In Defense of Hard Mode

This Exploding Barrel article examines how gamers can gain both intrinsic and extrinsic benefits from playing some of their games on the Hard difficulty settings. In addition to improving your skills and increasing your feeling of accomplishment, Hard difficulty can increase the length of a game, ulock extras, and provide incentive to play cooperatively with a friend. Hard Mode: It's the new Medium!

Excerpt: "Whenever I can, I play my games on the Hard difficulty. Not that I'm not bragging about my l33t skills, or poking fun at anyone who chooses to play games on Medium, or even *gasp* Easy. Truth be told, my gaming skills are really nothing special. No, I'm just commenting on the fact that when I play particular games, I enjoy them more when the difficulty is ramped to the point where there's a real challenge, and I'm not just racing towards the climax like a virgin on his wedding night."

The article ends by asking the readers to mention which games they are proud to play on Hard.

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Nevers3876d ago

outta playing CoD4 on Veteran than if I woulda breezed thru the campaign on easy or medium. A story that took many people 6-10hrs to complete took me days. I'd like to go back thru the story on Hard to pay attention to all I missed while trying not to die all the time.

... still can't get that damn Mile High completed on Vet... that 30sec less is a beast.

donalbane3876d ago

Man, when I play COD on Veteran (half way through atm) I feel like one of the guys at the beginning of Saving Private Ryan that gets killed getting out of the landing craft. It's insane! Hardened feels the best to me, at least with COD 4.

Nevers3876d ago

is exactly what I thought of when playing CoD4 on Veteran. My buddies told me I also need to see how similar it is to Black Hawk Down but haven't had the chance yet.

CoD4 Veteran is very brutal... the two parts that got me stuck the longest were escaping from the ferris wheel with the injured dude and getting thru the dark hallways of the nuclear silo. Those tested my patience and my controller's durability.


Its available for 800mp on xbox live and even on easy setting it really is hard - the kinda game where if you blink you WILL die!

It has 3 difficulty settings and on completion you can play on a 'prologue mode' (probably wrong term) - and this mode is just summit else.

Im in the top 80 players of all time though on the hard diffuculty setting - yay me.

Im playing through NG2 at the mo and the boss at the end of the 3rd level took me 2.5 hours to take down - on warrior difficulty setting and that was frustrating!