EA Access now available on the Xbox One for the Preview members, First look video inside

EA Access no available for the beta members of the service, According to many posts on Reddit the members confirmed that EA Access now available and accessible.

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4Sh0w1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

This came out of nowhere, I wish I was in the beta. Considering all my games are digital already except for Forza5 I got as a gift, this should come in handy, especially as the Vault grows. Thank the gaming gods for the external hdd update, X1 owners are going to need it.

Sayai jin1730d ago

I am in the Xbox Early Preview Update Beta Team. I received a message from MS with my code to download the EA Access App. It was a pretty simple process. Memberships run from $4.99 monthly or $29.99 yearly. I chose the yearly, because my sons play a lot of EA games. They already downloaded Madden and FIFAA for free. So the subscription already paid off for us got a $100 to $120 worth of games already. Seems like a advantageous deal so far.

Lawboy21730d ago

If u have battlefield 4 trade it in now at gamestop....I got $28 for it alone with the %40 extra credit...that pays for subscription right there

4Sh0w1730d ago

@Sayai jin
That sounds sweet, now I want to know how soon this will be available for all X1 owners.

Sayai jin1730d ago

@4Show - Are you part of the early preview team? If not let me know if you are interested, No official answer from MS or EA, but I would think when upsTE 1408 ROLLS OUT TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Based on the fact that this preview update is 1408 and we have tested it for about a week now and the past early preview usually last about 2 weeks...I would think that this will roll out to the all Xbox owners in a week or two if not sooner.

Axios21730d ago

Awesome that ppl will get all those new games, BF4, FIFA14, Peggle 2, etc

jamsam3601730d ago

Music was to loud. Needs quieter.

KillerByte231730d ago

Video is viewable here, I reuploaded it to fix that issue

MorePowerOfGreen1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

So is this part of the EA and MSFT partnership that was revealed after the XB1 reveal and before E3 2013?

SO far games in the vault work(Games in vault are fully usable-like owning them), Game sharing works(although it's pointless in this case), You can pay for subscriptions with Credit cards or use a code(still some bugs for some hence being in beta form)

Perhaps an example of part of DRM plans that were attacked? MSFT tried to go through with it and are being rewarded now? You should see it on reddit, folks begging to get into the preview program beta, the most since the early days of the preview program.

4logpc1730d ago

Im in the beta, but holding off to jump on. With the fact that the jump from 1 month to a year is only $25, tells me that the vault wont be updated that much. Not to mention there arent that many EA games.

They need to give us a sense of how many games will be added, and how often.

Maybe when Rivals is added ill jump in.

n4rc1730d ago

Same.. Got the invite today.. About to download the app..

One guy on my list already signed up.. Lol.. Seems like a great deal but I need to learn more

danowat1730d ago

"Seems like a great deal but I need to learn more "

Same here, although there isn't any game currently in the vault that interest me, the whole idea seems like a winner.

I downloaded the app with the preview code, and on the face of it, it looks like a decent thing, might want to see the full T&C's before I purchase a subscription though

Insomnia_841730d ago

It will only be EA games so you would have an idea. I'll stick to Playstation Now that will offer games from all Publishers.

Kavorklestein1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Playstaion now? HA! Keep it.

Most everything worth playing on playstation now is better on a free emulator on a PC. Excluding PS3 titles.

Unless you are daft, you can't feel comfortable about the PS now beta pricing. So unless the prices take a drastic reduction. PS now is DOA.

Especially if more publishers decide to do similar access plans for NEWER games.

So what good is PS now gonna do ya? You wanna use a PS4 to play PS3 games?
The same games that you traded in with your PS3 to GET a PS4??? All for extortionate pricing?

If not, then try using a PC emulator. They work quite well for PS1 and 2. AND you can adjust graphical settings and controls, and use save states.

PS now is for people who wanna be taxed heavily so they can get trophies on OLD, but good, BUT OLDDDDDDD games.

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The story is too old to be commented.