Kevin Spacey At His Most Sinister In Advanced Warfare Campaign

When it comes to powerful roles, Kevin Spacey delivers extraordinary results. Now, Spacey is the Lead villain for this years Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, a game three years in the making by Sledgehammer Games which has released the new campaign trailer.

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SaveFerris1954d ago

Keyser Soze or is it Roger 'Verbal' Kint?

BX811954d ago

He'll flip ya for real!

amnalehu1954d ago

For the first time in a while, I'm actually interested in a COD game. Fingers are crossed!

AgentSmithPS41954d ago

'What's in the (game) box?!'

Just like in the movie I'll let someone else open it first then see if I want to get my own box.

Spotie1954d ago

This remains to be seen. That's a strong assertion to make.

knifefight1954d ago

Hard to top Seven and The Usual Suspects....

Dannycr1954d ago

Kevin Spacey is awesome, but even his performance can't save a game if the campaign sucks. I mean, Spacey is not the first actor to appear in COD. Gary Oldman was on WAW

viper35121953d ago

World at War did come at the end of the WW2 frenzy, but in my opinion it was a fairly good game. I didn't Gary Oldman was in it though, thanks for that info!

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