COD 5: For The Pyromaniac In All of Us

With new features including the ability to burn down buildings and set grass on fire, World at War is set to be the darkest Call of Duty game yet. The game will also feature new weapons, such as the flamethrower, and new multiplayer perks that will go well with the World War II setting.

Fishy Fingers5886d ago

Personally, my interest has really gone up over the last few days. Does sound good.

(PC to? Get someone to patch the CoD4 guns into this o_O)

kosha5886d ago

Yeah we know everyone wanted it to be modern warfare but this doesnt sound all that bad. Some of the new features sound cool and im glad theyve kept perks.

tgh machines5885d ago

I remember they promised a destructible environment in COD3 and like 10% of the stuff in single player was destructible and 0% of the stuff in multi player was destructible, not even crates or anything like that!

JsonHenry5885d ago

Sounds to me like this is going to be just like CoD4 only set in WWII. Which sounds totally awesome!

Nevers5885d ago (Edited 5885d ago )

...I'll reserve judgement (especially negative) until it gets released. I have never had the pleasure of playing CoD2 ...yet (at the used price $9.99, that's almost a crime) but I played the campaign (only) from CoD3 and wasn't disappointed at all.

LevDog5885d ago

I dont know about going back to WWII.. They basically over used it last gen.. I mean a couple games here and there, thats fine I can see that.. But following the biggest game on both consoles with this... I dont know.. Modern Warfare is super popular right now.. People love playing with guns of the NOW.. Not that many people are interested in WWII type guns and games..

They should just make it modern warfare, add new gameplay perks, upgrade the graphics, maybe add some future weapons in there and go from there... Stick with what works..

I mean dont get me wrong COD4 isnt perfect... Getting knifed from 10 feet away or when they arnt even looking at you is ridiculous... Or the sniping guys that never have their cross hairs on you but yet you die.. Or the perk maytrodom, which is just the stupidest thing Ive ever heard of...

Fix all that and up the kill streaks for airstrikes and helicopters and you have another great game on your hands..

I dont agree taking a step back and going WWII

Nevers5885d ago

of shooting someone who appears to be in my cross-hairs only to die by their hand cuz of lag. I only know it's lag cuz I watch myself in their "kill-cam" look at me shooting a wall 2-3 "feet" behind them. It's a fix I've been wanting for a long time but I don't even know if it's fixable. My kill spread can either be 20+kills/5deaths or 4kills/15deaths depending on my connection bars and the bars of my team-mates.

... I hear yah on the sniping thing too. I admitedly suck at sniping but should be getting more kills than I currently am. Shots that kill me with one bullet don't do the same when I'm behind the trigger.

LevDog5885d ago (Edited 5885d ago )

Yes thats the worse.. I get one hit sniped, but when I do it It takes 2 shots.. even with 50 cal and stopping power.. I agree with the lag factor.. I have a 2.08 kill/Death and Ranked pretty high in kills.. but If the lag is there.. doesnt matter how good I am, A full clip wont bring anyone down.. One of the funniest but frustrating things is.. "Leg Shooters".. People who shoot from the Hip and below and some how kill me before I kill them.. even tho I shoot chest and above.. Getting shot in the Feet and dying is the worst.. It sounds as though Im complaining and People will ask Why play the game? but I love the game and it just has some lil frustrationf flaws like most games..

My #1 thing they should fix, or in this case take out.. Is the matrodom perk.. I mean this game is about modern warefare.. there is nothing modern or realistic about dropping a live bomb after your dead.. YOUR DEAD you cant drop live bombs hahaha.. or the fact that Matrodom has some vortex and bigger blast radius than a normal grenade.. Ill run throw a door way to get away or around a corner and some how it sucks me in and and kills me as if I was right next to the body..

Nevers5885d ago

and I think the larger damage spread might come from that more explosive perk. I know the noob-toobers use that combo to obliterate me. I've gotten into the habit of trying to keep range between me and the dieing but some of the maps don't make that possible... and I totally hear ya on the thru walls stuff. Swear to god that Helicopter sometimes has xray vision...

crimsonfox5885d ago

that was most appealing to me in the scans.

MK_Red5885d ago

What's with sudden burning / fire love?

First FarCry 2 showed full burning / fire features and now this. Mercs 2 is also aiming for something like this I think.

LJWooly5885d ago

Playing on gamers' tendency to take pleasure in setting things alight, I suppose...

Hey, I'm not complaining :D

MK_Red5885d ago

I'm not really complaining either :)

Loved burning people in Postal 2 (Hopefully they use these pyromanist features in Postal 3)

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