5 iPad Games You Want On A Desert Island

So which five? Garry Balogh from Grab It Magazine has picked and argued his case for his five in this article. Which five would you take with you? This is your time. This is Desert Island iPad Time.

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Cookiebex2731d ago

I agree with Hearthstone & Real Racing 3. Spend probably way too much of my life indulging in those.

I'd say maybe Fiz the brewing game too for me, but only if there was accessible alcohol on this desert island, or that would be just cruel.

SlappingOysters2731d ago

Is that kind of like Game Dev Story? Fiz?

Cookiebex2731d ago

Yeah I guess so. Never played it but I am aware of it. Has some pretty good reviews. Might have to check it. Cheers

CoyoteHunter2731d ago

Haha cool list. At least you'd get plenty of play time out of games like Hearthstone if you truly were stuck on an island.

shipnabottle2731d ago

With a daily visit from a boatload of naked Goddesses and a magical iPad, endless buffet and beverages, I'm not sure I would call it being "stuck" on an island.


SlappingOysters2731d ago

For me you got have something randomly generated on there. A kickass roguelike. I'm still a sucker for Nethack, which shows my age.

shipnabottle2731d ago

Nice idea. Wayward Souls then? I think that's randomly generated. I'd have to check, maybe I'm wrong. Either way I reckon many would choose Wayward Souls

Parii2731d ago

I might swap out Real Racing for Disco Zoo just since that's more of my thing but agree on the others for sure!

Cookiebex2731d ago

Disco Zoo? My imagination is going wild

shipnabottle2731d ago

Good call Disco Zoo would be good time sink.

Jdoki2731d ago

Would take out Real Racing 3 and add #2, as the IAP's would annoy me on RR3.

Would also remove JetPack Joyride and stick in something like Ascension, or Pandemic, or Lords of Waterdeep.

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