Ubisoft teases new city for Watch Dogs 2?

How would you feel about a new Watch Dogs game taking place in Camden, New Jersey?

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Yi-Long2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

... there are so many games set in American cities, which are mostly pretty boring as it is anyway.

I would much prefer to see it set in a modern Asian city, like Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, or Singapore or something.

Pandamobile2851d ago

If you want a Watch Dogs-esque game set in an Asian city, try Sleeping Dogs.

Yi-Long2851d ago

I did try Sleeping Dogs, but it's depiction of Hong Kong wasn't very good. Bad even.

I did like the gameplay, although the fighting didn't really have enough depth (the Arkham games are so much better in that area), and I felt the story just didn't turn into anything special, and main character wasn't very interesting.

It did feel it had a lot of potential, so hopefully the sequel will be much better.

However, I don't see why a new Watch-Dogs should be set in an American city? We've already seen sooooo many games set in American cities, it's getting very boring. I'd love to see some new interesting locations.

Eonjay2851d ago

OMG. Camden New Jersey...

-Foxtrot2851d ago

I know right

Why do all these games need to be set in the US

I really want to see a game set in London. I thought Ubisoft would of liked to choose cities that haven't really been done much in games.

cfc782851d ago

I think people see America as some big action packed country that's why games/movies and so on seem to be set there frequently England doesn't give off the same vibe but you never know Uncharted 3 and Fast and the Furious 6 was partly set there so there's always a chance of others.

-Foxtrot2851d ago

Wouldn't that make it better though, I mean London isn't a action packed place where over the top action shit takes place in films/games so if it did it would feel more "special" and out of place...but in a good way

I mean it would offer some interesting design how in the UK they don't have guns like the US do.

Maybe in WatchDogs though the laws have changed and the police are now allowed guns to go along with the recent attacks against the CToS buildings.

cfc782851d ago

Yeah it would i'd like to see it happen at some point,one i've always liked the idea of is a Fallout game set in apocalyptic UK that would be friggin awesome in my opinion and like you say the design choices would be totally fresh and new which is what this gen needs,it's a nice dream maybe one day but for now alls i see is more of the same old sh*t.

christian hour2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

London would be a nightmare for the driving sections of watch_dogs 2, but being one of the most monitored cities in the world with a CCTV camera everywhere you look, its PERFECT for watch_dogs. Hell with a new lead character and a proper script with believable characters with depth to them and a setting like LANDAN, ubisoft could really undo all the bad they did with the original game (not saying it was ALL bad, just, most of it :P)

Foxtrot I think we may have talked about london being great for watch_dogs before actually, shortly before the release of the game.

One of the things I loved about the original Getaway was it was the first game I'd ever played that was set in place I'd actually been to (I have cousins living there :D). One of the things I loved about Broken Sword 1 when I was a kid too was there was a segment set in Ireland (albeit a very stereotypical one, i still didnt care!)

I would love to see non western cities get the sandbox treatment this gen, I know all those old middle age city layouts are thrown together all haphazardly after centuries of progress and rebuilding on top of foundations and aren't as easy to design in a game as american city blocks, but they are SO much more interesting to explore than square and rectangular streets.

Other games that should get some mention for being sandboxes and set outside of US;

The Saboteur
Far Cry 1/2/3
Just Cause
I know theres more... help me out here guys :)

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cfc782851d ago

@ Yi-Long

Maybe email Ubi and see if they'll put your house in there as well.

Yi-Long2851d ago

Sadly, I don't live in any of those cities. I live in crappy Holland.

christian hour2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

I'm sure you mean AMAZING Holland... at least, the part I've been to was amazing (Amsterdam) and I'm sure you can figure out why I thought it was amazing :P

But I can understand why you think it's crappy.

I live in crappy Ireland.

To a lot of people Ireland is a beautiful country, but when you live there your whole life and have to witness embarrassing government parties you didnt vote for screw things up on a daily basis, the inherent racism of the older generations being passed down to "chav" culture, our nomadic people destroying our environment and being cruel to horses etc... its painful.

And I'm sure it's the same for you in Holland. And for most people in most countries. Visiting a place is always awesome... Living there, not so muuuch. Grass is always greener kinda thing haha. Though I do love my country, jsut not the cities and the politics.

Also while im on the subject, I felt very much at home in Amsterdam, it reminded me a lot of dublin city. And it was small enough it was easy to get around, learn the streets and not get lost, a lot like Dublin :)

Yi-Long2850d ago

@Christian: I know what you mean, that living somewhere is different than visiting, but I've lived in Hong Kong last year, and it was just sooo mcuh better.

Gorgeous city with lots of nature (yes, really), and very affordable food and cheap public transportation.

Holland is very expensive. You visited Amsterdam, which is nice for a few days, but other than that, Holland has very little of interest to offer, plus it's expensive as hell, and public transportation is terrible and expensive. Politics is terrible as well, but that goes for most western countries nowadays.

Amsterdam is our capital, yet it's just a big village which closes at 6 o'clock at night. Compare that to Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc etc... which are cities that are always awake and alive.

3-4-52851d ago

eww watch dogs 2?

New ip please

RioKing2851d ago

Be prepared for at least two more Watch Dogs games :/

SpadeX2850d ago

Watch Dogs Brotherhood after the 2nd one.

iNFAMOUZ12850d ago

so true but the kiddies will disagree, we need more european countries based cities

gamernova2850d ago

Why does everyone want to leave the US? That's why we have assassin's Creed. Although new Jersey is meh to me, I don't want to leave the US for this series. Not enough attention is paid to places like new york, San Francisco, Las Vegas, etc. I'm really hoping for Las Vegas.


Bring it to Toronto. We have china town little Italy and much more. Watch Dogs Toronto. epic.

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ForgottenProphecy2851d ago

I would love for Watch Dogs to take place in Camden, right outside my home town!

C-H-E-F2851d ago

Doesn't matter where it is, not buying it brand new again that's for sure.

Heisenburger2851d ago

Wisconsin! Don't cha know!

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