EA Access Will Drive Gamers to Xbox One, Away from GameStop

Hardcore Gamer: his is a huge step for EA to take, and it's definitely an example of Microsoft firing a big shot at both Sony and GameStop.

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ValKilmer1957d ago

It gives you Xbox One loyalty for EA games. If I subscribe to this program and play Battlefield 4 on it for the first time, I'm going to want to play Battlefield 5 on Xbox One.

majiebeast1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


If you said Mass Effect 4 then i agree. But none of your progress from BF 4 will transfer over to BF5. Terrible example.

ValKilmer1957d ago

Console loyalty, my friend.

For instance, I've played every Call of Duty on a Xbox console and as such can't stand playing with a PlayStation controller.

XBLSkull1957d ago

Agreed, while the DS4 is a nice improvement it's still got that icky playstation controller feel to it, I think it's the joysticks that are so bad. Offset is definitely the way to go, and the triggers still need a lot of work.

PeaSFor1957d ago

XBLSkull, dat controller preference....

fyi, subjectivity. isnt the same thing than objectivity.

sonarus1957d ago

well i dunno about all that. I dont see this as a system seller in any way just an added value bonus for console owners. Since most ppl only own one of the two next gen consoles what you are saying makes sense from that perspective.

But its hard for me to justify purchasing an xbox one just to play old ea games. But it is a nice added bonus for xbox owners.

BattleTorn1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I for one loved the 360 pad over the DS3.

With that said, DS4 is a dream!

and my X1 pad constantly squeaks and creaks - much similar to how my DS3 would... :(

MorePowerOfGreen1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

For XB1 owners in the preview beta(click on the link in this link and sign into your Xbox account)

Also don't forget to check out the two new apps in the app store.

4Sh0w1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

A true "system seller" is very, very rare thing but it does exist. I sort of hate the term because besides being a huge, huge Halo fan, like some folks are maybe now huge, huge Uncharted fans I really can't think of any 1 game or service ALONE that makes me have to get an X1 or someone have to get a ps4 over the other, its always just another bonus, which is why its one of those things that really goes without saying. The "system seller" term vs the results is almost always overused. Yes Halo being the game that spawned my online gaming enthusiasm with so many friends and family means that of course I have to get an X1 to play Halo5 but even with this being the case if that was it I would never buy a X1 since no 1 game ever satisfied my gaming desires for more than a few months by itself, therefore although affordable I couldn't justify the expense, at best its a huge PART OF WHY. Yes this EA news "is a nice added bonus for xbox owners", so I agree with you there but I don't know why that point needs to be made since essentially everything from a random indie title, to a extra twitch feature, to a online exclusive tv show, to a big budget AAA exclusive etc, etc is in fact a bonus to whoever finds interest in that platform.

Now with that said I think ValKimer is right and wrong, for many this will be a good way to build a library of EA games on X1, thus fostering a higher amount of returning customers on the same platform for this perk but frankly there is nothing stopping that same customer from buying the *next big EA game on ps4 for other good reason like for example if he has a ps4 and a lot of his friends only have a ps4 and he wants to play online with them= it depends on the circumstances.

vvvEdit, How did they f-up?, its a business partnership for a >>paid service, it happens all the time just this is the first major 3rd party deal of this type on the new gen consoles. ps4 gamers will still buy and play EA games with nothing lost just like before this deal, they can sample games like before using gamefly too, right? X1 owners just get to sample some games early, play without buying games, and 10% off digital games>> IF they pay for the service.

TheGreatAndPowerful1957d ago

We'll see what kind of backlash this causes from PS who just got snubbed. Not a smart move EA, you done f'd up!

Utalkin2me1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )


Yeah cause your thumbs are offset, lol. And the triggers are perfect if you ask me.

And about the article, i could care less. Only EA game i play is Battlefield.

JackBNimble1956d ago

We'll see what kind of backlash this causes from PS who just got snubbed. Not a smart move EA, you done f'd up!

Why would sony fans care? We have PS+, EA's garbage (IMO) and I would never support this service no matter what platform it's on.

UltraNova1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Good news on xbox camp but I cant see the appeal for someone who plays 1 maybe 2 EA games per year...

choujij1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

My main concern with this is that its a service for older EA games. If I was a BF or Fifa fan, I likely would have bought the game when it came out. So this probably isn't aimed at gamers such as myself, probably for some casuals (as the article mentions), those who are on a budget, or those who wait till games are bargain bin cheap before buying. Which is fine, as its not like having more choices is a bad thing.

imt5581956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Hmmmm... Odd deal! If you want cheaper EA games, you will need to pay EA Access. But why pay for another subscription under already payed Xbox Live subscription? EA games probably won't be included in Deals With Gold or Games With Gold anymore.


MysticStrummer1956d ago

"I've played every Call of Duty on a Xbox console and as such can't stand playing with a PlayStation controller."

That has nothing to do with EA Access. How does EA Access give you console loyalty if you already had it?

badz1491956d ago

What you guys don't really get is this EA access is the way EA squeezes more money from their annual games people are not buying anymore like last year's FIFA, MADDEN, BF...

1nsomniac1956d ago

"Console loyalty" - the most immature, childish comment I've heard said with pride.

Bobby Kotex1956d ago

@ValKilmer It's pretty pathetic to be loyal to a console. You do realize Microsoft doesn't give a crap about you?

Major_Glitch1956d ago

Is EA Access a good deal? Sure. Is it a big deal? No. It's just EA people. I'm not going to buy an xbone just so I can get cheaper access to old ea games and demos to new ones.
It amazes me how SOME xboners are running around proclaiming that this is the thing that's gonna put the xbone on par with the PS4. Smh.

loulou1956d ago

Bobby kotex you are talking to the wrong fan on n4g.. You should be telling the droids this

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Baka-akaB1957d ago

This is Ea , the service is likely to comes everywhere at some point

Elwenil1957d ago

"This is EA, the service will likely be discontinued at some point."


truefan11957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Sounds like a win for XB1 gamers. Hopefully I get into the beta program, I need Madden and Fifa asap, in prep for the new ones coming soon.

PS for those that kept saying EA is dissatisfied with Titanfall sales, something must have went right if EA is once again doubling down on XB1 and MSFT.

SuperBlur1957d ago

you're a true fanny 1 , i'll give you that

Something went right , alright

In business , money talk .. I dont expect you to understand that, fanboy :D oh and i won't be looking for your edited come back so have fun responding to your own self, good day to you fanboy!

ScorpiusX1957d ago

Two words Peter Moore . Ha ha ha

WeAreLegion1957d ago

You know something is wrong when truefan has more agrees than disagrees.

Gekko361956d ago

@NoMercyOnlyRage (Steriod boy) Chill man, you have nthing to do with any of these Corporations other than you buy their toys or buy games for your toys.

Pull ya thong from between your bum cheeks and relax will ya.

Focus your chi, although if your in work, I'd keep you chi in your budgie smugglers :)

OT: This sounds great, I'm sure people will be happy and shiny over this as they were over gaikai or what ever it's called now.

Tit for tat, thats business, no need for craziness now girls.

rocketpanda1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

What went down? Money, and lots of it! Don't think for one second EA has loyalties to anymore......only when money is involved.

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Bigpappy1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Older games are free or heavily discounted, while new games are 10% off when purchased DIGITALLY. Free trails and early demos, all for $30/yr. Sounds like a deal worth serious consideration to me.

poor_cus_of_games1957d ago

The whole 10% off thing is a load of rubbish. Digital game £55-£60 disc game £40-£45 with trade in value. Where is the logic?

mrmarx1957d ago

old ea sports titles cant be played online either

BattleTorn1957d ago

I personally think 10% off is probably the biggest incentive, cause at least that gives me $5 off BF Premium which I usually get.

Ghost_Nappa1957d ago

Agreed, hate the way my thumbs touch with ps controllers.

MRMagoo1231957d ago

If your thumbs touch you arent holding the controller right, or you have weird freaky extra long thumbs

Utalkin2me1956d ago

Did i just read his thumbs touch on a DS4 controller? Do you play with the base of your thumbs?

MeliMel1956d ago

Off Topic from article. The only wrong with my PS4 controller is short battery life and I noticed yesterday the rubber on my thumbsticks are not looking to good. I haven't even had it that long. I ended up buying some thumbs covers for it at Gamestop yesterday when I picked up The Last of Us Remastered. Best purchase I made in awhile.

Hopefully with the revised DS4 they work out all the kinks.

3-4-51957d ago

4 years from now, people will be like " o yea I think I remember that access thing"

BattleTorn1957d ago

just like their season pass service.... lol I honestly can't even remember it now

tbone5671957d ago

4 years from now there will be 50+ games.

Sayai jin1957d ago

I am in the Xbox Early Preview Update Beta Team. I received a message from MS with my code to download the EA Access App. It was a pretty simple process. Memberships run from $4.99 monthly or $29.99 yearly. I chose the yearly, because my sons play a lot of EA games. They already downloaded Madden and FIFAA for free. So the subscription already paid off for us got a $100 to $120 worth of games already. Seems like a advantageous deal so far.

My only question is how often are they going to alternate the games in the EA vault.

falviousuk1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )


same here, got the email and signed up for the year, £20 for the UK for a years sub or £3.99 for a month.

Allready have BF4 and Peggle 2 sadly but can now grab fifa and madden for the cheap sum of £20. Happy days.

And looking forward to trying games 5 days early in demo form to see what they are like. Try before you buy, all game should do this,

Oh and PS MS please bring back Xbox Live arcade to the xbox one, sorely missed

MeliMel1956d ago

How do get on beta team? Man you got Madden and Fifa? It already paid off. I dont understand all the negativity towards this service.

I bet it wouldnt be as bad if the PS4 owners got it. They seem to be the ones with most of the harsh opinions.

sAVAge_bEaST1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

-Just for the LuLz-???

wow , 0_0 just

Wow,.. battlefield 4.. id on't eve.nn??

EA.. .. JUST wow.

<kittenBETA.PROGRAMING.kon firmed>5$, just w0_0w



Gekko361956d ago

Jesus, Savage Beast. It looks like your have either had WAAY too much coffee / Stimulants or are typing with gloves on.

I'm still trying to decypher it.

DrRobotnik1956d ago

This is EA we're talking about. Voted worst company next to ENRON and Xbox one fans rejoice!?! You guys truly are grasping at straws. EA!?!...making pool building DLC in sims 4 EA!?! You can have it. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...okay.

JeffGUNZ1956d ago

It's not mandatory man, people can chose which they like. $30 a year isn't bad, especially when you're in the spring/summer where the game releases are poor and you're waiting for the fall lineup. It would be nice to try the games you had some interest in but didn't want to fork the money for free. Also, 10% of games form EA and trial of games before purchase (with stats transferring over if you buy it). It's really not a bad idea if you tend to play a lot of games published by EA.

Death1956d ago

EA is also the largest third party publisher. You can vote them worst all you want, but when it comes down to it people speak with their wallets. People may say they hate EA, but that doesn't stop them from buying their games. $30 annually for a handfull of games and discounts doesn't sound horrible to me.

Clown_Syndr0me1956d ago

Although I am primarily a PS4 gamer, previously a 360 gamer I understand this.
I cant imagine playing Assassins Creed on a PS, although this year with Unity I will be. I prefer consistency when it comes to series.
I think this scheme with EA is a great idea, brilliant value for newcomers to BF4. If they update it with new sports games on release it would be amazing.

PaleMoonDeath1956d ago

He has a point, I couldn't imagine playing a Metal Gear Solid game on an Xbox controller, nor would I want to, the little things matter and this is actually very dangerous to Sony.

Stupidly, EA are making more money on Sony's console and are over supporting a less profitable side, silly company, spread the damned love (it'll make you more money).

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Abash1957d ago

I think this is an exaggeration. If you could rent the latest EA games on Xbox One for $30 a year, that would be a big deal. But this seems to be for the older titles while the new releases wont be added till some time after they sold millions at retail

Ginesis1957d ago

You get early access 'trials' for new EA games as part of the service with a 10% discount on those new games when bought digitally.

jkendrick1957d ago Show
Omegasyde1956d ago

It wouldnt surprise me if activision followed suit with Sony.

But then again, theres that thing called PSnow.

YodaCracker1956d ago


Err, what big games does Activision have coming to consoles these days besides Call of Duty and Destiny? A lot of their big franchises (like Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk) are no longer relevant. There would be a very limited portfolio compared to EA and all their studios and franchises.

Besides, what makes you think Activision would partner with Sony to begin with? Their marketing deal for Destiny? That's just one game. Microsoft and Activision still seem to be in bed together when it comes to Call of Duty.

Clown_Syndr0me1956d ago


Aww I miss Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero. So many unique games that arent being made anymore...everythings just the same now :(

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Dudebro901957d ago

That would apply to the hardcore. Casual gamers dont need the latest and greatest battlefield and madden.

theRell1957d ago

If anything, the casual gamers do want Madden for as cheap as possible yearly.

MRMagoo1231957d ago

the older games wont have a server tho so you wont be playing them online so what would be the point ?

Utalkin2me1956d ago


The casual gamer does not buy Madden yearly.

Wikkid6661957d ago

It's EA loyalty program. Get a few free games, plus early access to new titles with a 10% discount.

Clogmaster1957d ago

You only need to buy five $60 dollar EA games a year to get your money's worth on the discount alone.

kurruptor1956d ago

D-Du you can always get retail games at a discount. This isn't some deal. You can't trade-in. That is a win for EA, not the consumer.

brich2331957d ago

Its still a step in the right direction and benefits people who want to test try certain games for 5$ a month. Thats 5$ a month for unlimited access to whatever games they EA has in Access.

mhunterjr1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I think you are missing the point, this is a direct shot at game stops business model.

1st it promotes buying new games digitally by making them cheaper than physical. This means the games cannot be resold. 2nd it reduces the need to buy used games by offering unlimited access to older titles. Lastly, it robs gamestop of the preorder bonus. Now those bonuses (beta access, exclusive DLC, etc) will likely go to EA access subscribers. They've completely cut out the middle man...

If done right, this could be a huge deal.

mcstorm1957d ago

Your spot on and if this is done right everyone else will follow too. Could would out well but then could go very wrong too depends on how much each company charge for their services as it could put a lot of them out of business esp the smaller ones. But that said it also sounds a good idea too and I do think this gen is going to be the one that shapes next gen into being more about digital than having media which is where Microsoft tried to go with the Xbox one in the 1st place.

Chevalier1957d ago

It's also being sold at EB/Gamestop just like Steam money. Meaning you can still trade games towards the EA Access and Gamestop benefits because those demos will also drive people to trade their used games for preorders of EA titles, especially since most EA preorders get 25-30% bonus for game trades. EA still offers exclusive Gamestop/EB content and they help each other push their product. They still need each other to survive.

mhunterjr1957d ago


They need each other.... For now, but gamestop is DESPARATLEY trying to stay relevant as we move towards a digital future. Right now, the only true need for Brick and mortar retail is for resales, and hardware distribuition. All else can be handled online.

What GameStop gonna do when, digital licenses are tradable on Xbox live and PSN? At that point, why would anyone ever walk into a store?

rainslacker1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

If they wanted to make games cheaper than retail then why not offer the discount to everyone instead of putting it behind a subscription service? It's nice to get the discount if you're a member, but EA isn't losing anything by putting the discount behind a paywall. In fact they'll make more unless people buy 5+ games a year.

These publishers could kill retail right now if they wanted to. MS tried to do it big time with the X1. But they know that retail is just too much revenue to give up. If all publishers decided to charge $40 for digital new releases, I'm sure the transition to digital would be massive.

EA isn't about to cut out GameStop. They are still the largest game retailer in the world, and GS does give EA money for those pre-order bonuses.

This service is just another revenue stream.

I know a lot of people want to see GS fail big time, but they are a ways off from that happening. If it really came down to this being a threat to GS, have no doubt that GS would quickly stop selling EA games, or possibly even the X1 console. Look how they treated the X1 after it's reveal, pushing people to the PS4 instead. Now that MS dropped all it's trade-in limitations, GS is happy to sell the system, and you see plenty of ad space in their flyers for it.

If this becomes a threat to GS, then it becomes a threat to Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy, and every other major retailer that sells games. They aren't likely to just say oh well, you guys win.

I don't personally like GS being the only real game specific store around, but they have a lot of clout when it comes to these publishers making money. Until digital becomes a thing that the vast majority of people want, GS is going to be fine.

Chevalier1957d ago

Why would people walk into a store? Because they want to get a gift they can wrap up. We have grandparents, girlfriends and people buying for grandkids, boyfriends, husbands, nephews, nieces. There's a reason most money companies make are during Christmas and black fridays. Those people that I refer to don't understand steam cash, MS points, PSN money and still want to get gifts they can wrap. Their not the tech savvy and don't buy online.

We're years away from 'digital' future, due to band width caps and access to highspeed internet. I have a lot of people come in from out of town as well where they only have satellite internet in rural areas. I also have customers from up north like Nunavut where there is very bad internet and costs of products are ridiculous due to the remoteness of the area.

The companies will evolve to survive, just like how EB Games/Gamestop now carry other products we've never traditionally carried to diversify their offerings.

As for digital rights trading that may be the way we're heading, but, that doesn't mean everyone wants digital only. Some of us still like reading paperback books and having a game display. Physically owning copies is also convenient as well. For example my friends come in from out of town and we head down to the U.S. for black friday and we always have a soul calibur tournament. If I had to download even with my high speed internet would be a couple hours. Those hours where we would have been playing.