MorePowerOfGreen3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Options are good. It's a smart idea for EA and MSFT because EA has so many annual games and is the reason I don't buy sports games.

xHeavYx3235d ago

It's a smart idea yes, but I think that excluding Titanfall is a mistake

OpieWinston3235d ago

Considering Titanfall sells fine on it's own right now. I don't think it's a mistake.

It'll keep selling.

xHeavYx3235d ago

Can you please tell me how you know Titanfall is selling well? I'm just asking because I tried to look for sale figures and couldn't find anything

Mr Pumblechook3235d ago

PlayStation 4 is the new generation market leader yet absurdly EA has partnered with Microsoft making this exclusive to Xbox One. This speaks volumes. It highlights the strength of the Peter Moore & Phil Spencer relationship and of the power of Microsoft dollars.

Corpser3235d ago

Titanfall is the best selling xb1 game, makes no sense to include it in "the vault", maybe next year

gaffyh3235d ago

Nice to see EA can see where gaming is going.

Magnes3235d ago

@Mr Pumblechook Peter Moore is a former MS employee. EA makes no secret they prefer MS console.

Eonjay3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Business wise its very smart. A nice business move for multiple reasons.

+1 for business sense.

I'm the greatest Sony fan but you are wrong. Personal preference only gets you so far in business. Its about money. Yes EA may have shot itself in the foot with Titanfall, but rest assured, they got paid. Whats good for the consumer is not always whats good for the bottom line.

gaffyh3235d ago

@disagrees - I meant the fact that gaming will probably end up as a subscription service I.e. Netflix,

maniacmayhem3235d ago

Are there any links that say Titanfall isn't selling well?

xHeavYx3235d ago

No, but no one said anything about Titanfall not selling well. I just wanted to know where Opie got the info that Titanfall is selling good

sonarus3235d ago

titanfall sold well dunno if its still selling well but for next gen exclusive it did well sales wise.

honestly dis news makes me a bit jealous. i would have probably delved in if this was for ps4

mhunterjr3235d ago


Do you think that partnerships should only go to market leaders? Its a good thing the world doesn't work that way...

nicksetzer13235d ago

I find it hilarious how people on this site will manage to downplay anything. This is an amazing program and it is exactly what I and many people have been hoping for. Honestly, at 30$ it is even more exciting than I had expected. Seeing EA doing it first is the only surprise. As long as the catalog continues to grow over time, I cannot wait.

BlackTar1873235d ago

So can we all agree that and put it to bed once and for all that EA is not a neutral company. They are so in bed with MS that it just further paints how much alike EA and MS really are in their lies.

It's Absurd to think how many times MS and EA have lied to everyone on multiple occasions. Yes i have a Sbox one and this still stings becasue it shows what great lengths EA will go to play favorites to one console.

Death3235d ago

EA is the company responsible for driving the Dreamcast out of business. They pledged full support to the Playstation and no support for Sega's console. It's ironic that Peter Moore was the head of Sega at the time.

As for EA showing bias, it's also possible the same offer was made to Sony and they turned it down. Without knowing, forming an educated opinion is difficult at best.

OC_MurphysLaw3235d ago

@xHeavYx I think Titanfall is not on the list as its not EA owned IP. Titalfall is merely a parntership that EA is the publisher of the game on.

XBLSkull3235d ago

Not a huge EA fan but renting 4 games for $5 a month is pretty sweet, spin that however you want. Plus another 5 titles on the way this fall.

juggulator3235d ago

EA truly just wants to sell more to more people.Not entirely a bad thing in their eyes. It seems like they may not include newer games though but it would be cool so play something like Dragon age Inquisition for $5 a month.

mixolydian_id3235d ago

Titanfall sold 3 mill (all consoles)

Halo 1-3 sold 10 mill each

Infamous sold 1.5 mill

creatchee3235d ago


"Without knowing, forming an educated opinion is difficult at best."

*Looks at comments*

I see what you did there :)

tbone5673235d ago

Oh yeah. Incredible value for EA games only on Xbox One? Wow.

dedicatedtogamers3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Looks like that "unparalleled partnership" between Microsoft and EA continues...

Seems like a neat way to catch up on the EA backlog, but I don't see how this is superior to Gamefly or PS+

I sincerely hope, however, that this isn't the wave of the future. Imagine EA Access, Activision Access, CAPCOM access, etc. and then those companies start adding in exclusive content only available through their Access subscriptions. PS+ already does this with Betas and early releases of certain things.

Insomnia_843235d ago

Oh, look! It's the two worst companies in the U.S getting in bed together AGAIN!

More reasons to STAY AWAY FROM XBOX!

fr0sty3235d ago

...and microsoft continues their transition to "Games as a service". I get the feeling like they want to move on to that exclusively.

That isn't to say Sony isn't flirting with it too. Hell, PS+ and PSNow are both prime examples of games as a service.

Sitdown3235d ago

I completely agree, I'm glad the ps4 lacks this option, because?.... :-/ But seriously if you are knocking this, then I'm pretty sure you are just as vocal against Sony's approaching service that currently appears to have a higher price tag. Seriously though, unless you got stock in Sony.... Calm down.

SmielmaN3235d ago

EA partnering with MS makes me think of a rich a$$hole paying his prostitute.

4Sh0w3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Ohh yeah! We are getting closer to that future digital platform with better deals. I don't buy a lot of EA games but for $30 a year and 10% on EA digital games I'm definitely going to be playing more of them. Damm I keep trying to put gaming on the back burner due to other commitments but its so hard when stuff like this happens, I mean its a great deal, I don't want to miss out but where in the hell will I find the time? -It's a nice problem to have I suppose.

Edit>> Oh come on, I don't get the hate, I think something like this has always been in Microsoft original digital plans. I bet if this was a EA/Sony new partnership everyone hating would be screaming from the mountain tops how great sony is for securing such a partnership. It's the same damm thing everytime, micro/exclusive deal is always bad, but Sony having exclusive deals are always treated like they partnered with sony for love. It's business and maybe Microsoft pulled out the check book or EA thinks it fits better on X1 who cares the reason if its successful then no doubt ps4 will get something similar from EA or other 3rd party devs. Its a great deal if you want to still play a lot of games that you don't necessarily want to buy= $5 per month or better $30 a year. It's a win, win situation for X1 owners since if you don't like it you don't have to use the service.

system223235d ago

As of May titanfall had sold 925,000 copies specifically in the US specifically on Xbox one. That doesn't include any other markets like the UK and others where titanfall has remained in the top 10 til this day. It also doesn't take into account digital sales which are on the rise. I think it's safe to say its a good selling game.

BattleAxe3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Subscriptions, DLC, F2P/P2W Micro-Transactions, Subscriptions, DLC, F2P/P2W Micro-Transactions, ..... welcome to the next gen, where the only things that have evolved (or devolved depending on your point of view) are the payment schemes.....yuk!

MeliMel3235d ago

No its not a mistake. Plus you guys know it will eventually be on the service.

Pogmathoin3235d ago

There is nothing bad about this deal. Zod, obviously not what you have been smoking. You are a negative machine. Heres a suggestion, play a game. You do have a console, right?

PeaSFor3235d ago

EArly Access, So they are just delaying games for a week so they can make people pay more..

EA can barely release a finished product on their normal release schedule and they want me to pay $5 to play it even earlier?LULZ!

k3rn3ll3235d ago

Well there's this is regards to titanfall

Its not exact statement buts it's the closest we got. Id say thats pretty good for 4 months after the release along with having the smaller jnstall base. But it is vgchartz

ABizzel13235d ago

The service has potential, but I seriously doubt EA is willing to do much to make the service a must have for most people.

It seems like a "play the games EA released last year" for $30, since by next year their games generally stop selling all together.

The price is worth it, but the game selection is up in the air. Personally I'm not a fan of sports games so this isn't for me, but if they add more games like Mirror's Edge, Mass Effect, Burnout, Need for Speed, etc... then it could be a really good service.

I don't understand how they can have a $5/mo. and $30/yr service which makes me believe that they're probably going to increase the price of the annual service to $50/yr. if the service takes off and get popular. It'll still be a good deal though.

Great move for MS, but once again it's stupid of EA to align with a single platform.

Christopher3234d ago

If you're only going to include certain games and not all EA games, then what's the point?

This looks to me like a way to get people to pay for things they normally wouldn't buy.

It's smart business, just not for me.

4Sh0w3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

"If you're only going to include certain games and not all EA games, then what's the point?"

Uhmm the point is you get to play more games for less, my guess is EA has done some research and figured out this will be an added revenue vs the used game sales that they get 0 revenue from now. Again, in regards to the consumer they get to play more games, which yes they might have otherwise passed on but instead they pay a fraction of the price. It's sort of like me saying imo Madden isn't worth $60, $50, or $40 to me but hey I'll check it out for $20, $10 or cheaper. So for some it's not that they don't want to play certain games but the price is a barrier as its not worth full price to them, no different than buying from a brick n mortar when the game is cheap, only difference is here they are or will be conveniently in one place( EA games).

Sure their not going to include brand new titles as the free game in the Vault, its possible on a rare occasions but definitely not going to be the norm. That's like asking sony to give away their new releases on ps+ for a small subscription fee. No the idea behind this service from EA is to let you play more games that you passed on AND give benefits like early access to try new games AND let you buy new games 10% off AND even let your progress carry over to the new retail game should you choose to purchase it. So essentially besides the older games you can play select new games for 5 days without purchase.

It's not some "OMG" new feature but imo it's certainly nice to have. I see more of this incoming for both consoles.

Wizard_King3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

All this whole thing says to me is don't buy a console at all. They are just designed to bleed money out of you at every step. Consoles stopped being about the pure games ages ago. Sad really as PS1\2, N64 & earlier were the kings of pure games.

You could save all that wasted cash paying just to play online and on those over priced console games and peripherals and get yourself a kick ass gaming rig. Once you do that never look back.

If this is what a majority of you consider gaming is and is moving to then I want no part in it and prefer to be called a PC enthusiast, over a gamer. No gamers I now like the idea of this.

EA has never made a game worth a yearly sub to access to begin with, why anyone thinks this fee is a good thing is so far beyond me.

EA = Cancer

EA + MS = I shudder thinking of the baby

Christopher3233d ago

***Uhmm the point is you get to play more games for less, my guess is EA has done some research and figured out this will be an added revenue vs the used game sales that they get 0 revenue from now.***

And yet by excluding certain games you risk a greater chance that someone won't subscribe to the service.

Myself as an example. If EA is going to have primarily sport games as the option, then I don't care. I don't pay for those even if they cost just $5 nor do I play them. Same with multiplayer FPS.

But, if they threw in some of their single-player focused shooters, actions/adventure, and rpgs... I'd at least consider it.

You see, you add more because the more options there are, the more potential subscribers you will have.

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AngelicIceDiamond3235d ago

I have to say this is very interesting.

Play trials of the new games that's great. Mass Effect 4, Mirrors Edge 2 Battlefront will also take advantage of this hopefully.

That's sounds fantastic.

Especially when they start to get the newer games on there ready to play. Now I'll wait until I get the absolute full details on this. Wait and see how EA will executes this.

testerg353235d ago

Zod,so you're a new moron that pays for online gaming? Is that what you're calling PS4 users? Trying to figure out what you're saying.

Brim3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Oh look now you guys pay for a online service and $5 games that belong in the mobile marketplace....and yet people cheer for PSNOW and paying $14 for 24 Hours for a game that came out 10 years ago... go away ... I'm not saying this service is great because i need to hear more but why come into a post about Xbox if you do not like it?.. Disappear please.

AngelicIceDiamond3235d ago

@Zod Chill your fanboyism. Seriously get it under control because you sound hell a salty its comical.

That's why I said its a wait and see if they can pull this off.

But it sounds cool I guess expressing some sort of excitement angers you to death. Not my issue so fix yours.

"Morons. But hey, the same target group paid for online gaming and Skype for a whole decade so who's to blame?"

Your attacking Xbox not EA's service.

Who's the true moron here? And a mad and salty one at that?

Get lost I don't got time to put up with your fanboy kiddy tantrums.

christocolus3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )


I think this is good news. Its good to see MS partnering with more publishers but im wondering why all the usual suspects are here again attacking this article? Its just another xbx one why are they here?..smh

As i was saying there's also a full year subscription which is a better deal than the monthly one. Millions of people buy EA games yearly..this gives xbx owners a chance to try a number of them out before buying. Nice. Go on to the xbx one subreddit forums if you want to get a clearer picture of how it will work. There are some really great discussions going on there& major N is on there now.

Death3235d ago


You are getting indies and older games on Plus too. Why pretend EA's service is different than Sony's? You can't praise one and diss the other if you want anyone to take you seriously.

Bigpappy3235d ago

Because I buy my games digitally, I have no choice but to pay that $30 for the year and getting 10% of Digital downloads. Lets hope M$ drops the price of 1st party digital by 10% for Gold subscribers as well.

Dread3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )


So xbox live users are morons, but i guess the sony fans who now have to pay to play online are fine. Lets not call them morons because I bet u have some sort of argument to distinguish them, as I am sure ur not a hypocrite.

Edit: I take that back, u are a hypocrite.

DLConspiracy3235d ago


You seem to be getting upset and your posts are starting to show it more and more lately. Calling people morons in the comments section is kind of uncalled for. I can almost guarantee your reaction would be completely different if this was for PS4.

mixolydian_id3235d ago

So.... If you normally buy one EA game per year at 30£...

You can get a subscription that gives you all their digital games for free?

You can see why xbox was pushing the drm "fiasco".

Nda killed that idea... But this could be amazing if it's exactly what seems to be

k3rn3ll3235d ago

Why wouldnt you be able to play fifa 15 next fall when 16 comes out? 14 is one of the games included. People want to bash EA for annualizing sports games but here they are offering them all for $30 a year but a year after release. The whole argument against EA sports titles annualized is people dont feel the new ones are worth paying $60 for. So EA answers with "ok if you feel that way pay $30 a year and play them all after a year." So why are the some haters before hating now? They just catered to you all. If someone really does feel that way then you should have no problem paying $30 for all those titles. Unless of course all of em were just hating to hate. But that would never happen right?

How did you get so many bubbles insulting people and making comments like this? I for one buy Tiger, FIFA, and Madden every year. And I love doing so cuz I feel I get my moneys worth. With 10% off im saving $18 a year on those titles alone. Not to mention games like Titanfall, Battlefield, Mass Effect, Stars Wars, Dragon Age and other no yearly games sprinkled in tgere and my subscription will pay for itself. Oh and 10% off DLC too? Ye a get out of here man cuz your comments hold no weight here. Can't beleive im saying this but GG EA! And GG MS as well! Haters gon' hate

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ramiuk13235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

starts at $4.99 so its gonna be more as they havent detailed packages.
but even if it is little more its a decent deal.
there is way to many things going off with MS and EA,im suspicious now asfter this reveal.

i dont see why EA would be willing to lose so much money,the sub is half the price of 1 game.

parkesy783235d ago

Because when it officially launches it will be all old games not new releases

mrpsychoticstalker3234d ago

I agree this is a huge win for Microsoft, this is the future of video games. I can't wait for this to come out. It's a day one for me. Fifa 15..... 5 days before it comes out. That sounds great!

Mystogan3235d ago

This is a huge win for Xbox.

AngelicIceDiamond3235d ago

If EA executes this properly then yes I can agree this will be a huge win for X1 owners no doubt.

Angerfist3235d ago

People can disagree all they want but EA is still the 3rd Party Publisher with the most popular franchises and IF they add Games in a regular manner to the Vault this will be a hit.

But if this is just a paid Demo section where can play the games for 2 Days and then have to buy them it stinks. If not count me in.

turdburgler10803235d ago

This is what happens when Sony gets so full of themselves they start taking swipes at EA during E3. What did you think was going to happen Sony? No one likes being made fun especially not a massive publishing company.

DigitalRaptor3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

@ turdburgler

Ah right, forgive me. EA isn't going to be publishing their games on the console that makes them more money (Sony), because of spite. They have such bitterness towards Sony that they made this deal to spite them... /s

That is why Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is coming to PS4 next month, right? Seriously… this sounds like nothing more than a losing brand to attempt to gain ground and marketshare by making a deal with the company that is voted as the worst company in America, right next to them. It baffles me how EA could continue to be so stupid to accept an offer from the console that is less supported than PS4...

And that is why my theory is this…

Titanfall exclusivity is up (we all knew it was coming anyway)… but MS paid a lot of money for its development and marketing, so this is the deal they made so that Titanfall can come to PS4, and Xbowners get decent deals on old games in return. Will be interesting if my theory is correct.

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BattleTorn3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Hahahahaha "options are good"

That is definitely the best spin one can put on being provided new avenues to give a company more of your money.

Death3235d ago

Live, PSNow, PS+, and EA"s Vault are all avenues to spend money. Vault subscribers won't necessarily give more, this may be what they do instead of buying all new releases. B4 is $60, for half that you can subscribe to Vault for a year and still have access to it. The value for Plus is the same, if you aren't getting your subscription fee's worth of games to play you are most likely doing something wrong.

3235d ago
Athonline3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )


The EA's Vault is $30 (£20) per year. Half the price of the B4. Plus you get discounts on DLCs.

Imo the price is right, as long as they put some context.

I'll get it, £20 is simply one less fancy burger next time I 'm in London or I'll simply sell my FIFA 14 disc. I just hope E.A will support this properly and add titles

harrisk9543235d ago

The idea seems really good, but read the TOS and see the "fine print":

"As part of the EA Access Services, members with an active subscription are offered (1) the ability to play a limited trial of certain EA Content 5 days prior to the date that EA Content is otherwise available on the Xbox Marketplace (“Play First”), (2) discounts on EA Content offered through the Xbox Marketplace (“Discounts”); and (3) access to a limited library of certain EA Content (“Vault Title(s)”) for unlimited online play (“Vault Access”) for the duration of their availability in the Vault. Limitations and exclusions may apply. For upcoming EA Content eligible for Play First and Discounts, and for current EA Content available in the Vault, and current details on other membership benefits, see Certain EA Content may be excluded from Play First, the Vault, and/or Discounts; see for details on such exclusions as they become available."

Basically, it for access to a "limited library of certain EA titles" (Understood that they will likely not give out new games)

"for unlimited ONLINE PLAY" (no single player included at this point)

for the "duration of their availability in the vault." (the title is only playable while available in the vault. Title gets removed from the vault, it is no longer playable)

Also, a "limited trial of certain EA titles 5 days before release on XBox Marketplace"... (So, full access or partial access?)

"Limitations and Exclusions apply" (Obviously not all games available and can be pulled at any time from the vault)

The 10% off thing sounds good on new games.

But, need to see what games are available and if it is going to be "online play" only as it states in the TOS, then I am not so sure how good a deal it is.

Gh05t3235d ago

"Understood that they will likely not give out new games"

They say Dragon Age inquisition... is that not new enough? I would say its mostly for EA owned games and not all EA published games will be available. Only time will tell.

"no single player included at this point"

Or the unlimited online refers to the fact you cant get EA Access without being connected online. i.e. you cant watch digital netflix movies without being online, but you get unlimited online movies that are offered.

"the title is only playable while available in the vault. Title gets removed from the vault, it is no longer playable"

Why waste server resources if no one is playing a game. Not to mention if they do have content where they are just the publishers than there would be some licensing agreements which would have an end date.

This TOS seems extremely standard with nothing that pops out at me that isn't in any TOS from any service like this.

lelo3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

I suspect EA are pretty pissed at Sony for not supporting the online DRM that was originally planed for the X1. Microsoft was already on board, but Sony screwed their plans by going the other way. I've seen quite a lot of support lately from EA to the X1... Titanfall, FIFA exclusive deals, time exclusive games, etc... and now this EA Access subscription service.

EA don't seem happy with Sony.

Ra30303235d ago

Is anyone happy with EA. When was the last time EA did a single thing right? I'm putting my money on the screwing this up as well. On another note why would anyone support this I thought pretty much everyone hated EA or did the last I heard. Lol ....funny thing is with EA and this program the more successful this is the more it will cost and or the less you'll on that because it's the EA way.

LOL_WUT3235d ago

True and with this it also means they'll probably won't be any EA games for PS NOW ;)