Destiny Would Be An Amazing Third Person Shooter

Jacob from writes:

"Now, I’ll just get this out of the way. I love First Person Shooters, and I adored the Destiny Beta and Alpha, in fact I put arond 50 hours into them. But there is one thing I felt could make Destiny better...That thing being the ability to play from 3rd person"

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KingKelloggTheWH1955d ago

I would really enjoy just walking around in 3rd person, even if it's basic like in Fallout.

generic-user-name1955d ago

Yup, Beth games may have some poor animations for us to look at but at least we have to option to look.

KingKelloggTheWH1955d ago

When traveling it's how I run around. It's just more fun.

Magicite1955d ago

Thats probably the only reason I wont be playing this game, 1st person view doesnt feel right for me.

Jacktrauma1955d ago

That would be amazing! Like how Defiance plays or even like Firefall! Tho i can see why they would go 1st person as they are the bringers of Halo and the like :P

KingKelloggTheWH1955d ago

I never played Defiance, it any good?

And yeah I can see why they chose FPS, but I like my options!

Jacktrauma1955d ago

yeah its not too bad. It flows nice and has a lot of freedom. I wouldn't say its completely sandbox but you have your options as well. Graphics are on par with other free to plays at its release and the story goes hand in hand with the TV show so all in all its a nice companion to the show if not a good offering for an MMO gamer.

Breakline1955d ago

This is something I thought of while playing, but I ultimately don't mind that much. When you're fighting enemies you don't want to admire your character, you wanna crush some fallen. If you really want to, you can just hop on your sparrow and look at him.

90Supra1955d ago

Naw, son...

If it was 3rd person, it would be an easy pass for me...

Tdmd1955d ago

For me, is the other way around. I'll get it eventually, but right now? No rush, no hype. Not a fan of first peron.

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The story is too old to be commented.