Amazon has a great deal on Wii U compatible hard drives

If you recently purchased a new Wii U bundle, such as the Mario Kart 8 bundle, you may be searching around for options when it comes to hard drive space. Sure, the space on your new Wii U isn’t filled up yet, but with several high profile titles coming out this year and only 32GB of internal space, buying just two large digital titles can put you having to juggle your internal storage space.

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dudeOplenty1960d ago

Cool. Now all they need to do is kiss and make-up with Nintendo so they can start selling Wii Us.

GamingSinceThe80s1960d ago

I forgot all about that. But I just checked Amazon and they have tons of Wii U's for sale.

LAWSON721960d ago

At high prices...because they are only sold by 3rd party sellers not Amazon like the Xbone and PS4

dudeOplenty1959d ago

I said it because i've been looking to buy a Wii U with amazon gift cards but don't want to pay the 3rd party premium. But thanks for the disagrees anyway.

Judge first, don't ask questions later.

GamingSinceThe80s1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

I never gave you a disagree for saying it.And just to be sure I just hit agree and it let me so I'm sure of it since you can't vote twice.Also you were right about the fact those are not sold by Amazon just on it.I rarely hit disagree unless someone is flat out trolling otherwise I just respect that is their opinion.I still mite debate it a little but that is just part of the fun of being on a site such as this a talking games.Because in the end we all most likely all love games if we are here.

Ninja_G_Aidan1960d ago

Just waiting on cracking it and playing all Wii and U games for free.

wonderfulmonkeyman1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

This is not Assassin's Creed 4, you are not cool for pirating things, and going into a page for a console you obviously don't actually want to support, in order to post flame-bait messages like this to get a rise out of Nintendo fans, is the height of immaturity.

Go back to wherever you came from.

Ninja_G_Aidan1959d ago

I think it's a good idea, for myself, and more purchases of Nintendo consoles.

swice1959d ago

They make money from software sales, not console sales , Ninja

iplay1up21959d ago

Stupid Idea. For one NO MATTER the game you will NEVER have the same gameplay as if you purchased it. Bottom line. You can use any sim out there and it will be okay BUT not the same...the magic will be gone.....and by the way the same goes for all games...Hope they catch you. Have fun in jail.

Sly-Lupin1959d ago

It's a bad idea, but not necessarily stupid.

Pirated games usually play exactly the same as legitimate games. The difference--the "magic"--is purely psychological.

And the odds of being "caught" are astronomical. That's why piracy is so commonplace. And punishment? Yeah: that's not a thing that happens. Ever.

Piracy is usually caused by necessity or expediency. In the case of the former:

That's why many pirates are children--they have the desire to play games, but lack the financial capability to purchase them. Once they grow up some and have stable income, many pirates actually stop pirating once they have a steady source of disposable income.

Pirates are (typically) emotionally immature children. If you want them to stop being pirates, simply ask them to purchase games they enjoy--or ignore them entirely. Insulting pirates produces the opposite result.

DualWielding1960d ago

Sony really needs to introduce support for external hard drives is pathetic that Nintendo and Microsoft have it and they don't

Sly-Lupin1959d ago


Now all we need are a sufficient number of good WiiU games to justify an big external hard drive!

And a digital distribution policy that isn't astonishingly anachronistic and anti-consumerist.

iplay1up21959d ago

What are you talking about? Right now Nintendo has the most exclusive games for next gen systems out there, and yeah it is because its been out way longer, but the point is it has a TON.

I bought a 2 TB hard drive for my Wii U, but it has nothing on it yet because I try to buy hard copies.

As far a Digital distribution, everything from Sonic to Assassins Creed and Batman are available for download.