How Aiden Pearce Became the Narrative Undoing of Watch Dogs

Is Aiden Pearce the worst protagonist in video game history? Probably not, but the character suffers from Watch Dogs' inability to create any sort of genuine empathy for him. How did this happen and how have other games been able to get around this particular issue?

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christian hour1956d ago

TLOU spoilers hidden within. Ordinarily I would say if you haven't played it yet, tough luck, but considering the remastered version just hit and a lot of people have to wait until friday to play, I felt its only fair to give people a heads up as it's not apparent goign in to this article that there would be TLOU spoilers.

Agreed, I did not care about Aiden or his story one bit, his whacky asian friend cleaner guy seemed way more interesting than him and he was just as 2 dimensional if not even more so. It is probably the main reason I can't go back and play Watch_Dogs, Aidens just so boring and vanilla and is it just me or did it feel like the city wasn't really designed around the game mechanics?

henrythomas2841955d ago

Aiden Pearce was as bland as they come.

ThanatosDMC1955d ago

Yeah, it's funny how he mourns death and act like killing dbags is justice and you go around murdering everybody on sight and stealing their livelihood.

Spinal1955d ago

Completely bland i cant play that game anymore.

He has no character no personality nothing.

TheoreticalParticle1955d ago

He has a personality, it's just stupid.

The writing for the game is TERRIBLE. Every single verbal confrontation with someone results in a conversation that sounds like two people talking past each other. When Aiden has a conversation with Jordi, Jordi just ignores him, because that's Jordi. He's just going to do what he feels like. It makes sense for one character to be like that.

Every single other character when talking to each other, pays no attention to with the other party is saying and just rambles on with the speech that tells them what they want.

Why does Aiden care so much about his sister's family? No explanation. Where's his sister's husband? Never covered. It honestly feels like that character is supposed to be Aiden's estranged wife, and at some point some higher up went, "Nah, that's too cliche. Just make her his sister." And now it seems like, at some point in the game, Aiden's gonna fuck his sister.

Then there's the side missions. If you complete them, you get a bunch of information...information which is completely absent when you run into events in the game that should reference them. Which is, once again, shitty writing.

I love when Aiden talks about some dudes who mutilate people, or steal their organs.

Objective: Don't Kill.


This game's just got its head up its own ass and is just so wildly inconsistent in tone and character. Fire the writers, get rid of Pearce, and wipe the slate clean.

ZombieDust1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I am definitely guilty of getting hyped for games. And I havedefinitely been disappointed in the past, but still find something to like and at least be able to beat those games. Watch Dogs was not one of those games, looked great and Im from Chicago so the setting was cool to me, but no matter how many seperate times and no matter how hardI tried I couldnt find anyway to keep playing this game. It was bland in every way. Well the shooting wad actually good.

Excuse my spelling errors and such, on my phone.

skydragoonity1955d ago

Titanfall was even worth the hype compared to this game

DevilOgreFish1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I didn't find him too bad. kinda reminded me of max payne a little. he does have too strong of a raspy voice though.

christian hour1955d ago

He has nowhere near the amount of complexity as max payne, the only similarities is they both have penises and shoot guns. The writing in the original max payne was pure homage to the noir genre. Watch_Dogs is an homage to the badly written cliche genre, if such a thing exists (and sadly I think it does D: )

DevilOgreFish1955d ago

I did not say he's copy of max payen, i said he reminds of him, kinda. of course max's life was way worse and has a bigger narrative spanning across 3 games.

Besides that, Aiden actually looks more like Alan wake now that i think of it. same 5 o'clock stubble and wrinkled dress code.

christian hour1955d ago

;o; Aiden Wake! You just blew my mind DevilOgreFlesh, bubs+ for you :)

uth111955d ago

Aiden has no moral high ground whatsoever. So the idea that I as the player have to bring justice to these 'terrible people' seems funny when I'm just as bad as they are, if not worse.

Number-Nine1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

what's worse is that he thinks he has morals. nothing more than a self righteous punk.

this is nothing new from the team that brought us Brody from Far Cry 3, and the Prince in Prince of Persia (2008).

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The story is too old to be commented.