Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Marks the Beginning of the End of Interesting Limited Editions

Hardcore Gamer: People want something of substance for their money, and the $120 Atlas Pro edition of Advanced Warfare is anything but.

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ValKilmer1723d ago

Not sure how Activison could go from a tactical camera to throwing a few codes into a box and slapping a $130 price tag on it.

Summons751723d ago

They realized the fools who fall for the copy paste year after year will still pay the money.

Typical Activision honestly

GiggMan1723d ago

I couldn't care less about limited edition games but I really don't understand why people care about what others spend their money on. Calling someone a "fool" because they buy something that you don't approve of is foolish itself.

People buy COD for different reasons. It's not just because they are mindless sheep. Some people might just like the game. It may be a "copy and paste" but I for one will support them as long as they keep adding split screen and local MP. That's one of the few things I think they do right and I believe in.

I haven't bought a COD since Black Ops but played them all because it's one of the few franchises where you can sit with friends/family and enjoy local co-op.

XtraTrstrL1723d ago

Exactly, which is also why there's huge bugs in the engine still from COD 4:MW. They don't need to fix it if the fans keep eating it up anyways. Which is why they also got away with the horrible excrement of code that was Ghosts on PS4. The game looks too crappy to perform as bad as it does on PS4, yet they still make their $$, cuz drones will buy regardless.

CyrusLemont1723d ago

@Giggman well that's understandable, but you also have to see it from other gamer's perspectives as well. It concerns other people because they're also a part of gaming, and others want value for their money rather than being ripped off. If we don't raise our voices against people who go and buy these editions testing the masses, it will become a norm for activision and other companies to follow suit and give less for more. I hope my point isn't too messy, I'm in a bit of a rush haha

XtraTrstrL1723d ago

@GiggMan, It's not about caring what others spend their $ on. It's about others spending their money on this type of crap affecting all the rest of us. Cuz it causes these companies to go even further with the nickel and diming and pay-2-win type crap, and not worrying about optimizing their game engine and content properly cuz people show they'll buy any ole junk regardless.

3-4-51723d ago

Seems like the same people "trying" the same things year after year.

Next year they will try a new "tactic" to try and get more money, while offering less value.

They do it, EA will try something, so will another company.

If nobody buys it, then it will fail and they will HAVE to think of something better and offer more.

OrangePowerz1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

How many CoD games did you play in MP since the first Modern Warfare? So far the MP in all of them felt distinctly different from each other that's far more I can say about BF3, BF4 and the Hardline Beta that felt completely the same. And to Activisions credit their game works on release and isn't a broken buggy mess.

As for the price do the math. 60 for game + 50 for season pass equals 110 so that's 10 bucks for the other extra stuff.

How dare they charge 10 for the steel book, extra DLC, soundtrack and some manual. /s

I wait until I see some MP footage before I make up my mind if I buy it or not.

GiggMan1723d ago

@Cyrus and Xtra, I see your point but are companies really making that much money on these special editions? I was in Gamestop the other day with my son and I saw the special edition call of duty ghost version marked down. It was just sitting on the shelf...

Hardcore fans, not hardcore gamers are the ones who buy this stuff. I have never seen the value in them myself and have been gaming for over 25 years. They make a few limited edition for those that want them and that's it.

I don't see how others buying a $200 collectors edition is effecting everyone else as a whole. If they get some new skins or DLC early so be it. As long as it's nothing to gain an advantage over everyone else and they don't go up on the standard edition I'm okay with that.

born281723d ago

Not sure how you got the disagrees for this but must be from the Typical COD fanboys.

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LocutusEstBorg1723d ago

It includes a season pass... thats all the future paid DLC.

Aldous_Snow1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

Limited, Special, Hardened editions are catered towards the nerds who store their Gaming teddies & plastic guns on a special shelf in their mommas basement.

Total waste of money.

-Foxtrot1723d ago

Total waste of you maybe.

BX811723d ago

Says the guy who references john movies. Lol NERD!

OrangePowerz1723d ago

Let's see. I buy special editions and have the stuff they come with on shelves in the house I own in my gaming room.

You might want to leave your sterotypical views of gamers in your basement at home.

Benchm4rk1723d ago

Actually I keep my "gaming teddies & plastic guns" on a special shelf in my gaming room in the house that I OWN that I work for to provide a roof over myself my wifes and my 4 kids heads. Perhaps it is you that lives in your mommas basement

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Relientk771723d ago

These limited editions are awful

atleast for Black Ops, Black Ops 2, and Modern Warfare 3

you got an RC-XD, Dragonfire Quadrotor, and nightvision googles respectively

-Foxtrot1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

Surprised since all the COD games over recent years have looked pretty good

I mean I hate the COD games but Activision knew how to do special editions for them

Ripsta7th1723d ago

Exactly what i thought to myself when i saw this, everything is digital WTF?! That means it doesnt cost Activision nothing! Man people are stupid af if they buy into this

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