Is the Uncharted Series Dead?

Nick goes over the reasons why the Uncharted Series still has life and ideas on how the franchise can blossom into something great.

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user74029311956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

this guy does not really go in to emphasis as to why he actually questions "is uncharted dead?" he is just spouting ideas. he does have some good ideas though.

Boody-Bandit1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Is Uncharted dead?
No but gaming journalism is dead.

Blacksand11956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

The way these journalism be talking. You can bring back the HipHopGamer show. LOL

Rimeskeem1956d ago

I could only wish for...

Ezz20131956d ago

gaming journalism is not just dead ...they turned into zombies and trying to feed on the poor internet users brain

guyman1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Uncharted is a great series, there's truly nothing else like it

EDIT: ok maybe tomb raider

ColeMacGrath1956d ago

Add that clone, Deadfall Adventures to the list.

cfc781956d ago

Uncharted is only dead if Naughty Dog decide to make it that way I'm hoping it's the beginning of a series that goes from strength to strength in the future,for me personally I can't get enough of the game Uncharted 4 bring it on and hopefully 1,2,3 remasters at some point.

SpiralTear1956d ago

Normally, when Naughty Dog completes a story and moves onto a new franchise, the former series is either abandoned completely (Crash Bandicoot) or given mediocre continuations until it's irrelevant (Jak and Daxter). It seems that the only one that knows how to make Naughty Dog franchises Naughty Dog.

ColeMacGrath1956d ago

Crash is only abandoned because it's in Activision's hands now.

Also, this is the first time for ND to create a 4th sequel in a franchise, so it certainly shows some potential for Uncharted to have more future sequels/spinoffs for PS4. I wouldn't doubt ND to remaster the first 3 games one day for PS4.

Ripsta7th1956d ago

3 was meh... Too many bullet sponges. The mp was ok but UC2 was better in every way. The thing i like about uncharted games is the character customization. Makes you feel unique

LOGICWINS1956d ago

I enjoyed UC3's campaign. Those gameplay sections in the desert were EPIC! Multiplayer was garbage though. Unbalanced mess.

SkippyPaccino1956d ago

Uncharted 3 was the best one by far they just didn't sell it properly. They showed us almost the entire game before it was released and if you watched a couple of video reviews (I stopped watching video reviews before I play the game after uncharted 3)they spoiled the rest.

I think naughty dog learnt a lesson after 3 because they barely showed anything for "the last of us" (I also staid far away from any news) and it made the game so much better.

Imagine Going into uncharted 3 and not knowing anything about young Drake, the boat sequence, the plain sequence etc? You would've been blown away. Uncharted 2 was a great game (one of ps3 best) but it followed the exact story arc of the first uncharted game, it's only that it did it better the second time around.

I can't wait to play 4. I don't even need more news on the game since it's a automatic day one for me. I wouldn't mind them stopping the franchise after 4 and maybe potentially have it comeback at the end of the console cycle. Naughty dog is a very talented studio and I want them to give us new adventures to look forward to.

PSNghost881956d ago

I seriously had this arguement with a group of Uncharted fans. They said it was a dead series. Plrobably should have explained that a bit. I thought it was implied really.

cfc781956d ago

Sure they weren't Halo fans pretending to be Uncharted fans.

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The story is too old to be commented.