Dark Sector Xbox 360 Demo Available for Download

Today, D3Publisher released a downloadable demo of Dark Sector for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft via Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network! Available now for download worldwide, the demo will offer players a fantastic introductory experience into the world of Dark Sector as they unleash the power and become a hero.

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Captain Tuttle3785d ago

I just checked, it's not available in the US yet.

Nevers3785d ago

hearing that Dark Sector was not that great; but they also said that the main weapon should be played by any/all gamers as they said that it was the best part of Dark Sector and apparently very innovative. I'll download the demo just to see if that's really the case.

okcomputer3785d ago

Innovative? Not really. Its basically just the boomerang from zelda, except you can take off body parts with it. I dled the ps3 demo, and it basically seemed like a poorly executed gears clone with the boomerang gimmick thrown in.

Nevers3785d ago

...still kinda wanna check it out tho. Since I was a little disappointed with Link's "next-gen" boomerang...

Ri0tSquad3785d ago

the demo is terrible anyways. don't even bother downloading it.

Blaze9293785d ago

Its JUST now being released? Wtf. The game was ok, but meh. Dont bother, im mad at myself for paying $60 for this

CNIVEK3785d ago

..a tad LATE, maybe. o_0

CNIVEK3785d ago

O.K., you're's WAY EARLY. I must be thinking about ANOTHER 'Dark Sector'. *rolleyes*

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The story is too old to be commented.