Peter Gabriel's Filter and the 3G iPhone

Guardian writes: "This week in Tech Weekly we talk to Peter Gabriel about his new web recommendation service, The Filter. It's a kind of for the whole of your cultural life - and he explains how he got involved.

We couldn't pass up Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, so we dissect the latest on the big 3G iPhone announcement. Was it as big as was expected? And is this a sign that Apple is changing its business approach.

Also in this week's show, more news of Microsoft's Yahoo takeover, the BBC's moves to stream its archive live online, and the phenomenon of advertising within Playstation 3 games."

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Fishy Fingers3782d ago

*hmmm... would I look cool with my eyebrow pierced?*

Skerj3782d ago

Peter Gabriel wins at all, I thought he was endorsing the iPhone at first.

RememberThe3573782d ago

Peter Gabriel is the f*cking man. Any thing he touches is awesome. Period.

Source: Every album hes ever made.

MicroDeath SoftStar3782d ago

listen to his old stuff with genesis (before that fool phil collins took over ), now that what i call art .