Battlefield 4 Final Stand Weapons Wishlist

Here is our Final Stand Weapons Wishlist. We still don’t have a official release date for Battlefield 4 Final Stand. Originally the release date was set on late summer 2014, but that release date has been taken away. We think Final Stand is going to release around late October or beginning November, the same time Battlefield Hardline should have come out.

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DeadRabbits1960d ago

A tasergun would be hilarious!

ATi_Elite1960d ago

Screw the weapon wishlist how about a no bug no glitches no patch to fix the patch patch wishlist.

Ok ok ok how about a chainsaw

nucky641960d ago

great comment - bubbles

Starbucks_Fan1960d ago

Is Premium worth getting at 33% off? BF4 is my #1 played gam right now.

Mikeyy1960d ago

Yes you get a whole slew of free battle packs with it. And lots of camos and knives

Vantage1960d ago

Instead of buying Battlefield 4, I bought Battlefield 3.

I don't buy games that are still in alpha.

bjmartynhak1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Common, it's playable now.

I was lucky. Put 15 days on Killzone MP then switched to BF4 when it was working almost all right.

edit: almost...

KwietStorm1960d ago

Congrats. Most of us have had it since launch. It's current state is a dream compared to then.

Hazmat131960d ago

i loved the G36E LMG and the XM8 LMG two guns hardly used in games.

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