Nvidia Boss: "Consoles don't threaten PC gaming"

Eurogamer writes: "NVIDIA boss Roy Taylor believes the value of consoles means no-one will make PC-exclusive games any more.

Speaking exclusively to Eurogamer, he said he wasn't threatened by the machines from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo; instead he sees an "exciting future" of co-existence.

"I think we have to face the facts - the value of consoles is such that no-one is going to make a PC-exclusive game in the future. Why would they? Why would they ignore consoles?" said Taylor."

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Vojkan3783d ago

Mr nvidia boss, is there such thing as PC gaming anymore?

gamesR4fun3783d ago

Haze outsells Conan

sure pc gaming has a future... collecting dust on our shelves.

player9113783d ago

PC gaming is never going to die. The consoles this gen aren't that old. PC technology has already surpassed the power of a console. Give it a year or two and while consoles are still playing the same games... PC's would have already evolved.

Then after several more years, you can buy another mid-quality PC to game on (aka next "gen" console).

Consoles are always a step or 3 behind PC's.

Gun_Senshi3783d ago

All Multiplat games from X360 including what people say exclusive which is not like Bioshock and Mass Effect play way better on PC

CNIVEK3783d ago

...but they SELL better on the 360, and THAT'S what REALLY matters. ;)

Bolts3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

It only matters to blind fanboys. Real gamers only care about the best version.

Caliber3783d ago

Game companies don't care about making the best possible game (unfortunately), they care about making money.

CNIVEK3783d ago

...says the kid whose name is 'Fanboi'. *rolleyes*

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Fishy Fingers3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Nvidia are cutting edge, they know they have to move with the times. Not sure about all their confidence though, the price vs performance ratio between the console and PC much favours the console. Unless in this multiplatform future they can assure PC gamers with something that sets it apart from the cheaper console counterparts I fail to see any reason why they should be happy with their predictions.

I love my PC but I seem to be of a dying bread, whiling to fork out £500 for a GPU. GPU or 360/PS3 (+wii for the money), I know what most would choose.

Still, if the best (visuals/support) is your "bag", then the PC has to be your first point of call.

*Fingers plea to PC gamers... please buy your games, they're cheaper than their console siblings, and we need to show we still deserve the love :)

Gun_Senshi3783d ago

torrents are too tempting

PirateThom3783d ago

You may disagree, but many don't. It's just far too easy to run pirated games on a PC and people will do it. Even copy protection and various checks don't stop almost every game from ending up on torrent sites.

Fishy Fingers3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Trust me, I know all about torrent's, I fell foul many times in the past. But honestly, I dont get to many PC games and the ones I do, well they're definitely worth the money.

Any CoD4 fans in the house? I imagine so, next time you play multiplayer, take note of your Time Played. Work that in to what you paid, you cant argue you dont get value for money.

Oblivion? 100+ hours of game for £40, astounding value.

Rageanitus3783d ago

Is much smaller than what ppl think.

Take gears of war.
x1950xtx vs the xbox 360 (same vid card essentially)

Runs better with better graphics at higher res.....

Yes it still costs more but I see a pc do more than just gaming. Factored that in the pc is a better price to performance ratio.

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mistertwoturbo3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

I have a pretty decent computer with a 8800GTS and can play games in 1920x1080 without a hitch. But I spent about $1000 building the thing.

The reason PC gaming isn't as big as it once was, is because people can just buy a X360/PS3 and play the same high quality games at one price. If you look at the differences between the PS2 days and PC Gaming. PC Games were extremely graphically superior to the PS2 (obviously). But if you look at the current gen consoles, the graphics are on-par with the PC games. Secondly, most people like to just sit down on a couch or bed and kick back and play the games.

PC Gaming is now a Niche market, and only those who seeks the cutting edge technology games will build one. I personally don't ever see PC Gaming gain back it's popularity. Especially once XBOX 360s hit $199 or PS3's $299.

Edit: However the main thing that is keeping PC Gaming alive is MMO's and exclusives like Starcraft II or Counterstrike.

trancefreak3783d ago

totally agree with u man my gaming rig is kinda getting less attention in compared to my ps3s.

Rageanitus3783d ago

I agree with some of your points.... but consoles I have to say this are already showing their bottleneck. There is only so much you canc churn out from video card..... and sorry I own a PS3 but ppl make the cell seem like its the next thing next to butter.

Honestly Ive played the best graphics of xbox and ps3 ( drakes fortune and gears of war) decent graphics but even comparing it to the pc version of gears of war it whoops the graphics of these 2 games at higher res and better frame rate.... and YES you can play it on a not so uber video card.

cartman3133783d ago

I dunno...I have a PS3. I got so bored of it, tired of waiting for games to come out. I went back to the PC. Bought a gaming laptop, and built a new desktop. Totally loving Mass Effect on PC.

Nevers3783d ago

Pirates are. IMHO that's gonna keep being a major thorn in developer's side for a long time.

Lotto3783d ago

And the developer's makes it all worse by using Copy protection which dont hurt the Pirates but the consumer

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