy a year it could save me a lot of money if you work it out right as 1 game digital tends to be £54.

It could be a great idea but only if done right but I don't see media being dropped soon too as having the option of both will be needed for the next few gens I think.

ThatOneRiggaNob1958d ago

The fact that he really thought it was $60 a year and two people agreed with him just shows a major problem with some people nowadays.

Axios21958d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Old games?

So you're playing BF5 now?...No

You're playing FIFA15?...No

Peggle 2 just came out

I see a lot of bitter tears about the OPTIONAL service.

ppl will decide if it is worth it to them personally

@ Koruptor, learn to read because it CLEARLY states that those games are all available now.

@ yo mama, the games are all less than 8 months old, Peggle 2 just a few months, in your blind hatred you are inserting what is by example not the case. What you think will change has zero value in reality, I know that facts hurt you, but if you can't dealwithit, don't bother making up garbage. Try making up garbage for PSN next time, how about "the price will double next year".

@ ziggercat, FIFA and BF4 are still $50

kurruptor1958d ago

You don't get any of those games for free. You only get to trial them for 5 days pre-release.

The games you get for free are old. FIFA 14, Madden 25.

Yo Mama1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

You know they're not going to put the new versions of those games on that service for at least a year once they're released. So I hope you enjoy paying for and playing Madden 25 and Battlefield 4 long after the new versions are released.

It just looks like a better deal than it is now because they had to release some games and they happened be the current ones available. But that will change.

1958d ago
ziggurcat1958d ago


and you won't be playing BF5 or fifa 15 via EA access, either. those games won't pop up in their service until they've dropped in retail value. that's what yo mama is saying.

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GamingSinceThe80s1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Oh I thought they said $5 a month.And they did but its $30 for a year up front.So I was half Well thats not so bad then.

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TimeSkipLuffy1958d ago

This is the catch:

Yeah... because now that I got gold I have to pay for another subscription to get old EA titles for gold... and then more publishers are going down the same route...

At the end of the year I pay:

+ Gold membership (for indies + MS games)
+ EA membership
+ UbiSoft membership
+ Campcom membership
+ Take 2 membership

Subscription total a year: over $200
While I just could have one subscription and get games from all publishers... even if it might be slower. But two X1 and two X360 games a month is quite good.

If I had the option to pay $5 a month more for Gold to get 2 extra games that would be a whole different story.

MooseWI1958d ago

Companies will never work together as a whole like that. That's like saying Democrats and Republicans will one day work together. It's all money.

styferion1958d ago

no, but you can't deny the possibility that if this service works out it'll tempt other big publishers to do the same..

Dudebro901958d ago

You are talking as if you aren't going to buy more games ever again.

You could have 2-3 subscriptions' for $60-$90

Or buy 1.5 new games, or 2-3 $30 games.

The service is for people who dont want the latest and greatest ea titles when they bit the shelves for $60.

Nothing wrong with that.

TimeSkipLuffy1958d ago

actually that is what I'm doing. I play old games while I wait more games to appear on Gold and PS+...

If you see the blogs and forums you'll see many ppl complain about the games... why indies why not retail games. Now you want them to spent more money to get retail games in their subscription?

Corpser1958d ago

How's that a bad thing if you have the option for these subscriptions? Anytime you don't see the value in any of them, dont subscribe! It's xbl gold and ps+ That have online mp behind the paywall that's the problem, you can't just unsubscribe unless you don't want to play online anymore

TimeSkipLuffy1958d ago

The problem is that now you have to pay more for games that you could have got in your initial subscription. As for PS+ we got several EA titles already in our PS+. Now with this we have to pay extra to get those games...

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Activemessiah1958d ago

Only a moron would think there isn't a catch... this IS EA after all.

PrinterMan1958d ago

Also, the fact that it is only on XB1 and not the other platforms their games are also available on does indicate to me that Microsoft is heavily involved. The XB1 to date; Let's see now...Slower sales than expected, Disgusting first reveal, Having to make a Kinectless version, price drop, PR problems up the wozoo. Guaranteed MS has funding & interest in this deal. EA's greed and MS as well really shows here.

I just wish EA would spend more time and effort fixing BF4 netcode/hit detection issues rather than squeezing our pockets with this crap.