Nintendo posts $97M quarterly loss, despite Mario Kart 8 racing off shelves.

Mario Kart 8 enjoyed a great attach rate with shipments of 2.82 million by the end of June, but the vast majority of its success can be attributed to existing Wii U owners and not new buyers. Nintendo shipped 510,000 units of its home console across April to June, a quarter in which the company endured a 9.924 billion yen net loss, which converts to $97.2 million.

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ritsuka6661963d ago

Mario Kart 8 enjoyed a great attach rate with shipments of 2.82 million''

Really impressive numbers considering the poor install base of WII U.

N4g_null1963d ago

The new building is done but the r and d for the unified os and system must still be effectively lowering their earnings.

They may hold off on buying companies out for a while. Some of these companies have rotten eggs still in their ranks.

What's good is the games are coming. Sells might not have jumped yet Xmas may be big for them this year. The hype is dying off for the other consoles and Nintendo has a solid list.

Monster hunter
Wii fit u
Wii sports club
Mario 2 and 3d
Along with Lego, deus ex etc should prove to be long burn games with continued sales.

Bayo 1/2
Along with some indies will finish out this year.

Then you have rpg heaven in x and zelda coming in 2015. A possible starfox and splatoon.

The other question is when does the next handheld drop and will it be some sort of hybrid.

Also what is the forecast for japan's financial issues. Better yet when will that get better as that could be effecting sony also.

Otherwise the lost is falling and they still have enough money to keep doing the collaboration games and release other plans.

The toy line is going to be interesting though.

I think high end gaming is going to go vr and things are not looking good for most 3rd party studios next year. Hopefully they all see watch dog or gta 5 numbers they will all need it.

Concertoine1962d ago

Last year they didn't have much appeal outside of families and such with Wii Party U and 3D World, but this year they have hardcore games like Bayonetta 2 and Xenoblade and Fatal Frame which is uncharted territory regarding the system's appeal, so i think it will sell well in Japan especially this holiday.

If they can run commercials around the holidays on mainstream networks showing the family appeal and place ads on game-centric sites and youtube channels showing off the hardcore games then they will have maximized their potential, plain and simple.

Knushwood Butt1962d ago

There is a really small software library for the Wii U. Why is it impressive that Wii U owners pick up Mario Kart, which is the biggest release for months? There are no other Wii U software releases to compete with it. It's not like Watch Dogs Wii U version is eating into its sales or anything.

N4g_null1962d ago

Actually people think watch dogs sucks.
Mario kart has proven game play that people like.

There is literally nothing I want to play on the other systems. Pc yeah I got a list.

I have a list of 20 games along with some old wii gems on the wiiu and it looks like I'm buying almost every thing that is coming out this year from nintendo. They just have a different style.

MotherLight1963d ago

This is apparently why they are delaying Captain Toad in EU. Sucks.

JuleyJules1963d ago

At least it will be a big game in January that way right after Christmas. Better January than February or March like it was for DKC:TF this year! 3 months to wait between SM3DW and DKC was ridiculous!

MotherLight1963d ago

True, I just hate delays in general or when certain places don't even end up getting the game at all after it was announced they would.

Would love for everyone to get it at the same time as it was originally planned but it seems to be a trend lately with a lot of games, happens to every territory almost.

Not that I don't understand why it happens, just wish it didn't is all. Luckily, yes, there are plenty of Wii U games to keep people busy until then so it's no big deal and thankfully it isn't a huge delay.

DonDon1963d ago

Yamouchi was prez for 3.5 generations at Nintendo. Maybe Nintendo should use that as a general rule and the chair should ask Iwata to swap places with someone who has new and fresh ideas. I think Nintendo lost more core fans since Iwata's been prez. They gained a truck load of casuals and children, but even they've moved onto phone games and kinect.

thehobbyist1962d ago

Nintendo doesn't have a single mobile game and Wii U has minimal "Motion Controls(I hardly think a gyroscope is motion controls)"

Fail troll 0/10

Concertoine1962d ago

I really don't get the unwavering love for Yamauchi. He was losing ground faster than Iwata, and was a stubborn dick if i'm honest. If he was president in the modern internet sensationalist world we live in, the press would rip a lot of his comments apart. The N64 is basically the root of a lot of problems within the company because of the cartridge format and its effect on that system's ability to attract consumers and developers.

Im not saying Iwata is necessarily better, but Yamauchi was no genius either. He was just there at the right time and made a few ballsy decisions that payed off, then everything after the SNES was a downward slope.

randomass1711962d ago

@Concertoine I'm not sure I get it either. DonDon and a couple of others said they wanted Nintendo stock to go back to the Yamauchi family without much regard for whether or not any of them know anything about gaming. If Iwata was to give his position to someone else I would want it to be someone like him who is close to game development like Sakurai or someone like him. Yamuchi's era with Nintendo ended on a low point for the company and Iwata gave the company a lot of success with Wii and their DS line. Firing him really won't really guarantee a better Nintendo and it can even lead to a worse one.

wonderfulmonkeyman1963d ago

A bad thing, but at least it's not worse.
The wii u is selling at a profit now, for one thing, and their E3 raised interest in the system by quite a bit.

randomass1711963d ago

Wii U only recently went from around half of the Xbox One's numbers to just about the same amount. They're lucky to be even there IMO. If Nintendo can keep momentum ten they can at least outsell Xbox One over their life times. As I've said before though this console generation will pretty much belong to PS4.

Dunban671962d ago

Please look at Iwatas statement re the Wii u in the investor Q and A- the Wii u is NOT selling at a profit - only the remaining inventory from last fiscal year are selling at a profit because the losses were written off last year - any Wii u s manufactured and sold this year are done so at a loss