Gamers Will Lose Their Sh** If They See Uncharted Remastered

Sony has hinted at the possibility of an Uncharted Remastered of some kind, but even if they plan to do it, they better not reveal it any time soon.

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randomass1711960d ago

A remastered collection leading up to Uncharted 4 would be pretty cool though IMO.

Abash1960d ago

I'd buy it. Playing The Last of Us Remastered had me daydreaming about how Uncharted 3 would look in 60fps

TFJWM1960d ago

It would be amazing I just don't see how it could happen right now. They have 2 teams one working on UC4 and another on a new IP. I do not see them outsourcing it, which would mean they have a secret 3rd working on it...

UltraNova1960d ago

I prefer ND putting that time in and releasing U5 sooner or even making a small arcade to rule them all...

Common lets not waste more time on remastering such recent games! And if a year old game with some dlc was $50 (TLoU) how much will 3 games + all that accumulated dlc be?

Not hating on remasters but I would rather Sony focused on new IPs or even sequels. Heavenly sword 2? Resistance reboot from another studio? Folklore 2? Lair 2 (done right this time!!)

Wizard_King1960d ago

Lol only fanboys loose the s*** over remakes. This trend is getting bad. Forget any new games guys all your getting is the old ones in 1080\60.

Winter47th1959d ago

Uncharted Trilogy Remastered with Photo Mode is all I need.

ion6661959d ago

holy crap that looks awesome .I wanna play it again. Time to dust it off.

Oner1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

I'm sorry but I don't get what is so bad with a set up a small portion of your team to handle/improve it, while the majority of them are working on your main larger projects. As long as you sell it at a good value to the public then what is wrong with that?

I mean, I look at it this way ~ there are many NEW GAMERS to your console that may have probably never experienced it so what's the big deal? Outside of that, what else could someone actually try and complain about? Why would they care if it's not for them and when it doesn't affect them ultimately in any way?

(I know why)

Kingthrash3601959d ago

Considering the huge amount of gamers that jumped from 360 and Wii to ps4 ..many of which hasn't played uncharted at thos like myself who would buy again like I did tlou...Id say there's a market for it.

souldestroyer141959d ago

I believe TLOU remaster is a bit pointless if you already own it on ps3. It's a single player game, playing it more than once is like reading a book twice. For me slightly better graphics and smoother gameplay doesn't justify a second play through(especially if the first play through was less then a year ago). There's very little replay value to a game that is linear, unlike a game like mass effect where you can play the game again as a different class or make decisions that change the story. If you've never played TLOU then this is a great deal and a re mastered collection of the uncharted series on par with the MCC would be badass. Honestly I would be angry if I bought the game and dlc on ps3 and not even a year later the better cheaper version is announced. They should have just delayed the game and made is cross-gen, this would of been a killer launch title. My only problem with hd remakes/re masters is wasted development time. Just my 2 cents. Waste your money as you see fit.

JackBNimble1959d ago

The Wizard_King say's

"Lol only fanboys loose the s*** over remakes. This trend is getting bad. Forget any new games guys all your getting is the old ones in 1080\60'.

As he waits in anticipation for Halo's master chief collection.

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miyamoto1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

+ Bubble
That is the best thing to happen before Uncharted 4 because like The Last of Us a huge percentage of PS4 owners today did get to play the Uncharted series on PS3.

Naughty Dog stated long ago that they have made the assets of all their exclusive games were made with high resolution assets down scaled for the PS3.

It made sense to make TLOU first than the Uncharted series because the game was a hot item. Now that the Uncharted 4 is generating great hype its logical to launch the Uncharted Trilogy remaster.

Playing the U2 MP should be a compelling reason to get the game again.

What if they put an option to put U3 character skins of U1 & U2 that will be awesome!

@ Relientk77

Uncharted Collection vs Gears of War Collection is more appropriate

Killzone Collection vs Halo Collection, too

lfc_4eva1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Rendering at higher resolutions then scaling back to suit the hardware is nothing new in the gaming industry. Its been done for many years now.

However, I would like ND to focus on something new for PS fans. TLOU and the Uncharted series are quite new in terms of ip's.

colonel1791960d ago

I don't think they will remaster the games. They took a lot of time and resources to remaster The Last of Us, so maybe it won't be likely to remaster the three of them. They could maybe do the original, since it was released long time ago and has aged the most.

extermin8or1959d ago

Actually they said they had about ten ish people working on it for a year and 40-50 or so this past six months. I think it will come but I can't see it hitting before uncharted 4 which I maintain will be released next summer. Unless the last of us remastered team were already working on it. Tbf engine is there now they just need to move the games across and polish and add textures and stuff to uncharted 1. Less work is needed to be done on latter two but I would deffo buy the uncharted trilogy remastered. 3 award winning games, with their multilayer and stuff all remastered... Why not. Hell it'd even have all the dlc. If naughty dog lied like with the last of us expect to see it before Xmas. Just like that insider said.

AngelicIceDiamond1960d ago

This would be a megaton remaster imo.

-Superman-1960d ago

If it has online and co-op, im in.
Also, i think it would be better idea to connect Uncharted 2 and 3 multiplayer all in 1.
Also, this means no point of keep 2 consoles(PS3 and PS4) when now you can have all the best games on PS4

nunley331960d ago

U2 & U3 MP ended up being quite different though similar, i doubt they would merge the two without it being something seperate and unique which could be good. But that would require a total teardown of the MP and redoing it so it's very unlkely. I prefered the U2 MP so i would hope the U3 MP elements wouldn't get shoehorned into an U2 HD port.

Future_20151960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Enough with the Fu**n remakes and ''definitive'' editions, give me some new titles

Wizard_King1960d ago


Stop trying to bleed money from us with old shit and make something new.

SnakePlissken1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Couldn't agree more! I keep saying this, but seems like all the sheep are happy with playing the same exact game again, over and over.

I sure do miss the good old days! Where we had much more variety when it came to games. There were no 3, 4 and 5's of every god damn game, that felt like exactly the same, with just a new coat of paint!

Don't get me wrong, I loved the first Uncharted when it came out. Now, it seems like they are just dragging these games through the ringer!

Games like this are like that hit song that's been played to death on the radio! They play the song every 30 min till you simply despise it. Thx naughty dog! Sick of all the hype and posts on here! New IP's already, god dammit

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assdan1960d ago

I'd buy it if all 3 were bundled for 40 or 50. Love the uncharted series, but I don't NEED to play it again.

Azzanation1960d ago

This is why all games should be on PC, for those who want to play games at the highest possibly resolution and framerates. Instead we have next gen consoles offering us the same games instead of fresh ideas and sequels. If UC trilogy and TLOU were available on PC then ND could already be on there way releasing there next master piece, instead of spending and wasting time and resources remaking games us gamers have played years ago. Console gaming is becoming more like the DvD vs Blu-Ray format war where still today many people don't care about spending the extra cost on Blu-Ray when DvD is cheaper and everyone already has one.

LightDiego1960d ago

All the games should be on PC...lmao.

Father__Merrin1960d ago

apart from console gaming being more popular and with all the biggest releases coming out on them. can you point me to anything like last of us remastered on steam?

Stapleface1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

@ The replies.. He made a valid point. If you people played on a pc, and these games were on pc, you wouldn't have to buy them twice just to get 1080/60fps. As for showing you something like TLOU on Steam, you mean a game about zombies and survivng? Yeah there are only about 100+ of those. I'd agree about the biggest releases coming to PS and XB, but those are all multiplats (when discussing biggest releases) and yes they will also come to pc. It's not like Sony would lose sales from PS players if PC got this game or any other Sony exclusive, because it would obviously be best on the infinitely powerful PS4 right? So why get defensive. Let him dream. There is nothing wrong with wanting certain games on the platform of choice. What is wrong in my opinion, is being a blatantly blind fanboy.

OT: I can't wait to get TLOU Remastered in from Gamefly. I've been wanting to play this game for a while now. Finally getting to since I didn't have a PS3.

uth111959d ago

because they NEVER release old games with updated graphics on the PC.

oh wait..

Azzanation1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Use your logic people, I don't care for many console games, not even TLOU. I am just saying for those who want to play the games in glorious 1080p/4k and 60 frames HD etc then they could have years ago instead of wasting talent to remaster games we paid full price for. Its common sense and its why I buy all my multiplats on PC because they normally get free updates that increase there visuals over time. Its just simply a better way for gamers who want to play there games at there best possible state. Instead we are getting these recooked games instead of something new.

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jcnba281960d ago

I would defo play the trilogy again as well.

Magicite1959d ago

I probably would get it.

Visiblemarc1959d ago

Absolutely. That a great idea with great timing, that I would personally appreciate (with upgraded controls for UC1 and the inclusion of Golden Abyss) even though I've played them all already.

...but you know what? Except for a small, typical vocal minority TLOU remaster is being extremely well received, and sales are very good.

So who cares if some clowns who never accomplished anything don't know the difference between a small team working on remasters vs the huge dev teams working on big titles?

The vocal minority is a novelty of modern times that has really worn out it's welcome with me. I still appreciate when good things happen because of them but, in reality it's just a large scale form of cyber-bullying by people who's only accomplishment is managing to hate everything.

I'm just sick of all the negativity.

extermin8or1959d ago

I swear an insider or a leak claimed this existed for a fall release to fill the gap. Personally I can't help but wonder if Nd are being sneaky and are already well underway on remastering uncharted trilogy for pre xmas release?

Flavor1959d ago

I really hope you guys have figured out by now that stories like this are nothing more than paid advertisements.

ThatOneGuyThere1959d ago

id buy a remastered uncharted collection....if it was in 3d. same with the last of us. what a great 3d title that could have been..

user56695101959d ago

wait so yall went from "we dont want and need BC, if we wanted to play games from older gens will play them on that system" to " yay remastered i love this game. thank you sony and ms. imma throw money at you for a game i already have."

these companies is love this gen of gamers. blatantly ripping people off and getting away with it. they have it so easy these days. i feel sorry for the ones that brought digital games their games are forever stuck on there, even thought they brought it from the same company.

Spotie1959d ago

These companies is love this gen of gamers?

Can't even be bothered to read what else you said. I mean, auto correct can result in some odd typos, but...

LamerTamer1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

@Consoleslateagain-late again.

There is no "ripoff". It isn't like Sony holds a gun to our head and makes people buy remasters. You have a choice, like it then buy it, if you think it is a ripoff then don't. Even someone with a room temperature IQ can figure that out.

There are other reasons some buy remasters including wanting to play with better graphics, never played the game before etc...

3-4-51959d ago

I really want to play this series and the Vita game but I want to play them in order as intended.

An HD collection would get me to go buy a PS4 tomorrow.

SnakePlissken1959d ago

Please, no more remasters!!! We need more new IP's and less of these cash grabs!

BX811959d ago

It would be more than cool, it would be needed!

Rodney251959d ago

If they do, they better put some commentary in the cutscenes, I wondered why they stopped even though every Jak game did, but cool to see that it's in TLOU Remastered.

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sinncross1960d ago

I think the only difference between the PS3 and PS4 gens inregards to software announcements from Sony, is that Sony is deciding to keep announcements until they are closer to release, whereas they would announce quite a few some way off during the PS3 gen.

I take Bloodborne as an example. Announced at E3, and due early next year.

They are keeping their cards closer to them and I think that is a good thing. The Last Guardian is an example of something Sony might want to try avoid again (and hopefully will be reshown again soon).

as for UC remaster... if it happens, it happens. Good for those who never got a chance to play them.

-Foxtrot1960d ago

If they spend a lot of time making Drakes Fortune look as good as Uncharted 3 then count me in. Perfect opportunity to do before Uncharted 4.

The Nathan Drake collection :D

ColeMacGrath1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

"If they spend a lot of time"

I think they better spend that amount of time on a new IP rather than a remaster, since upgrading from Uncharted 1 to 3 visually indeed takes a lot of time and resources, seeing how gorgeous Uncharted 3 still is compared to a 2007 game.

Relientk771960d ago

Having all the Uncharted games on one console would be pretty baller

Also it would counter the Xbox One's Halo Collection from a competitive point of view.

TheGrimReaper00111960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

While I agree, there's just one problem

The halo games were on DVD's, whereas the Uncharted games were on Bluerays and thus, are bigger games (in terms of file size at least)

I'm not sure how much space each Uncharted game took on the blueray, but putting them all together, having it run at 60fps and at 1080p? I don't think that would fit on 1 blueray disk.

In perspective, a single layered DVD can store 4.7GB and a double around 8.7GB. Bluerays is 25GB and double is 50GB, so it would be much easier to put 4 DVD games on 1 blueray disk as opposed to 3 blueray games on 1 blueray disk :p

Unless ofcourse, you want a double blueray disk case, one for uncharted 1 and 2 and the other for uncharted 3 and multiplayer or something :p

Still, I too would like to replay the uncharted series in 1080p @ 60fps :D

Ghost_Nappa1959d ago

And god have mercy if they were to release a digital version, Uncharted 3 alone was a freakin 90gb download.

b163o11959d ago

I think the biggest blu ray is 120gb...

LamerTamer1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

But 60 FPS doesn't require any more disk space and 1080p doesn't either for in-engine stuff. Now better textures do but the difference probably not enough to fill a Blu-ray unless the PS3 versions were that big. If there was allot of pre-rendered stuff and they remastered it at 1080p it would be too big,but if they instead used the game engine to render cutscenes in real time with the textures already used in game then they could probably pull it off.

I had a 360 last gen so never played uncharted, I would buy a UCC (UnCharted Collection) right away, and so would other PS4 newcomers like me that ditched MS.

BitbyDeath1960d ago

Remaster it with the Uncharted 4 engine and i'll definitely buy it.

e-p-ayeaH1959d ago

That is too much work and to be honest i just want improved textures and framerate if i want to replay the Uncharted games in the future because the visuals are really good anyway.

Uncharted Drake´s Fortune still looks amazing to this day.