The Last of Us Remastered Graphics Comparison: PS3 vs. PS4

We take a splitscreen look at the difference between the PS3 and PS4 versions of The Last Of Us.

Take a look at the difference from the original 720p 30 frames a second, to the new 1080p 60 frames per second version. How much better do you think it is?

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Derekvinyard131964d ago

This is at least the 10th one

Letthewookiewin1964d ago

"One of the best games Ive ever played"., me. But fuck stop with these comparison articles its superb on PS4! Its like i upgraded my video card for 50$ and now have a better looking game

lifeisgamesok1964d ago

Anyone who feels there's anything other than a slight change is lying to themselves

Eamon1964d ago

Hmm, I'm inclined to agree.

I mean, The Last of Us looked fantastic on the PS3. But it's a little disappointing that the PS4 version doesn't look too different.

Nevertheless, my PS4 copy should be arriving this Friday.

Rageanitus1964d ago

Agreed, it was a bit disappointing that the PS4 version will have a drastic change in texture and lighting quality. I guess that is why its called a remaster vs a remake.

It's great that they managed to achieve 60FPS and 1080P.... this is very welcome and I hope all ps4 games do this in the future.

Ares84HU1964d ago

Are you guys looking at the same comparison I am? Because there is a pretty big difference. I also have the PS3 and PS4 version myself and just compared it last night. The differences are very clear. Also in the PS4 version you get the DLC as well. All for $49.99, not a bad deal if you ask me.

Angels37851964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Don't tell me let me guess...oh look what a surprise.

So the reviewers...and pretty much anyone but you are lying to themselves?

If it really was disappointing...we wouldn't need an xbox loyal telling us. There would be articles...kinda like how when forza 5 and ryse got downgraded? Or when ryse and dead rising 3 had huge frame drops?

XiNarutoUzumaki1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Dat 60FPS gameplay though. That's where the real difference is. Even navigating the menus is noticeable.

You have to say the same over and over don't ya. Like if Graphics is the only thing considered here. We get it; there isn't a big difference, but all the improvements and the 60FPS gameplay are the most important factors here.

marlinfan101964d ago

yeah its not a huge change but its still a great game so whatever. its good for people like me who didnt play the entire game the first time or people that didnt get to play it at all.

XiNarutoUzumaki1964d ago

I hope you are enjoying it. Been playing the MP nonstop.

marlinfan101964d ago

ive been loving it so far. havnt touched the MP yet though, i wana finish the story first.

DigitalRaptor1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Stop lying to yourself and everybody else. There's nothing "slight" about this.

1080p is over 2x the number of pixels on screen affording a significant and noticeable change in visual clarity and detail you would never have noticed before. Reduces jaggies to near non-existent.

60FPS is double the number of frames the PS3 version ran and affords a completely new feel to the gameplay.

4x the detail in textures, 2x the shadow details, improved lighting, improved draw distances, no visible texture streaming. All drastic changes in of themselves.

The environmental detail was never as clean as this in the PS3 version:

Cutscene character models, whilst the PS3 version was less detailed by quite some. You're lying to yourself if the PS3 version's in-game character models looked nearly as godly as these:

Not even close to the PS3 version. And that is all in-game, so don't kid yourself. You can only take photos in-game.

This area looked horrible on the PS3 version, and now looks lovely on PS4:

You only have to visit the NeoGAF photomode thread to see that the up in detail is astounding:

Bathyj1964d ago

Unbelievable. I think the usual suspects trying to downplay these graphics dont even realize, those pix were taken in game. Thats exactly what you see when playing it other than the angles.

Joels shirt blows me away. Look at the threadcount in that flannel. His stubble, the pores in his skin. The fact that guy he is strangling looks like he was smoking dope.

Theres so much detail to look at and it looks great. Why is anyone even doubting the graphics just because its not Uncharted 4 level yet? Trust me, Naughty Dog will raise the bar so high again, most wont touch it with a cherry picker.

Theres so much eyecandy here my eyes just became diabetic.

ATi_Elite1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

You are gonna be my console liason and graphics expert next time I need to compare a 1600p 60fps PC version to its console multiat because you sir know what you are talking about.

So now im gonna have to save this post and use it against you every time you say there basically no difference between PC verion and its console multiplat lol

You even pointed out all the differences and have links for proof.

Awesome job and bubbles up for well said.

christian hour1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Case in point; I had no idea Joel had some light chest hair until I seen these screens captured in the ps4 remaster.

COME ON THURSDAY NIGHT! I cant take the wait any longer especially with all these gorgeous screens hitting the internet :(

RevXM1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Lighting, draw distance, water, particles and effects in general have been upgraded.

One thing I noticed was the reflection and clarity on glass was so good. Dont think the Ps3 version had clear windows and as good looking reflections. I noticed just when you first meet Ellie and you walk through the the building with the appartment where joel Lays down on the couch to kill some time.
In the hallway there is broken glass on the floor and the view through the windows was sort of nice. better than what I remember.

Also for some reason moving containers and stuff around is way more smooth now than what I remember. ND have done some slight tweaks to gameplay also.

I also thought that the pixelated shadows at 60FPS would drive me nuts, but screenshots must have been zoomed in I guess cause it didn't bother as much as I expected and it feels great at 60FPS. But I do still hope they can improve it with a patch, make some optimazation that allows for the same shadows as 30fps mode maybe or any improvement but that is me being picky about my next gen shadows, game looks gorgeus nonetheless.

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Bathyj1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Im sorry, but like YOU would know, you havent played either version have you?

I'm playing it and it looks great, the detail is incredible and its as smooth as a velvet child. Textures are much improved and the framerate looks rock solid.

Yes, they are the same game, what do you expect it to look like, it was already one of the most impressive looking games on a console. But saying theyre the same in like saying a Rib-Eye is just the same as a minute steak, theyre both beef arent they?

Videos just dont tell the story, and arent good enough for this gen, even when they are 1080p, its not the same as playing it. Anyone sitting back and watching a video and writing the difference off as minor is lying to themselves. And others.

You want to see the difference. Play them. Then use the photomode, which Sony is not scared to do with their games, because it lets you put every single detail under a powerful microscope and a bright light letting you zoom right in on almost anything and exposing any defects.

Let me tell you brother, there aint many.

EData1964d ago

That's honestly a testament to Naughty Dog's great abilities. Reviewers are calling it the best looking next gen game and all ND had to do was update the res, textures a bit and a few other things. It's hard to improve on how great it already looked. I think it does look better on PS4 no doubt, but it also looked great on PS3.

I can't wait to see what ND does with Uncharted 4.

incredibleMULK1964d ago

agreed. which is why i'll wait for it to be free on playstation plus.

game looks exactly the same. I just want to play it with normal triggers and not that r1 l1 bullsh1t.

LordMaim1964d ago

You keep telling yourself that.

Bathyj1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I dont know whats funnier, that you might actually believe that, or in your hate youre trying to downplay PS4 but actually saying this is what a PS3 game looks like.

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Corpser1964d ago

The difference is pretty much same as what the pc version of a multi platform game looks like compared to the ps3 version last gen

Neixus1964d ago

Enough with the youtube video comparisons, if you're going to compare the game through video, atleast choose Gamersyde.

As youtube compresses the video, and doesn't fully support 60fps, it's a waste.

Pictures are what that shows how good this game looks

This is captured IN-GAME with photo mode; https://farm6.staticflickr....

If you seriously can't see any differences, your eyes may be damaged.
Heres Nathan Drake in uncharted 4 for reference ;)

frankiebeans1964d ago

it plays better but its not that much better looking at all, it already was a good looking game.

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