Wii U: A True Next Generation Console

Zach Gibson discusses the Wii U in its first two years of being, and takes a look at the console's future.

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Aldous_Snow1957d ago

Wii U is the future, The future is Wii U

vishmarx1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

terrible 3rd party library and a bunch of mario(universe)games.
what makes people think that anyone who cares about mario wouldnt have bought the console already?
and that anyone who doesnt care about mario would bother buying it because of something else?
calling it nex gen is ridiculous when it leads the other two in no real way except age.
disagree all you want but if someone who isnt a fan of nintendo games is supposed to pick the most nex gen of the 3,name one reason he would consider wii u more advanced than the other two

frezhblunts1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Vish I have a ps4 and wii u and can say the wii u is awesome and has fun games. just got the last of us on ps4 and honestly when i want to play games over someones house the wii u is ideal . The wii u is neXt gen even if you don't like it

Baccra171957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Sooo true, so true. Why we're still trying to argue about a souped up gamecube being next gen I'll never know. Other than making Nin fans that wasted their money happy and building up their self esteem, there's really no reason to keep beating this dead horse.

You can put new paint on a 200 year old house but at the end of the day it's not a next gen or new house, it's a 200 year old house. You can put new plastic on a gamecube and add some stuff here and there like that fisher price touch pad controller Wii U rocks but in the end its not next gen- it's a gamecube. And gamecube are old gen.

guitarded771957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

@ vishmarx

Well, technically calling any of the current consoles "next-gen" is ridiculous. But I'm sure Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are already brainstorming their next gen consoles.

Honestly, I'm very interested to see what Nintendo does next time. I expect them to make some big changes to regain the 3rd party. But until I get my Zelda and Metroid on Wii U, I can wait.

Chrischi19881956d ago

Baccra, your comparision is so wrong^^

Having a slow or weaker cpu or graphics unit, doesnt make it older. I can buy a new graphic card of the newest generation, that is still weaker than previous generations. But it has better power consumption. If you dont know this stuff, better try to not sound so smart. Prove me wrong, dont give me this stuff about it being weak. Weak doesnt equal to old.

Look at the power consumption, Wii U uses 35 Watts under full power. What is next gen to you? From a technological stance being power efficient and ecological is more next gen than just brute force. Same with cars, muscle cars is sooo 60th to 70th. Not that I dont like muscle cars of course^^ but nobody would consider them new technology.

Highlife1956d ago

Nobody cares about wattage.

kopicha1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )


actually baccra is not totally wrong. if you wanna take your comparison, then you gotta bear in mind most newer gfx card of the lower to mid range are usually the soup up version of the previous chip while only the highest end cards are the actual new silicon innovation. so your equation is a fail right there. buying a newer gfx card that is not top end still = last gen at the end of the day. so being a soup up version of the previous chip with better power consumption due to better and more mature manufacturing process is still no next gen but more like an improved version of something that already existed. Saying brute force is no next gen is like saying GTX780ti or Titan Z is last gen. Think you are the one who needs to be smarter when you talk.

Chrischi19881956d ago

If it were the same than the older ones, why is its powerconsumption so much better?

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thehobbyist1957d ago

Wii U is love, Wii U is life

SilentNegotiator1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

http://images2.static-blura... *

*You'll either get it, or you won't

assdan1957d ago

The wiiU is the farthest from next gen. From a power and feature perspective.

Sincere01211957d ago

But it's the best when you look at it from the games and gameplay perspective and that is what matters to real gamers.

Ps4 is for the casuals and fanboys who only care about spec and sales.

xbone, I am thinking of getting one of these in the future, but Wii u will definitely be the most played console.

Justindark1956d ago

better then beyond two cut scenes and the rest of the rehashes the ps4 is getting.. wth is the ps4 vita .5

assdan1956d ago

Gameplay is subjective. There is yet to be a game on the wiiU that I've actually wanted to play. And that's not denial, that's the truth. The only real big games that have came out so far are mario platformers, which I'm uninterested in, and MK8. And I honestly hate the mario Kart series. The only game I kind of want is Super smash bros. The only thing that would push me over the edge into getting it is a GOOD paper mario game. If I could get a wiiU for $200, and it had a paper mario game that was good, I would definitely buy it.

Studio-YaMi1956d ago

I love my Wii U,bought one 3 months ago and didn't regret it one bit,but the Nintendo fanboys are a joke tbh(especially the ones in this article),not that Sony,Microsoft or PC fanboys are any better.

I mean seriously trying too hard to defend everything about the Wii U like it's a God given present to mankind when it's far away from the PS4/XboxOne when it comes to graphics and physics(just as those 2 consoles are far away from PC regarding these two factors).

The Wii U has a great library of games,and to be honest,a LOT of Nintendo franchises appeal to me much more than other franchises exclusive to the two other major consoles but COME ON! the system has it's limits and those limits are holding it back when it comes to 3rd party games that are demanding,how many games that were recently announced only for PC,XboxOne & PS4 that are also announced or have a Wii U version in the works? EXACTLY!

Let's not kid ourselves Nintendo fanboys,the Wii U is lacking the power that is found in the PS4&XboxOne,to think otherwise means that you're delusional.

The Wii U is next-gen when we're talking about generations,but when the term is compared to how powerful the system is,the Wii U is more like "last-gen.5" at best! is it more powerful than the PS3/Xbox360? DUH! it should be,otherwise that would have been a disaster to be lacking what 8 years old consoles can do!

All in all,at the end of the day,it's the games that counts,and yes,the Wii U has a great library of games that released and yet to be released for it,that's why I'm happy that I own one,the Wii U pad is also a great controller that I really like as well. :D

Picnic1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

No- the WiiU is a console.
A console that, like all current gen consoles, will exist in the future.
It is not THE future. Neither literally of course nor metaphorically as that would imply that there's nothing of potential interest on PS4 or Xbox One.

'The future is WiiU'.
No- the future is whatever period of time is after the present and past.
The future will not only contain many more things than a console but it will also include NEW consoles.

Your phrase is nothing but an inaccurate way of saying that you like the look of the imminent WiiU line up and you think that the WiiU will serve your needs for a while if not the rest of your life on its own.

Magicite1956d ago

Wii U: A True Next Generation Console - 6 years too late.

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DrRobotnik1957d ago

To me, it feels like WiiU is this generations Dreamcast.

Starbucks_Fan1957d ago

Least popular, yet best selection of exclusives

Th4Freak1957d ago

I wouldn't call a buch of Mario games the best selection but to each his own I guess.

BattleAxe1957d ago

Yet, worst selection of overall games.

AWBrawler1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Bunch of Mario? Somehow I can't find Mario in my copy of monster hunter,zombiu,Scribblenauts, donkey Kong, mighty switch force, one piece, wonderful 101, or pikmin 3. What am I doing wrong?

vishmarx1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

alot of wrong.
if youre avoiding mario games just for the sake of bragging that nintendo has more than just mario games
.mk kart and world are pretty much among the few decent games on it,if you keep a wii u to play scribblenauts and w101 and not the the actual good games then i dunno what to say.also donkey kong is mario universe,mh is good,zombie u is hated by most wii u player so dont put it in there just for the sentence length,dunno if a great one piece game even exists,that too exclusive.pikmin is different and i dont see anyone who hates mario liking it.
also we werent talking mediocre games that no one but a nintendo fan cares about,
we were talking worthwhile exclusives because its obvious wii u can never do 3rd party better

Th4Freak1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

@AWBrawler Oh thats fine i'll help you:

New Super Mario Bros U
New Super Luigi U
Super Mario 3D World
Mario Kart 8
Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games
Dr. Luigi

Inc games:

Mario Maker
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Mario Party 10
Mario vs. Donkey Kong


@OtakuDJK1NG Those are Mario spin offs.

ChickeyCantor1957d ago

"if you keep a wii u to play scribblenauts and w101 and not the the actual good games "

^ lol

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1957d ago

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Mario doesn't appear in it

New Super Luigi U is just a DLC to New Super Mario Bros U
Dr. Luigi is a Luigi game

TheRealTedCruz1957d ago


Avoiding the Mario games? He isn't. He is providing a solid list of exclusives, outside of the standard Nintendo main-stays . . . AND THEN you can talk about the Nintendo main-stays.
Seems the Wii U has a rather strong library indeed.

maniacmayhem1957d ago

Funny how people seem to just focus on the Mario games and forget about the many other games released and coming for the WiiU as mentioned above.

AWBrawler1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

i have mario games too, i was just pointing out that not all exclusives are mario. i don't avoid him. i love mario games even captain toad was fun from what i played

and yes there are good 3rd party on wii u. i'm looking forward to bayonetta 2, devil's third, and the next skylanders. I its just that since its not flooded with M rated games, people just ignore them and try to say no games or call them subpar. I threw away 750 hours of my life with warriors orochi 3 hyper alone, and i don't regret it at all.

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tee_bag2421957d ago

Hehe I kind of know what you mean in any way.

DrRobotnik1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Thank you. Don't know what the hell happened back there. It was the first in this generation. Came out a year early. Showed great potential. Then the more stronger systems came out a year later and started to muscle it out. It's 1999-2001 all over again. It's just Nintendo's turn, not Sega's. I should know...I was there:( We lost all third party support to Sony,Nintendo and Xbox. I'm not one to support doom and gloom hear say, nor be naive and not look at history and trends. But man does this smell so familiar.

tee_bag2421957d ago

The Wii also had a kind of similar feel for me too. I think it's that alot of the Sega arcade games like Ghost squad seem to come to Nintendo now too. I used to love arcade games on Dreamcast.
This kind of arcade thrill and fun has been lost on all the other consoles.

Metallox1957d ago

The Wii U has already surpassed the Dreamcast lifespan (or at least in the United States), and Nintendo has already clarified its intentions to finish the generation with it.

So the new Dreamcast, absolutely not.

Picnic1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

With the level of interest expressed in the E3 annoucements I feel confident in saying that it's now on course to sell better than Dreamcast.

Perhaps not massively more than it sold though.
It won't necessarily even sell as many units as the Gamecube. One of the attractions of the Gamecube was its very cheap launch price which only got cheaper in many shops within a couple of years.
I once estimated that it might sell 20-35% less than what the Gamecube did (14.3-17.6 million consoles).
With the very popular E3, I'm willing to increase that to put it at best slightly less than what the Gamecube sold. The WiiU might sell 18-20 million so up to double what the Dreamcast sold. But in longer than twice the time that the Dreamcast did it so the Dreamcast really didn't do all that badly. It just did badly in relation to how great its potential was at the time in comparison to which consoles were already out.

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chrisarsenalsavart1957d ago

WIIU has another good 5 Years of great games ahead.
They don't need third party studios.

DarthZoolu1957d ago

I need mature games. I have a Wii U and it just sits there most of the time. I play MK8 every now and then, about an hour every two weeks, but other than that one game I'm on PC or X1. It's not enough to be a main course. It needs to be cheaper alot cheaper, or the games need to be alot cheaper.

Movieworld1956d ago

I like Mature games too. So I play FIFA online. Hell i'm ranked number 1 in the world on Wii U. I also play Call Of Duty and in the lifetime of the console have been through 2 Assasins Creed titles 2 Batman titles, Trine 2, Zombi U, Resident evil revelations, Dues ex, sniper elite and mass effect 3. Ive gor devils third, bayonetta 2 and watchdogs releasing soon too. Does that sound like a console with no mature titles?

Justindark1956d ago

maybe ur in denial with your self. the fact that u game would be considered not mature to most right? so whats the deal with rated m games only? why does it have to be rated m for u to play it? does it make u feel more like a man when you do? if so you need to find a new hobby that does not involve playing games. and wii u games need to be cheaper? no a and ps4 should be cheeper cus they are shorter and less fun esp the vita 2.5 with all the remasters...i would be pissed if i got a skyward sword hd. as you ppl should for the last of us hd plus.

Father__Merrin1957d ago

Wiiu is an abandoned console, the only redeeming feature is that it will have all the core Nintendo titles

3d/2d mario, zelda, starwing, crankey kong etc

Kane221957d ago

im pretty sure the ps4 and X1 will have awesome games in the future. don't write those off. last time i remember, wii u had an awful first year. yet people seem to not want to bring that up. also not everyone is into just playing Nintendo games only. there are way too many 3rd party games i like and will play in the future that wii u may not even get.

SpiralTear1957d ago

"wii u had an awful first year. yet people seem to not want to bring that up."

Actually, that's brought up a lot. The fact that Nintendo has a lot of awesome exclusives releasing this year (along with Mario Kart 8 a couple months ago) is the fact that often gets ignored. You hear the "it's been a year and a half, this should've happened at launch" excuse, an excuse that happens with almost EVERY system nowadays.

The Wii U could use more third-party support, and by support I mean SUPPORT. Not year-old ports of games that a lot of people already own or games delayed for "tuning" (which essentially means "waiting until install base is higher).

The PS4 and Xbox One will get their share of awesome exclusives down the line, that can't be argued, but right now, Nintendo is churning out the most content that will get people to buy their system over another. They actually have a stable 2014 lineup that they don't share with any of the other systems.

If you want third-party games, you have a lot of systems to choose from, but you don't need to pick more than one choice.

Somkye1957d ago

You have to be truly delusional if you think any game other than Smash Bros is gonna sell consoles.

I own a Wii U, and i know damn well people will not buy a console for Splatoon, Bayonetta 2, and other Wii U games. Maybe Zelda will sell consoles when it comes out, but other than that, you nintendrones can't be this retarded.

I'm not saying that the Wii U will not sell at all, but most of the games coming out are NOT console sellers. But if you wanna hang to a dream that has about a 5% chance of hapenning, by all means go for it.

TekoIie1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


"I own a Wii U, and i know damn well people will not buy a console for Splatoon, Bayonetta 2, and other Wii U games."

You mean a game that resulted in death threats over it's exclusivity won't boost Wii U hardware sales at all? I think your overexagerating your knowledge of the future there Mister.

Considering that MK8 has so far resulted in what looks like a pretty stable increase in Wii U sales I think that coupling that with Smash alone will result in good sales.

However saying that some of Nintendo's big name franchises like Zelda won't increase hardware sales is plain stupid.

Some might say your predictions are "Pachteresc" maybe?

wonderfulmonkeyman1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Funny you should mention that; I see a lot of people, during their "Wii U sucks" tirades, trying to downplay the Wii U's recent successes by bringing up the Wii U's first year as if the head-start was a major advantage that SHOULD have put them above the PS4 by now, if it were a system worth owning.

They conveniently forget that Nintendo, and third parties, didn't actually do much to make that first year into any sort of an advantage; the system got the expected and normal boost from early adopters, then it went downhill until recently, when Mario Kart started to help it revive a bit and continue a decent sales trend on its own.

Amusing, isn't it?
The way haters flip-flop between the first year not mattering and being some huge advantage, all to suit their arguments whenever one or the other is convenient...

I say it was potential lost, and considering Nintendo has stated that they misread the overseas market, they essentially agree with me.

There was no advantage to that year head start, and that's on Nintendo, for not having more first party titles ready, and for not curtailing bad ports from third parties by demanding better or offering to help create new exclusives with them instead.

The Wii U has gotten better through a long and bitter struggle; it has earned its currently better[and rising] sales step by difficult step, and the latter half of this year and a lot of games in next year are looking to continue its slow trod into better profitability.

stuna11957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Surprising that you should bring up all those good points, becase isn't that exactly where the PS4 and Xbox1 stand at this very moment!? Differences being they have no shortages as far as AAA 3rd party support goes, and they've sold at a faster pace.

Seems like these excuses are becoming entirely too convenient.

And before you jump down my throat, I'm agreeing with you.

Spotie1956d ago

I think the point is that there are these claims of the Wii U having all this superiority as if its first year were spectacular, yet no such consideration is given to the other two consoles.

Of course the Wii U should have a larger library, right? It SHOULD have more games that make it worth buying, cuz it's been out a year longer.

Not a knock on the system. Just perspective that folks going off the deep end lack, for some reason.

lilbroRx1957d ago

I get it. This is supposed to be ironic because its the exact opposite of what actually happens right? Right??