EndWar Beta Invites Sent Out


"Not so long ago we told you that Ubisoft were planning a private beta for their upcoming RTS based on the Tom Clancy universe named EndWar. To get into the beta you needed Xbox Live Gold account, 3GB Hard Disk space and a working headset."

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predator3786d ago

I have mine, can't wait to try this out, i have high hopes for it

Caxtus7503786d ago

same :)

Got my invite earlier today.

Stephen Colbert3786d ago

ugh how come i didn't get one...

registered for it...

Dark_Vendetta3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Because not everybody got a token.
Got mine too. I hope the controls via headset do really work

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aubradley3786d ago

This seems like a cool concept, I'll be keeping an eye on the final version.

predator3786d ago

yeah it does, I want to see how well the Mic works as voice command

crazyman3786d ago

Got mine, but just realised that I'm on holiday about a week after it starts, so I'll have to get alot of time in early.

predator3786d ago

haha where are you off to

Erasmus3786d ago

I registered but still have yet to recieve one.

predator3786d ago

hopefuly you will get your email soon

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The story is too old to be commented.