360 wireless headset owners report problems

The forums at are buzzing with complaints: the wireless headset is buggy. And Microsoft hasn't really responded to the problem. XBL Radio reported the following problems:

* constant communication drops
* excessive beeping during conversations
* (low) clarity of dialogue during chats
* very small line-of-sight area

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zerofunction4354d ago

I had the same problems with mine, brought it back the next day. I was really looking forward for this headset, pity.

DJ4354d ago

Hope microsoft addresses this problem. =/

power of Green 4354d ago

That's too bad wasn't this posted already?.

FadeToBlack4354d ago

Mine works perfect without a hitch.

SPAWN4354d ago

Mine works perfect also! If you are having problems take it back for an exchange.

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The story is too old to be commented.